E-40 - Show Me What You Workin' Wit' Lyrics

Show me what you workin with
Show me what you workin with
(What you workin with)
Show me what you workin with
(What you workin with)
Show me what you workin with

Make that booty earthquake let me see that shit shake
Left cheek right cheek make it vibrate
Breast meat thigh meat make it rotate
Round and round like a merry-go-round, girate.
She got it from her auntie n 'em it's in her genetics
California face with a booty from Texas
Turn a preacher to a cheater
Brazillian wax beefer
Think like peanut butter in the freezer
Tricks wanna treat her
Ballas wanna buy
Captains wanna wipe her
Dikes wanna dike her
Jews bitches don't like her
Got her own money, Got her own biz
Got her own car, got her own crib
She wanna be passified, she wanna be saved
She wanna be rescued and captured laid and paid.
She straight from the soil trapped the turf In her block
She runnin the funk she got the Beaut in her locks


[Too Short:]
Yeah man she said this her song
Everytime they play it it turns her on
It's Friday night, she's out there freakin
Work on the weekdays party on the weekend
Ass be wigglin when she start drinkin
Get too drunk girl then she start creepin
Shake that ass but don't do it too frequent
Bounce it real fast let me see those cheeks spin
Now get butt naked if I want it I see I get it and take it
With no strings attatched I meet girls at the club and I bring them back
Let's make a lot of love, that's the plan,
Spend the the night together but I'm not your man
I got too many girls, I do em when I can
Finger in her curls, hand in her pants
(C'mon bitch)


Short, She got a future in her ass and I'm a fortune teller
Cause I can see me up in her like a mirror
Christi, Iree, Stella and Della
Spin that ass around like a helicopter propeller
Bitch I wanna see ya, Drop it like madea
Some shit I never seen, do the splits like a balerina
She can tip it over, let the meat roll
Stop it on the dime, she got booty control

[Too Short:]
None of my girls can't fuck with this
I don't even wanna see my other bitch
A fat ass on a pink toe,
The white girl let the booty grow I think so
I fuck with, señoritas and the black girls
It's just another day in the max world
I'm too short, I pimps and I plays them
I don't give a fuck if she was Indian or Asian

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E-40 Show Me What You Workin' Wit' Comments
  1. Elizabeth Wagner

    Thank dad for showing this 5 year ago

  2. Jazzi Betancio

    Still a slapper in 2018

  3. Ericka Bradford

    Lol they is a fun

  4. Justin Jennings

    What you workin wit

  5. GlobalJay Nineohtwo

    Where's the instremutal

  6. Rachelle Marie

    She got it from her Auntie & them it's in her Genetics!

  7. Michael Florez

    only a hater could dislike

  8. Tony Iommi


  9. Princess FB

    bruh this song still slaps


    Still slaps in 2019

  10. Lincy Ramirez

    My shit right here

  11. Constantino Castellano

    Tittybar classic.

  12. CrazyDenjostefpau

    Summer 2015 Car Subwoofer´s gonna blow up

    Lacresa Parker

    CrazyDenjostefpau p

  13. Capito1

    workin with 9 bottles of Earl Steven's

  14. Matt Amiri

    Love this BASS!!!

    Use this song to test out my headphones for it's bass quality! 

    Robbers Mask


  15. adriana brummell

    The girl part is my cousin singing

    adriana brummell

    yes it is how you gonna tell me why would i lie about it? that's stupid 

    Eleesha Toliver

    thats my cuzzin zay singing

    adriana brummell

    thats my cousin to 

  16. Luke

    De bass wow

  17. Phillip Baca

    What album is this song on?

  18. Trezhure Raya

    Let that booty earthquake let me see that shit shake ... this song slap

  19. Emelio Johnston

    34 people missed the like button

  20. Jay Lewis

    This slap


    mmmm oh shit yes!!! show me what ur workin wit!!!! Vegas baby!!!!

  22. Destiny Bates

    show me what you working with!


    every time they play it turns her on lol thts me :)

  24. darren todd

    this shyt bang

  25. TheHowllen

    ah yeah

  26. Regina Amanda

    My Jammmm!(:

  27. Matthew Martinez

    Hes fuckin good

  28. 530Haze

    you must be deaf man :O

  29. Matthew Martinez

    Awsome song

  30. Marcodebently Hey

    california face with a booty from texas LOL

  31. wichovr6

    Straight up strip club classic

  32. 11MRLILONE

    bitch, i wanna see ya..drop it like madea!! lmaooo --best part haha

  33. xRaftermanv1x

    okay i think Too $hort is awesome, but this song straight sucks. just sayin.

    Zachary Burnette

    How much crack



  35. MarcyArtsy

    My grandmas house has the same door :-D

  36. Kaliah Denison

    Diss song slapppps!!(:

  37. cooldogface

    @BLACKhiphopPRINCESS1 Well, you're bored and you like to dance... but, to the finest no less.

  38. Luis Zaragoza

    I dance to this shit.... Im bored...what u got on me

  39. King James

    Gangsta Shit!

  40. Youtube Only

    @someLAniggas lmfao #SWAGG

  41. 408ezekiel

    Party track, I love it

  42. MrTheJoeyb

    this and sliding down the pool, r the 2 party bangers

  43. ryanamey16

    My shit

  44. Thug majiah

    i meant song lol

  45. Thug majiah

    i love this video

  46. Kiarah Williams


  47. Mike Honcho

    Play Mk9 and this song is perfect

  48. Whang Doodle

    @someLAniggas lol

  49. mileycm12

    This song be gettin functions poppin !

  50. Sheray Bailey

    straight up twerk song

  51. Justin New

    lovin this beat.

    Lacresa Parker

    Justin New p

  52. Steve Kim


  53. PHILLIP Cody Bazurto Baz

    @weirdgirl420 my bad i ment to put thumbs up

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    lol 333,666 views haha

  55. Airin ALi

    imma show u wat im workin wit hahahahha!

  56. Christina H.

    @BLACKhiphopPRINCESS1 that your bored & dance to this song ;D

  57. Henry Washington

    He been making records for about 26 years

  58. RaceBashCrash

    this song bumps!!

  59. dave v

    Golden State Warriorz.....Mackin since 1979, kids.....do your homework......no, seriously go do your HW before mamma get home. stay in school.....Wesifalif...nia.

  60. pascal CLOUATRE

    @ThaMSandman including yourself

  61. skidog7310

    @BLACKhiphopPRINCESS1 lots

  62. skidog7310


  63. Cap Steelo

    @BLACKhiphopPRINCESS1 nothing

  64. Cap Steelo

    @someLAniggas i guess i was bored

  65. Jay Osmond

    @someLAniggas. if you dnt like the song then why the fuck you post it? you hella dumb. Fuck LA. Vallejo, HillSide you bitch. 200blk. yee.

  66. lala lani

    <3 this.

    Can't find "Show & Prove" by E40 on youtube. Anyone?

  67. Cap Steelo

    @fat77cat i dont really like this song i didnt even knew it said that lol

  68. fat77cat

    @someLAniggas Too short said that lol at 3:12

  69. Cap Steelo

    @L92DOutKst true true

  70. Cap Steelo

    @Bigghal09 what the fuck?

  71. Cap Steelo

    @509notch get the fuck with these shitty comments outta my page fool

  72. Rion King

    back on my playlist...gyeaah!!!

  73. Mu77a847cash

    this shit hot

  74. DeeezNutsInYoMouth

    Too short manee. Gaaah he kills it. x]

  75. dogg187

    damn this song got that real rap flava that none of the current shit in radio have

  76. C-Swoop

    this beat is legit....makes me want 2 go krump and isolate!!

  77. xmasjackson flaxonwaxon

    fuck yea

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    E 40 hard.!.

  79. Tania File


  80. shitty bill

    @Krewkid36 you keep commenting and i dont reply because i dont give a fuck. that says alot about your stupidity. fucktard

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    shit u just hatin. u know this is the sickest song and u have no idea what talent is...

  82. 2fuckinraww

    show me wat u workin wit!

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    cant de-ni...E 40 THE BOSS!!!!!!

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    @smartfit hey have u heard that song new song by green day? u should go listen to it. it will make ur day.

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    its the bitch from the "today were gonna learn how to make ca ca crack" haha..

  86. Jacquelle Jones

    this beat is sickk

  87. Cap Steelo

    @smartfit haha ...bur ur still a bitch

  88. lilchaos20

    Dont hate just show me what you workin wit.lol.

  89. shitty bill

    this shit slaps around dick....and everyone beaking me for this gay video is all riding that dick.

  90. Matt Savage

    BAY AREA!!

  91. Mike James

    40 Water & 2Shortdog,, Classic....

  92. jarellii

    40 wata.. Dude be crankin.. This joint bump so hard in my ride.. Remind me of some old charlie hustle shit..

  93. XUrbanBellaX

    Some people just dont know good bass when they hear this, this shit nearly blew my computer speakers haha

  94. Jonathan Leger

    suckas cant see me like wilson from home improvement

  95. fusi


  96. Lynn Watts

    E-40 has his own style, he has never fell subject to other fads and trends like these other rappers out here that aren't original. This shit is beatin in Cleveland and the album is raw. I am a dancer and I appreciate music like this!! I show niggaz what I'm workin wit!!