Earl Keen, Robert - Famous Words Lyrics

Don't worry about me Ma
I'll be back real soon
I just gotta spread my wings
Touch that alabastor moon

Then he left her in a cloud of dust
With a rocket in his head
That was twenty months ago
She guesses he's dead

We'll meet here on the corner
Midnight on the third
You know me little sister
I always keep my word

Then she stepped into the traffic
And blended out of site
Lil' sis ain't seen or heard from her
Ever since that night

Sometimes it just ain't Christmas
There's too much to do
I need something else for your mom
And a little gift for you

So I'm goin' into town
But I'll be back by ten
It's dawnin' on him now
She'll not return again

Take care of our sweet babies
Check in with dad and mom
They say it won't be ninety days
Till I come marching home

Then he climbs into his taxi
And blows a kiss goodbye
She stands there in the doorway
Trying not to cry

You can see it in their [?]
You can feel in their voice
We have no way to stop
Or they had no other choice

The past lies down in sadness
The future's for the birds
What's left is only madness
And their last few famous words

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