E-Dubble - Hip-Hop Is Good Lyrics

Rip off the plastic, unpackage the madness
Try to figure out what happened with rappin'
People clap gats over words and beats
Rap music isn't art anymore its just beef
I'mma go vegetarian, keep my nose clean
Get our protein from powder, feed my whole team
Let the beef settle in and when atrition gets reached
I'll swing for the fences, steal the damn ring
Like a veteran, hoppin' on the pedestal
I am so ready to, do what melle mel would do
Be the opposite of a flash
I'm not running the dash
Motherfucker this is marathon and I'm gonna last
Call me Pheidippidies, I am so sick of these
No spittin' pre-written freestyle emcees
See- if you ever catch me on the street
And you wanna battle battle this is what I'm gonna teach
Speech is my shit, and beats are my bitch
Fisher price with the mic I was beating my fist
So check on my dues and see if their paid
Chris wallace with the knowledge hip-hops my forte
And you have just entered a session of tension
Hip-hop is my therapy, it's a blessing
...it's how I keep my screw tight
And you better pray to something that I keep that shit screwed right

[Hook x2:]
Hip-hop is good, I'll 2Pac your hood
Please thank the people who invented the mic (staggered)
16 spitter, no quitter I go hard
Power from my people we're lethal, trust no god

Bail out for nobody, my water is so muddy
The faces they make the flow is so ugly
How's he gonna two face us, act one way in the workplace
Then reverse the tape
Instrumental to my bee eye, you look knee high to my persona homey
You don't know shit about me, keep them ears puckered
Till your cochlear's pokin' ya out them chuckers
Cuz' I'm off it, toss shit, off my back
If I need it, pack it in my napsack
Throw a label call it backpack rap
Rip it off me, awfully fast then smack
Consciencious- no just densely packed
With a sentence I invent new rap
Call it new new, doo doo
Call it fuckin' poo poo
Just know I got a symphony just like the effing juice crew
And I killed the conductor and stole that wand
But I don't need a dumbass wand!
All I need is this voicebox and these beats
To keep the sanity while we crumble beneath
The edges hold tight to the thread that bred you
Cuz' in the end you don't know just where you head to
All I know is I keep asking my friends
To bury this g with some beats and some headphones

[Hook x2]

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E-Dubble Hip-Hop Is Good Comments
  1. MEXamSJ20

    Hey e dubble, we still love you and your music, we shall always honor you by listening to you and passing the beat around. I remember "where we are" being my first song and that was 7 years ago, hearing it now, it makes me feel the same way as it did back then On my virgin ears, thanks so much.

  2. Roger Ridenour

    still listening bro

  3. The Meme Man

    I shall never forget your music my good sir

  4. Freddi boi

    Came back to listen to hip-hop is good damn this shit still rocks

  5. Liam Carter

    I never thought that Hip-Hop would be something I got into, but it’s songs like these and artists like E-dubble that make me love the stuff. R.I.P E-dubble, your music will always live on.

  6. BuzanandFriends

    The ghost of evan wallace is here to spread the word of TTR

    (~°_°)~ hey guys new freestyle fridays in january of 2020

  7. Eggy Edge

    Who else can't stand two tone rebel or what ever it is, I love e dubble btw

    Ya Pal Skippy

    Was ok but it wasnt necessarily the best work

  8. The Bessie Nessie

    2018 anyone? Rest In Peace

  9. adam p

    Hands down my favorite artist of all time. His music has spoken to me since I was in 7th grade. You’ll be missed e-dub. You had one hell of a way of making people feel.

    Gaming Gaming

    Not trying to sound like a creep but what grade are you in now

  10. UnIqUe oUtSidER

    2018. Still not even 100 dislikes. That right there proves how amazing this king is.

  11. Holo

    Rest in peace edubble, You will never be forgotten

  12. Bootleg Memes

    Let the rappers have a war of attrition.
    Then swing in and steal the damn ring.

  13. Tarseik

    Still havent got old

  14. Prince Tre

    i fuck with it

  15. Oustan Riku

    one year ago we lostt the king of hip hop will miss you e dubble. hi hip hop is good hill tu pac your hood

    Gaming Gaming

    It sadly has been 2 years with e-dubble may he rest

  16. MiniCherokee

    We're now in 2018 and your music is still good. I miss you Evan. Keep making music in hell or the darkness, or whatever it is. Lol

  17. Generic

    Rest in peace E-Dub

  18. Freddi boi

    Beginning of the best album ever

  19. devon broadwater

    Been here since the begining and my love for this music hasnt died yet. RIP you will be missed.

  20. DatGuyFernas

    This song is what hip-hop is and you don't see a lot of artists singin' about it. "Hip-hop is good" is such a simple line but so great at the same time. Damn, this guy was good. Rest in Peace my dude.

  21. Alex Paduchi

    Miss you man! R.I.P!!!

  22. Alex Paduchi

    yee is awesome!

  23. Llamaborghini 1

    This G better be buried with beats and headphones

  24. DatGuyFernas

    "Hip hop is good" So simple yet so strong, great song in general, just like pretty much every rap he made. Rest in Peace good sir, you were the king.

  25. SparklyGRUNT

    I hope they really did bury him with beats and headphones. Keep heaven pumping Evan!

  26. Omega's Chatterbox

    Let's hope his homies buried him with some beats and headphones...
    Rest in Peace, the true legend of Hip-Hop

  27. Miguel Jorge


  28. Miguel Jorge


  29. henry peddie

    rip legend😑

  30. Caelum Underwood

    "hip hop is good i'll tupac your hood"

  31. American Maniac

    R.I.P E-Dubble

  32. not brozoh

    Was edub burried with some beats and some headphones? I don't know if edubble was serious when he spit that line, but if he was I hope his wish was fulfilled.

  33. Parker Stewart

    RIP e dubble😭

  34. Low Effort

    i hope he was buried with some beats and some headphones

    Addicted Aleks

    Low Effort They actually cremated him and scatteted his ashes in the Poconos.

    Jon Tro

    Dank wait poconos in NE PA

  35. IIPackrat

    RIP let your spirit live on in the lyrics you wrote down for your songs and let us please thank the people who invented the mic for letting us hear and take solace

  36. Sen

    Hip Hop is Truly Good.... Rest in Peace my friend

  37. Jay SNiKT

    bye e-dub. your tunes were always a source of inspiration, and always will be.

    Ty Plum

    Still are

  38. Robin Barodi

    All I know is that I keep asking my friends to bury this g with some beats and some headphones.

    Jordan Moser

    As soon as I read this comment, the part of the song came! 🤘😜 16 spitta no quita I go hard

  39. WizzlerPlays

    RIP big guy

  40. Adam Kaza

    so good just so good...

  41. Robin Barodi

    fucking love this holy fucking shit


    He passed away :(

    Robin Barodi

    plund yeah man... can't describe how sad I am

  42. Robin Barodi

    That beat's smooth

  43. Ramey J.

    Jarv Dee

    Ramey J.


  44. Epic despacito gamer

    the song that you come back to remeber the 2011 days

  45. tomgretzky

    42 retards who disliked

    Tommy Henderson

    They just missed the like button haha


    why would they

    Sil Bouman

    upside down like*

  46. Vinyl Accord

    fuckin A right

  47. Cosmos

    Beats fresh

  48. Unnamed

    1. E-dubble... that is all

  49. Pablo Aguiar

    This is my favorite one from far!

    Llamaborghini 1

    Pablo Aguiar did you ever make it

  50. Brayden

    1. E Dubble 2. Hendersin 3. Marc Goone

  51. luke pollock

    Dude this brings back so many memories listening to this years later...

  52. Josiah Brosnan

    hey does anyone know where I can get the background music to the song if so please tell me p.s. trying to make my own rap of it

    Vinyl Accord

    find the instrumental

    Llamaborghini 1

    Josiah Brosnan did you ever make it

    A. S .T

    Did you make it?

  53. Some Canadian Guy

    1.E-dubble 2.Eminem 3.Time flies tuesday

  54. Mike Evans


  55. willem vladimir

    so good

  56. tom griffin

    that being said everybody uses that drum line so ill shut up

  57. tom griffin


  58. tom griffin

    start reminds me of chery wine by nas

  59. xiannf91


  60. Ahmed Al Taweel

    1- Tupac 2- Tech N9ne 3- Eminem 4-E-Dubble


    RA the rugged man, biggie, and immortal technique should be on there

    Llamaborghini 1

    E-dibble should be number 1

  61. magnusp9

    Hip hop isn't dead as long as ebub is alive

    Robin Barodi

    magnusp9 why do you have to make me sad again

    Llamaborghini 1

    magnusp9 well now hip-hop is dead unless we invent something that brings people back to life


    @Llamaborghini 1 or we disciples of the TTR could start pumping out music akin to his. No repeats, entirely new beats and new lyrics but still with the inspiration of evan wallace

  62. magnusp9


  63. Gletsky

    flipped table again!!

  64. Zi mrak

    Thomas Edison invented the mic

  65. Kaitlin

    "Call it noonoo doodoo call it fuckin poo poo" Hahaha wut even

  66. uGGo

    I like your style:)

  67. trollingking1234

    why is it that almost all videos there is hate on other random people just like shut the fuck up no one cares

  68. spl

    Please thank the creator of the mic, alright then... thank you edubble, for making a mic of your future music dynasty

  69. ptterrag

    Is this song copyright?

  70. bankailaz

    He don't need that dumbass wand. He already got the new new doo doo XD

  71. Darren

    Just adding to the adventure.. *starts whislting"

  72. Eddy

    dont try this at home, something's gonna break

  73. logan kurtz

    edubble* -_-t

  74. Dick Clark

    i HATE rap but LOVE Edouble

  75. Joe Grantham

    12, where's my cookie.

  76. Matt Wells

    12! I win. Do I get an oreo now?

  77. Mike Pickle

    good job me!

  78. Mike Pickle

    only if you give me a nickle

  79. Anthony Hwin

    Can i tickle your pickle?

  80. JordanFireFlame

    First one to count all those comments gets a cookie, GO!

  81. Panamerican19

    "Speech is my shit , Beats are my bitch" lol

  82. ben dover

    it indeed is sir

  83. I am Kek

    So fucking true! lmao

  84. MarkoGamez

    Wääs? Whaaat? Staaaa?

  85. Czarnyy2320

    To powodzenia...

  86. Chas Grant

    2= every other somewhat decent rapper
    3= little wayne

  87. PrinzK

    Best rappers:
    3=Hoodie allen

  88. ydoc500

    *Show the comment* ist funy ^^

  89. Sublime




  91. oisaj

    no przejmujemy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Martin

    that's your d*ck !

  93. Bartek Tabor

    Polska przejmuje film!!!

  94. Troll Face

    Absolutely not. But it is wierd to get a boner in a guys change room,right? No? That only happens to me? Ok nevermind.

  95. xXHanxseXx

    you have spoken any youtube user's biggest annoyance