Earl Keen, Robert - 10,000 Chinese Walk Into A Bar Lyrics

10000 chinese walk into a bar and order up a beer
The barman says, it's funny you know we don't get many Chinese in here
Now I don't know if I got it right maybe no one knows
It's just a joke I heard one night and that's the way it goes
I'll have one of those

Grab a chair and stay all night
Make yourself at home
I may be wrong but that's alright
I am not alone

A little man in this little town, he wears a lot of hats
He's always out tomcattin' around, he's got a thing for cats
Now I ain't seen him with a cat I so ain't really sure
But listen close 'cause when he talks, sometimes you hear him purr
There ain't a cure


Another man he loved duct tape, he made a duct tape suit
And he had duct tape from the top of his hat to the heel of his cowboy boot
And when he died they buried him down down in that cold cold ground
And they stuff him in that pine box boy and then they taped him down
I was out of town


And then there was this Irishman who, uh, stayed drunk all time
I'm sorry friend I screwed that up, I told you the punch line
Anyway I got to split, they're just about to close
But I'll be back tomorrow night 'cause that the way it goes
Yeah that's the way it goes

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