E-40 - Slide Through Lyrics

[Verse 1: E-40]
I got a zap of that romulan and I'm ready to spark
A box of them condoms and a bottle with dark
I'm ready nine milli in case they think I'm a mark
Pull up and I park and then I head out the lot
Freshly hitted and fitted, from my head to my socks
But she don't wanna suck me, she wanna fuck my watch
My diamonds hella noisy, sound like an opera when they sing
Big ass medallion 'round my neck, look like a playground swing
She say 'I like yo bling, I like yo ice'
'How much it cost? ' A few dollars, but fuck the price
Got it from selling nasal candy, base rocks, rice
Without the soy sauce, cappers, some sleepless Nights (Belee dat)
I'm a whale, I'm a top hat
And I like what I see and what I'm looking at
You got the snapback and I ain't talking 'bout the cap
Pretty young thang, like hella prep

[Verse 2: Too Short]
I told her put something sexy on
No bra, little dress, and thong
I'm coming through with that extra long
IPod with the best songs
When I'm horny I don't play bitch
Hit the store and got a bottle of your favourite shit
I know how to please a woman
Give her what she wants when I'm cuming
I like loading aim
Then I'm up out on the road of game
All these females know my name
Heard I was slanging that golden thang
Too many traps too check
Bitches always wanna have nasty sex
But it's too much cash to get
I never leave empty-handed, ask the bitch

[Verse 3: Tyga]
King coppa, panty droppa
Give a bitch that boom; Chief Rocka
Shock glocker, neck boppers, Phantom driver
All white ghost, no opera
Street mobber, bitch want to kick like shocka
Riding with a thing on my thing; let it chop her
Fuck coppers, 'bang bang' at yo partna
We body, you body boys no problem
Sick Wid It, no liers
Admit it, Forty Water, we on fire
Wet pussy, now I'm going diving
Full of that drink, now I'm driving
I'm a beast bitch, on ya knees bitch
Off the Hennessey, now we looking for a freak bitch
Like Lil B said, 'I can fuck yo bitch'
So I'm a fuck yo bitch

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E-40 Slide Through Comments
  1. stupidmclovin

    Anyone who thinks Tyga bad the best verse on this song is a complete simp and doesn't know hip hop. Shit was weak asf especially compared to 40's

  2. Old Hotdogwater

    That HS function music

  3. Lil Malice

    Tyga verse is dope. E-40 should make a new song wit Tyga because Tyga been killing the game for 2018 & 2019

  4. Skii Hendoo

    I ain'T know that Tygra been in the game that long!🤔

  5. Skii Hendoo

    DAM! This joint is HOT!


    Tyga flow sick I'm start fucking wit him

  7. trilla milly 187

    bro can’t believe am the only one here in 2019?

    Flicka Chew

    trilla milly 187 i still need the @ of the asian girl dancing in lingerie in between rapper scene

  8. Abraham C

    i'm a hardcore tyga fan and i thought this was new why is this barley in my recommendations😂

  9. Ste Ryd

    Under fuckin rated , E-40 destroyed with his verse like he always does .

  10. Blood,Sweat & Gears Motorsports

    The only cat in the game who ain't never grew a beard...everrr!😂

  11. Daniel Hernandez

    Vcrtoh Tyga E4o T.l. ChrsBrown. W vwhcwhv whdqwn cwn wn wn. Sn. Dbqj whcw

  12. Chris Mansaw

    y this under a Milli views

  13. knowtherole

    All white ghost, no opera. Cold AF

  14. fabian espinoza


  15. Lîsândrâ Lövë


  16. Krook Da Riddler

    3 Kingz. Great collabo

  17. Jason Arrowwood

    This song is under ratted

  18. Star Light

    Tyga went beast mode on this one; he sunk his claws into the beat and TORE IT UP.

  19. The Mekanix

    e40 god dam he killed it

  20. IsraelG20 19

    What happend to this tyga💯

  21. Andie Pulse

    the most lowkey underated tyga feature ever. HE KILLED THIS 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. yassmina louloute

    Man kill

  23. Sam Havard


  24. l j

    Miss that t-raw flow

  25. King of MF'ing Hearts

    “Got it from selling nasal candy, base rocks, RICE!”



  26. Robin wells

    bad all day like or not ; don't stop E40 too short. 2018 don't cross your pimp'n

  27. Chabulawa12345

    Girl at 00:58 is damn sexy and hot!! Does no one know who she is please???

    Reynaldo Robles Bolaños

    Yeah she is huerta loca a loyal ride or Die chick

  28. IamJohno

    Miss this tyga my got he kills this

  29. Raul Atondo

    Whos the guy with the black shirt and black glasses?

    The Mekanix

    its e40

  30. Alexia Ceballos

    Ugh tyga is sexy

  31. Oscar Samano


  32. Alex Qui

    What happend to tyga

  33. Alexis Cardoso

    Sick ass tyga

  34. Alexia Ceballos

    Can I twerk to this???? 👍


    alexia ceballos I Don't know, Can You???


    yes, please do

  35. Adambooboo13 Rubio

    this song is of the cook

  36. Adambooboo13 Rubio

    you didnt reply back

  37. Outlaw Jatt

    Still A Super Slap In 2017 Mane Yeeeeee

  38. Torent Cash

    ayyy my nigga

  39. XGhost

    Still slapping in 2017✊🏽💪🏾

    Steven c

    Shit slaps

  40. Mika Cotty

    OMG. I want to listen to this. But i don't ever, Never support a Teen Molester like Tyga. All these so called player's in real life would kill me if I was 26yrs old waiting at the door for there 16yr'old teen. WTF. If Tyga was at my door. He would not be on here rapping. He would be in jail or dead.

    Lil 6Teen

    Lmao she was actually 17 turning 18... get your facts straight... and learn how to spell too you stupid fuck..

    Mika Cotty

    oh so you know the truth. YOu sik ass. i would love to see your face when a white boy come's over and is 26 going on 27 fuking you lil girl and I hope it do.You sik ass bitch. THATS SIK DUDE. Let go down more. I hold was she when he was 17. .THANK YOU A BABY. YOU BITCH.

    Mika Cotty

    You bitch ass PIDAFILE. Thats what you would say. Cus his BLACK and you and him like young GIRLS. You sik ass bitch. I got a Sister 17. Let me catch a GROWN ASS MAN FUKING WITH HER. YOU BITCH YOU OR HIM GO TO JAIL XIV BE ALL OVER YOUR ASS LET ALONE OTHER MUTER FUKERS. DUDE GOT YOUR IP ADDRESS. BYE PERVERT. SEE YOU LATER

    Lil 6Teen

    @Angel Vela​ you sure sound tough saying you got my IP Address... lmao you don't scare me... and come to my house, give me a reason to catch a body... fuck nigga... just playing... but for real, don't come to my country you disrespectful ass South American

    Lil 6Teen

    It's funny because I actually am a 14 year old teen boy... look at my picture idiot... and I'm not scared of you nigga... I'll be waiting on my doorstep with my strap on me if you wanna threaten me... especially a kid...

  41. Milkweed Gaming

    Who's the guy singing the hook

    Larry Lara

    Milkweed Gaming it's Stressmatic

    Larry Lara

    Milkweed Gaming correction. Decadez. got it confirmed.

  42. Charles Eight

    dam Tyga went off


    Why couldnt they call this album "E-$horty" or maybe "Too-40"

    Wako bangz

    NEVER MIND 😂😂😂

  44. Enok Nivlac

    I need instrumentals

  45. The4 Amigos

    I think its too short but i think it would of been better if he sang louder

  46. Chris Phillips

    beats are dope his flow is even more

  47. owen perez

    what happend to this Tyga?

    King of MF'ing Hearts

    owen perez
    What Grace said....

    Jose Lopez

    Like if tyga owned

    Eddie Sanchez

    He's back 🔥🔥🔥🔥😎

    Orgullo Mexicano Compa

    Just ask Grace ???!!!!!


    he took the Niners beanie off.......yeeee ....just sayin' i'm so SCO

  48. OVO Sound

    This song goes off 🔥🔥 but why doesn't it have more viewers than it!?

    Capo Dei Capi

    it has way more on soundclound

  49. juan21pclopez

    Too short is an automatic thumbs up Playas!! 🙌🏽🤓

  50. Casey Canez

    hella random with rampage


    This song wus in rampage?

  51. R P

    Tyga' verse is cold❄️

  52. mitch schaefer

    Too Short still got it

  53. Ah'Shlii Mc


  54. Kiddxp Hagwood

    this shit go hard

  55. LuisCarlos 0

    what it do!!!

  56. Jayden Castro

    I ain't gon' lie, Tyga went off.

  57. bannana833

    Suzie shoulda hopped on instead of Tyga. Bay shit

  58. Creaters Curse

    Such a underrated song

  59. thebaddestforsure nr

    e40 boss of bosses

  60. Jnear139

    E-40's flow is dope, but his style is whack

    Brandon G

    Jnear139 dumbass

  61. Keonna Salas

    got it by sellin nasal candy. fuckin e40 never fails.

  62. jeremy perkins

    who else using pioneers

    Anthony Martinez

    Till this day lol

  63. Jaret Boston

    Slaps on subs!

    jeremy perkins

    subs going crazy man

  64. TW3EK69

    Whos the fat guy with the black tee... Not E 40 lol

    Bleak Day


  65. Lucas Matoso


  66. Truckin' Tempo

    Them the most beautiful ladies they can manage at the end of the video ? Lol

  67. T C

    at 0:38 he jus admitted he a broke nigga

  68. Youssef Mekkaoui

    tyga the best

  69. Chris T

    tyga killed it. they all did amazing, but sheeeeeeeet


    @Lucien Callidus im not -_-, i was just reading the comment


    @Lucien Callidus oi m8l did you blocked me :(

    Chris T

    @Leon Slayer nope


    @Lucien Callidus bruhh pls, thats like 5 month ago

    The Mekanix

    e40 acttauly killed it

  70. Baglama Alemi

    Fuck you bitch ! reblebullemre xd :D

  71. Yasser bodiat

    Theres no rapper in the game that can kill a beat like this the way T-raww can.

    OVO Sound

    Yeah boii T-Raww gone RAWW 🔥🔥

    Abe Mitchell

    Yasser bodiat inguhhh ft

    Abe Mitchell

    Antonio Brazile jugc

    Froggy 565

    lmao plenty could do it better as much as I like tyga

    blaxican hearts

    Yasser bodiat there's plenty that could.. Twista being 1 of them

  72. Dissident Man

    Şiki Şiki Babayla Birleşince Değişik Olii :D  $$$$$ ZENGİNLİKTEN ÖLÜYOM $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  73. Oyun Sarhoşu

    @RedleBullEmre sea :D

  74. tuna ozsoy

    RedbullEmreden Gelenler +1

    gdtdb gamedaytodaybenefits

    +TunaÖ. Sa

    gdtdb gamedaytodaybenefits

    sa :DDDdd

  75. petulia kowchee

    Yup bitch

  76. petulia kowchee

    Oh what?!?!! Haha I'm coming thru regardless and you ain't gonna do shit, I'm collecting pay up bitch

  77. amshel saburo

    Tyga's dope

  78. Riley Melendez

    Tugs fuckin hit hard hella dope!!





  81. madien abdulla

    E 40- living legend.
    He killed it the most.

  82. Karina Prado


  83. Kendra

    dont hate 40 and short are vets at this tyga is the future vet. true story

  84. gordon jenkins

    tyga had the best part

  85. branko koncar

    slaps in the wrx too good

  86. The Patient

    hope people dont call this rap. lol

  87. Suki Hawj

    Shit slaps in my rsx type s lol....

  88. Alia Marie

    this my shit i swear