E-40 - Seasoned Lyrics

Tragedy.. mmhmm mmhmm.. misery and triumph
Piss poor, you know?
Catastrophic moments
They wanna know why I'm so seasoned, y'know
Welfare recipient - there's a reason why I'm seasoned

My folks out there in the ghetto.. the slums..
The projects.. and the beat down, renovated apartment complexes
Smell me!

Uh, you in a new school whip
Custom painted candy apricot butter
I'm in an antique old school four do'
Muffler draggin beat up duster
With scrapes and scratches, nicks and scars
Y'all get to drink out of wine glasses
we gotta drink out of jelly jars
Down and out like four flat tires no washing machine nor dryer
Just a pillowcase sack and a bunch of clothes wrapped
in a sheet on our way to the laundrymat
Will I ever get paid, can I make a dollar out of fifteen cents?
Y'alls got it made, we broke and starvin barely payin the rent
Sleepless nights, alligator t-uh-tears
Mommy arguin wit my daddy, daddy drunk too many beers
911 Mr. Po-Po, dey ain't happy wit day marriage
Pops tryna beat her down and make her have a miscarriage
My cousin shoots the needle, she be gone for days
She on that da-ah-diesel, she gone end up wit AIDS
I told her I love her I swear I just told her
but you know what she said to me?
Everybody got a gay or at least one dopefiend in they family
You ain't the only one wit a reject in yo' family
That's real

The reasoned the reasoned that we're seasoned
Seasoned and we, feel our paper won't disappear
Ohhh, hey it's been a long time in the bay
with God on our side we have somethin to say
and through the hard times we survive the game
Survive the game

If y'all smell onions - that's my arms potent
The reason I'm musty is cause, we ain't got no mo' deordorant
The laughin stock - patna, we ain't got no cash
Feet stinkin through my shoes in P.E. class
I'm thriznew with biznein briznoke; I'm about to hiznit the griznind
And if I get popped it ain't half no more it's 80% percent of my time
But that's ah cha-ah-chance, that I'ma have to-ah-take
Today my son birthday and I can't even buy a cake
I'm so damn through-a-through, I had a J.O.B.
You want me to cut my perm, oh y'all gone ave to fire me
My fellow just got out da joint, thought he might be okay
But my fellow got out and got stapled 26 times the same damn day
Who wanna get dunked on? In the the flatlands it ain't never too late
Patna all we need is a piece of plywood and a milk carton crate
What about dat shopping basket, you know I'm smart
We can gone take the wheels off that and ma-a-make a go cart
Yo peoples blessed you, I started from a quarter ounce
You came in the dope game wit a silver spoon up in yo' mouth
Why we gotta gamble maine we hurtin, you got all the bucks
In the ghetto we play dominoes for push ups

The reasoned the reasoned that we are seasoned
Seasoned and we, feel our paper won't disappear
Ohhh, it's been a long time in the bay
with God on our side we have somethin to say
and through the hard times we survive the game
Survive the game

You dig? You know
My people just tryin to make a way out of nowhere, you dig?
You know, the trials and tribulations, you dig?
It's hard times out here y'know
Y'know we just tryin to do our thing..

I remember when I was just a young boy
Growin up things was real hard for me
No food on the table, no clothes on my back
Lord have mercy
But my mother told me to stay strong

Hey, it's been a long time, in the Bay
With God on our side we have somethin to say
And through the hard times we survive the game
Survive the game

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E-40 Seasoned Comments
  1. Anthony 707


  2. Anthony 707

    🔥🔥🔥🔥2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR'S 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Sandra Smith

    Still here in 2020...lovin this one...this will foreva be a classic..you rockin wit the best when you listening to E40...💋❤💕💯✔

  4. LiquidGoldJewels

    Still feeling this track. Respec

  5. Gee Biggums

    This song puts me back in the streets of Oakland.

  6. Tweetie Sweetie

    I dedicate this song to the wealthy and well to do individuals, who choose to cyber stalk me......he he hee

  7. Forsalecom Com

    Rip To My OGS who put me on game

  8. No Name

    1 of tha greatest songs ever

  9. Delmar Cortez

    Ghetto Projects 💎

  10. Alex Macias

    this is some of the hardest shit i grew up broke as fuck and this helped me get through that shit when others was wearin tommy hilfiger no braces no nothin but this had me grounded now im grabbin this paper from what i learned

  11. Tech Talk

    Me,I started in da gamewith a quarter ounce/u people blessed u/U came in the dope game with silver spoon in yo mouth/

  12. drakkar wilson

    Who still bkangin in 2019 💙💙💙😢💨💨💤🔥💯💯✊🏾✊🏾👍🏿👍🏿🙏🏾

    Ayesha Harris

    drakkar wilson Me in Detroit, Michigan

    latiesha miller

    Meeeee lol

    Giant Joey

    I Ckant stop banging this one bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  13. Jason Dean

    You aint the only one wit a reject in yo family..........classic!

    Bobby Johnson

    Jason Dean Thts real Thts real

  14. Mee DanG

    My favorite E40 song of all time! Tears me up almost all the time, damn near my life word for word....

  15. JStubbs


  16. Freaky Anderson

    What about that shopping basket you know I'm smart we can take the wheels off and make a go-kart

  17. lanny gang

    If you grew up piss poor this is for you

  18. Big Rob

    So what if I gotta get unda the hood and tap the starter. Real hood talk

    lanny gang

    Just got done doing that

  19. Dawn Andrews

    This song is REAL ❤

  20. Lawrence Matthews

    Still bump this here to this day and many more

  21. Fernando Lacey

    There is a difference between listening and hearing. One of the two i only listening to.

  22. IHurdThat Music

    This is classssssic

  23. Jeffrey Lidala

    love the way the producer played out reasons by earth wind and fire

  24. Laray III

    Fuk it.

  25. 4EVER 707

    raising mines lol

  26. Alfred Thomas

    This that raw and uncut. Game get up on it stay sprinkled!

  27. Chit Stank

    Everybody raise your jelly jars to this!

    ERRE O

    @Jay Leave her alone dogg. She's good.

    Jesse Luciano

    im dead


    I got the mixed so I could raise peanut butter and jelly at the same time

    Hebrew King

    HispanicCausinPanic 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣

  28. Nyle Simon

    that's real Homie

  29. Nyle Simon

    that's real Homie

  30. Ron Carpenter

    "Dude, U,... R the REASON THAT I'M SO SEASONED!!!" (Double Door, Chicago) I "appreciate" everything u did 4 me! "PUT THAT ON MY GRAND DADDY & BOTH OF MY BIG BROTHERS!!!" 1-LOVE Unc! Thank You!!! #Lil Ron #Skei-Bo #"Mr. 200"