E-40 - The Ambassador Lyrics

Sixty eight inches above sea level... ninty three millions miles above these devils...

Play me in the winter... play me in the summer... play me in the autumn... any order
Play me in the winer... play me in the summer... play me in the autumn... any order

Oohh... we gotta anotha one pimp (we got anotha one)
Oohh... rock wake'em up boy (wake'em up boy)

Sick with it records E-40 (E-40)


[Verse 1:]
I'm tryna get ma beak wet... I'm a let u shoot da dice and I'm a side bet...
still hungry just ate... madallion same size as a dinner plate... I can't stop...
play me fast fuck around and get mollywhopped...
Just got my cob out da shop... wat color u paint it pimp... (apricot)...
you never stop me in da function with a pink coat... wippin da sweat off ma face with a c-note...
they call me uncle 40 water... the ambassador... the top tomata... and to all u sucka's tryina hate... 40 water doin great

I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador,
I'm the ambassoador, I'm the ambassador, I'm ambassador... of da yay (of da yay)
I'm the ambassador.I'm the anbassador, I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador,
I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador... of da yay (of da yay)

[Verse 2:]
Play me in da winter... play me in da summer... I'm a old schooler and a new comer...
40 got spit'ems ya'll he be gasin... after all these years he still smilin...
Dats wat people be sayin... it's somethin about him he got sum die hard fans... (dedicated)...
real walkie... people really care about him... local boy made good... ex d-boy...
made it out the hood... got his gouda up to par... use to cook yolla in a relish jar...
if a sucka trip and try to suck us out the water... don't just sit there and let him murder mouth yo partna...
teach his ass a lesson... toot him up and give him the thirty second blessin...

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
I live in da bay with da sting rays and sharks... delta eighty eight bounty feilds and sky marks...
you can't be no mark... marshmellows get pumped if they ain't got no heart... thumper happy...
out here they like to clap... don't get mad and come back... get down where they mad at...
we'll finish it if u start it... air da club out like a muthafucka farted...
money maniac... scorpio... dats ma zodiac... ain't nuthin knew under da sun...
I reach in my pocket and give my one's to da bums... wen the homie go down...
we bail his ass out... we pass the hat around... I remember wen they thought the west was a gonna...
I gave'em cpr and brought us out a comma...

I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador.I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador,
I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador... of da yay (of da yay)
I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador,
I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador, I'm the ambassador... of da yay (of da yay)...

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E-40 The Ambassador Comments
  1. Tttinberwolf ANDRADE JR


  2. Jaylin Love

    2019 fasho lit

  3. imyanigmw

    Dat nigga Water thee undisputed muthafuckin slap master you hear me

  4. ebony fay


  5. Jrokk 1987

    E-40 intros 🔥🔥🔥🔥never disappoint

  6. Desmond Ukaigwe

    Still F' with it. 2019

  7. Kai Sanford

    2019 stiil slap

  8. Biggsmizz

    Bassnectar samples the intro. Who is doing the singing?

  9. Monica Sanchez

    Slapping in 2019

  10. Erick Webster

    Beat is Tooooooooo Hard

  11. Latrice camper

    Still slapping 2019🔥🔥

  12. Ivory Nicole

    This niggas was ahead of his time 2019


    Still bumping in 2019

  14. Valentine v

    Still slapping 2018🔥🔥

  15. Trayc Collins

    True lingo

  16. Adam MidCal

    2018 still slappin out the fifteens

  17. Oliver Hernandez

    This album was dope

  18. strokercoupe

    Ambassador, yay area, candy. Dope ass samples

  19. marcus trull

    2018 we still slapping 40

  20. Ashley Miller

    My shit

  21. Harry Squire

    Still reppin’ in 2018 homies

  22. Roberto Yurstaf

    Am I the second to say this still slap in 2018

  23. Iceberg Slim

    This shit is STILL HARD. And they sampled ladybug mecca’s voice from digable planets at the beginning and throughout the song. COLD. Rick Rock is a underrated producer.

  24. Uf 2k

    2018 ????

  25. Allan TV

    when the seminary boys come to socal 💀

  26. LaybaCC

    Gang of slapperz on this album but he throwin up dat triple 6 something I don't condone at all (not hate'n all love) so much talent smh

  27. Domo Domo

    thuggin March 26th 2018 burrrrrrrp

  28. leanman 321

    still slappin in 2k18

  29. Scott Allen

    Na bruh 18

  30. Tez D

    11/24/17 still going hard

  31. Edgar Terriquez

    2017 still slappin so much people sleep walkin #E40 go hard #bayarea #yayyarea

  32. gman0812

    10/17/17 Still jamming this hoe !

  33. Antonio Ortega

    Fu and Fua I love you Thank you Forever and always together Lol 🎃🎄🎃.

  34. Antonio Ortega

    Fu and Fua I love you Thank you Forever and always together Lol 🎃🎄🎃💙💕🔮🔉🔫💉🍻🎃🎄🎃🔮🔉🎃🎄🎃.

  35. September Jones

    661 type shit! Shit still knocks omm💯💯

  36. Stephon Johnson

    this shxt still go stupid

  37. Nato Poppins

    Still a super slapper.

  38. Betty Warren

    play e 40 in the winter summer ANY ORDER E 40

  39. J Barrier

    THAT DIGABLE PLANETS SAMPLE THO. Cuz this is the shit

  40. 13 Pac


  41. Zeljka Pepic

    2017 <3..

    Forever #40 <3..

  42. Cortez Daniel

    2017((( 🚘)))

  43. Alexp Pete

    I'm happy for Donald Trump winning status for the first time in a few days and I'm happy for Donald Trump winning status.

  44. James Singleton

    you can't lie-This Go Doh

  45. YoungLG2K

    This my shit! The "play me in the winter" is sampled from a Digable Planets song can't remember the name


    seasons by cunninglynguists samples it also, all 3 good music

    Jackie Heezy

    The song is actually call "9th Wonder". Blowout Comb is the name of the album.

    Veronica Patterson

    Worry less

    Honey Rose

    Down me in the water, winter, rain, sleep or snow don't matter... COME ON

  46. Allno Masour

    Unk where miah "P" coat

  47. Zapcode Knock

    air the club out like a mofo fartd

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    best song ever


    I'm trying to get my beak wet!

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    Gv PvP plll

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    Shit still slaps 2015

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    This is literally Yay Area.

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    Fuck Satan

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    G.O.A.Ts= E-40, 2 chainz, ice cube, big sean. any order

  55. Lord Vader

    Now block brochure! Safe to say 40 wada ain't goin nowhere! R.I.P. Mac Drizzy who kudnt fade wit a beezy who dnt keep a bleezy rolled for nizzy and told her wat tha feezy

  56. Lord Vader

    This shit slappin so hard knockin niggas into comas or making em disoriented! Look at all these dum ass niqquhs not making sense for shiet hahaa 40 wada

  57. Lloyd Moses

    E40 beats be to cold he on his own level

    Rayana Brown

    Lloyd Moses agreed

    Adam MidCal

    Wasn’t this lil John though? Or was that the previous album?

  58. Radek Willow

    Play me in 2010, play me in 2014. He's the ambassador.

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    2014 and still slapin this sheeit

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    Am I the first to say this still slappin' in 2014

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    Jay Butler

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    Jay Butler Fa show! Even in 2018 ughh! Slappin

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    2013 still slappin this shit !

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    I ain't an internet thug or some sort of tough guy I just saying I really can't understand what people are saying to me online sometimes so just chill the fuck out protecting people you probably don't even know

  63. ayo hogue

    your right, I dont have sperm beath, I don't let my spermwhale eat adams apples. I do speak better in person I ain't a interet thug/tough guy

  64. Jonathan Estrada

    Ur gonna speak normally because just cuz it sounds good in ur head doesn't mean sounds good said out loud

  65. Jonathan Estrada


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    2012, and still slappin this shit!!

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    3 people must have broken speakers

  68. slash1396


  69. salsa4dayz

    just got my cob out the shop...what color u paint it pimp? APRICOT. hahahahahahahahahaha

  70. sfgjsjdh dhsfh


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    @FramingMike dats wassup

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    Hits real hard on some Kenwoods, keep it bumpin, XD

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    shit that will bust your MF speakers......
    real talk!!!