Earl Keen, Robert - Floppy Shoes Lyrics

Packed up and good to go
Cranked up that radio
Way down in Mexico
That sun's gonna shine

Kick the cat and leave the key
On the nail behind the tree
Can't wait until I see
That city limit sign

Give me a thousand miles of highway
Tie-dyed shirt and floppy shoes
You be Wonder Woman, I'll be Rocket Man
Just one kiss will light the fuse

Hell bent and flyin' fine
No tellin' what we'll find
There's nothin' on my mind
But lovin' you today

Sleepin' underneath the stars
Countin' plates and railroad cars
Check out them back street bars
And border town cafes


Trade in our TV trance
For alot of wild romance
We might not get another chance
And kiss it all goodbye

Makin' love till kingdom come
Bathed in Puerto Rican rum
Spend up every Benjaman
And live until well die


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