E-Dubble - In The Bag Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
A'yo. It's in the bag. Look, it's in the bag
Open up and peep what I brought back
Nothing but the dopest shit. Straight filled
To the brim. Just peep what's in my napsack

I make something out of nothing. Call me Jesus
A tall proud heretic, damn behemoth
And I stand in these jeans with creases
Don't blame me; blame the god-damn Levi's genius
These 501s are the uniform
Keep me mythically invisible - a unicorn
Nope you can't see me chilling on the deans list
With the A.P. classes. Y'all still C.P
To college preps I'm a graduate
Put my diploma on a t-shirt to laugh a bit
Bachelors in rap tactics. I mastered it
Put on my seat belt and I fastened it
Cause I ride that beat like a fucking big wheel
Big deal. I throw back like a [?]
Spinning all around like a fucking wind mill
I'm conscious of the sickness. I know I've been ill

[Hook x2]

I'm no backpacker. More like a carpet bagger
Peel off new constituents. Peep my swagger
And I'm not talking Old Spice. This is my right
To passage. Wreck mics till they call me average
Meal ticket gets ripped and often [?]
But I promise that day will never come to pass
I can run too fast, and my pace is awkward
You're a great white hommie? We're a pack of dolphins
Stay tight nit like an emo sweater
Don't need no beef. E' knows better
Don't need your hype. Just need the mic
Beefing with you is like riding on a seatless bike
It's useless. My true fans boost my music
So when you see me out just chuck the duces
When you drink a jazzer, go dumb, you doofus
Till the line gets blurred and your dreams are lucid

[Hook x2]

I got diamonds on the soles of my shoes
Okay they're rhinestones, but they look cool
I am more fresh than Paul Simon
I am so bent, yet I'm rhyming
Freestyling to any beat that comes on
Daft punk, James Brown. I don't give a fuck
White boss speaks proper. Spit so fly
Been waiting to talk shit since Ready To Die
Since Ready To Die, I've been ready to fly
Uncle Crips spits slick so I mimic the guy
And I'm a Wallace myself, so I polish the ???
Chasing the dream, so it seems that I follow the wealth
Yeah I diminish my health, but the vices keep me writing
Drunk verses shock me, so I call my pen lightning
Yack. Yes the lyrics get frightening
Freddy Kruger letter head. Never sleep lightly

[Hook x2]

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E-Dubble In The Bag Comments
  1. Myster Speedo

    All these comments from 8 years ago... I still cant believe hes gone. I remember playing titanfall while listenning to his music on speakers for like 10 hours straight everyday lmao. I miss him.

  2. cziki czing


  3. TheRedCyndaquil

    RiP my hero.

  4. Top Audio


  5. Lexi Wirick


  6. xXTheGhostlyGamerXx

    to the 14 dislikers ....................../´¯/) 
    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') 
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´ 

    SecretCodes Dievas

    Nice art


    in 2 years just gain more 5 dislikes daamn


    xXTheGhostlyGamerXx i


    This shouldn't have any dislikes

  7. Ross-Mc-Sim

    Listen up everyone! video quality does not affect audio quality normally, but on YouTube it does because they want to make it easier to listen for people with very bad internet connection. E-dubble uploaded in 240p because he either didn't know, or didn't care. This argument has been going on for nearly a year! ###RantOver###

  8. John Chadwick

    How is the internet full of dicks? I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  9. Jesus111113

    people are scared if it gets any better the world might explode from awesomeness

  10. Karasu Odyssey

    Another answer is because it's not about the grammar but the content.

  11. Simon Gray

    I use these £10 headphones and it pretty much sounds 1080p so maybe you need better headphones if theres a problem with your ones currently (My previous point basically if you cared to read it properly). I know you never said about expensive ones, but if you arent getting the quality you expect then maybe its an option if your trying to rely on a "$5 pair... from McDonalds".

  12. BlueNight Productions

    You sir are a idiot... I was answering the question earlier in the chain saying "So you want to stare at a green sterio in 1080p?" By saying that the quality of the audio is way better, but only people with headphones can notice it. I never said that it had to be expensive headphones anyway did I? No. I am using a $5 pair I got from Mcdonalds (not kidding) and 1080p sounds way better on even those.

  13. Simon Gray

    What question was you answering? oh thats right there wasn't one. You made an input that i gave a solution to because you required better quality and if you cant afford head phones that don't do it justice then you got problems because i use £10 sony head phones that sound dope as shit.

  14. Ordies

    It improves the audio, aswell.

  15. spl

    Look what's in the bag

  16. Umbilical968

    Oh shit. My life was a lie

  17. InsideJo6

    Yessir.I promise you that. :p

  18. Umbilical968


  19. InsideJo6

    The 'p' stands for progressive scan,actually. :p

  20. mynameisrobbeh

    it would improve the music quality to dude lol still funny

  21. mashadow21

    the picture isnt the only thing increasing, he means audio high quality wich increases aswell.. gues ur a fresh kid on yooptoop :)

  22. Omar El-Habassi

    i actually knew p stands for pixels :P and yeah it is weird how pixels which has to do with resolution also includes sound quality

  23. Umbilical968

    The p stands for pixels which is solely resolution but With Youtubes video system to keep things simple they link the two. So when you change the resolution you also change the sound quality. So you are right

  24. GoatZoro

    Why are you still here then?

  25. GoatZoro

    Bende :D

  26. Omar El-Habassi

    your structure is fine, and btw it's grammar

  27. Omar El-Habassi

    go to some VEVO music video, put it 240p and then 1080p and you will notice there is a big difference in sound, 240p is really muffled and it just sounds kinda bad so higher resolution somehow has something to do with sound

  28. aPieceofPie

    Nevermind, it was the Macarena!

  29. aPieceofPie

    Did you write the back ground tune? It reminds me of something and I want to know what so much!

  30. Player 1

    Since no one seems to want to explain WHY the higher resolution options increase the sound quality, I will. 1080p and 720p resolutions use 192kbps bit rate audio. 480p and 360p use 128kbps. 240p uses 64kbps. Those of you saying that there's no difference can shut up now, you're wrong.

  31. Maninino

    Top music quality is generally 320kbps not measured in p,i lik video quality

  32. Kukiru


  33. Shoop

    I know this comment is old, but the video quality effects the sound quality as well as the video quality.

  34. John Sanders

    Het it's a nice stereo.

  35. Arthur Tipaldi

    Lol, you managed to be top comment AND one of the most stupid and criticised comment I ever seen.

  36. olyyjones

    It's nicer sound in HD

  37. Össi Da Man

    it also effects the audio smartass

  38. JesseBurketv1

    Improves the music aswell

  39. tyranoid4

    I think he means the sound quality is better at 480p

  40. Ghost141

    When you said "E knows better" I was thinking of eazy-e for some reason but right now you're the e

  41. ChuggyWoo

    lol it sounds different too hahaha with higher quality

  42. fessese-en canne

    anus i want dick in my anus i eat beef angus
    im gay i want to sex anal today
    i like dick vaginas make me sick

  43. supaRogue

    1080p also increases sound quality

  44. BlueNight Productions

    First off, I wasn't bitching i was answering the question the person asked. And second, yes the quality is increased with headphones but even then it is not the best it can be, headphones+240p is not as good as headphones+1080p. So why don you stop bitching

  45. Simon Gray

    Stick in some headphones and it will sound just like 1080p, so stop bitching he ain't gonna give the best shit on youtube.

  46. reaperjmw

    it gives better audio

  47. BlueNight Productions

    audio is also worse at lower qualities, there is a very big difference in the quality

  48. TheKorzyKid

    1080p = much better audio as well.

  49. Abdelrahman Tayem

    the audio improves with the video too

  50. Molten

    You'll get the good quality via iTunes or Amazon. Thats the reason.

  51. alexgold171

    Sound quality seems to be better in 1080p than in 240p... Weird youtube crap

  52. tightscale96

    even audio is affected :)

  53. adamerek

    the sound quality is worse in 240p -.-

  54. projectwittman

    and it good enough as it is

  55. Mike Hunt

    No, he wants to stare at the X-ray penis in 1080p

  56. Maxime

    the sound gets better with 1080p

  57. GoatZoro

    I'm sorry, it's because I'm from a different country.
    But most of the time it's not about the grammer.
    People understood what i said and they agreed with it.
    Simple as that.

  58. ian Scannell

    How did a comment with such bad grammar get top comment.... I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

  59. Fake Name

    Quality changes audio quality also, in some cases.

  60. Parsa Yousefi

    At least you won't lag...

  61. Ryan Ellis

    Thats whats happening to me right now !!!!! I'm freaking out!!!!!!!

  62. hackmun

    Anyone else think this was the macarena at the begining?

  63. Zack

    it also affects the sound quality just listen to a song in 240p and in 720p
    there's definitely a difference

  64. Autoshotter

    To the people hating on the whole 240p thing. Higher quality does affect audio, if you find a song that has 720p and 240p, put it in 240p and listen to it, then put it in 720p. In 720p it sounds crisper and clearer than it would in 240p.

  65. Chuck Norris

    I think he saying it to make a compliment that the SONG can be in better quality so it be even more awesome

  66. nate dogg

    Definition for 240p:
    Low-definition television or LDTV refers to television systems that have a lower screen resolution than standard-definition television...

  67. Asteriale

    quality affects audio to losers

  68. sportshighlights13

    because its a picture the whole time and faster upload idiot

  69. Ovadiah

    °, „ ,°
    ' '

  70. Spectra Clan

    because most people listen to music with their ears......

  71. Steven Gilchrist

    fair enough

  72. DontClick About InMyChannel

    Yes. :D

  73. Steven Gilchrist

    so you want to stare at a green stereo in 1080p??

  74. Stephen Trolbert

    @ 2:52 Who is Uncle Chris???
    I definitely would be interested in hearing some1 who influenced E-Dub

  75. Stephen Trolbert

    OMG I was cruising through this album playlist and before this I was convinced of buying it.
    This song made me click the itunes button tho.
    Ill listen to the 13th song after lol.
    So sick.

  76. eastcoastbwits

    the higher the quality of the video, the better the music quality is

  77. GoatZoro

    Yea i've like many songs of him on my ipod like 12/13 or something. And in total i've got like over 200 songs and i only listen to him. Pretty weird but its true..

  78. Elundrilll

    Same thing for me, that's one hour that I listen to his music !

  79. jake jay


  80. Amoikugel

    ääääää makarena

  81. Ben Colvin


  82. GoatZoro

    DUDE wtf. I just discovered ur music, like 20mins ago.
    And im already in love with it.
    U gotta be fuckin kidding me.
    Ur a fuckin beast in this shit.
    Ur my Idol.
    Keep them coming, ur fuckin amazing!

    Big vid boi

    this is sad now

    the Minutemen

    @Big vid boi facts

  83. daedra40

    @abcdderrorawRE The resolution affects the audio.

  84. Jici Dubé

    @12philippe why isnt ?

  85. nightowl101090

    Straight up, I'm gonna pay for this shit. I've already got it all downloaded, but I'm still gonna shell out the ten bucks (Come on guys, it's ten fucking bucks, just do it) for the album because I believe in supporting people who deserve it.

  86. Cognitive Nihilist

    @12philippe dude this isn't a frecking hoollywood movie this is the god of rap who's with me?

  87. Ibrahim Ilksoy

    @12philippe because thats what she said

  88. Camelion Hodowla

    Eminem going down ;]

  89. Cameraman451

    @12philippe Safety precautions.. trust me.

  90. CrazyDudeGoneMad

    @MrYesandNo he twittered that its gunna be out jan-feb time

  91. Twizz

    240p has never sounded so good :)

  92. Motic

    240p we meet again.

  93. jawl1998

    amazing keep it up!

  94. Lesser

    tea- bag yeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

  95. Diarmaid Malone


  96. 01Feb2011

    @victorff111 Quality can affect audio sometimes.

  97. Victor Freire

    @12philippe good music dont need video quality

  98. Norb

    @12philippe does it need to be 1080?