E-40 - Straight Mobbin' Lyrics

Oh yeah

[Hook - E-40:]
I'm mobbing my nigga
I'm mobbing I'm mobbing my nigga
I'm mobbing I'm mobbing my nigga

(Straight MOB, MOB
Straight MOB, MOB)

Been mobbing since a lil nigga
Been getting money since trill nigga
So you know I keep it on me
Catch a nigga playing pop him at his long sleeve
Need weed imma call up Skee
I been down for 10 months they was yelling for me
First they yell, I was back on they bullshit
Messed up outside trying to hit a lick
Niggas see my instagram so they think I'm rich
Cause I buy every gun and fucking clip
Gotta stay on point never get caught slipping
Never tuck my chain hell quick splitting


I got a six seven Cougar and its the truth
They got a v8 and I ain't talking about tomato juice
Without the drama play what good is the proof?
Put your hands over your head and guard your roof
Free my niggas in the sheet now mother goose
You ain't the boss of me nigga fuck a truce
I make a sucker disappear like poof
And no OGs in my ear thats my excuse
I'm mobbing my nigga
I'm on and im full of this liquour
I'm mobbing my nigga
My foreign got dealership stickers
She wanna smoke me out she on me she know I'm a boy
Bro she know I'm swagger she saucy she know I care, I'm bossy
I'm a master at funking i got my funking degree
Beat your car up with the deuce deuce 3


I got the coffin money
Thought he wanted me to move something (we can move something)
But he wanted me to do something (we can do something)
Can't tell you cause I never been a dry snitch
Just know its a plan to get rich
Mob shit bitch I know you know
Used to rock with them niggas but I don't no more
And I heard he was lil but I heard he told
So I can't affiliate you know how it go
What you know about being in the mob nigga
Its for life fuck a full time job nigga
Right here you gonna play for keeps
If you live by the gun you can die by the two two threes


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