E-40 - Over The Stove Lyrics

[Talking: Guy]
Check it out potna
I don't wanna see nobody out here from 10 to 2
You see dude right there, you see dude right there
We a lay something down out here mane
I'm getting money out here mane this me
And ain't goin nobody goin run me outta here mane
I got this late night shift

I'm over the stove (stove)
If this rap shit don't work man I'm tellin' ya
I'm over the stove (stove)
Saying I'm just saying I ain't playin'
I'm over the stove (stove)
If this rap shit don't work man I'm tellin' ya
I'm over the stove (stove)
Saying I'm just saying I ain't playin'
I'm over the stove

[Verse 1:]
I'm in this rap game dope game tired pushing cocaine
Hoping I'm a blow mane one day someday
Suckers in my mix mane he say she say
Dress up like a bitch mane all day errday
Selling promethazine hopping weed crystal meth and bricks
Independent rappers dealing with radio politics
After parties merchandises shows and verse licks
Internet and type of twitting try'na strike ya rich
Fussing with my broad cause I ain't got a jaw
I ain't hittin' them draws she calling me a dog
Grabbing and complaining like she goin through menopause
Breaking out my window for scratching up my calls
I ain't got time for this shit I'm way to silent for this
I got money to get I'm bout to find this bitch
I'm on parole, the government got my soul they want me back in the beam
To shoot a practice scoop the toilet bowl


[Verse 2:]
Over the stove in the kitchen cooking cha cha
With a pickle jar and a pot of boiling watta
Add a smiting west and a 30 ground chabba
Man I like a nigga who lode it down with this pow pow
I can do whatever I got to do to make it through
Cause if this rap shit don't work mane I'm telling you
I got mouths to feed filthy and hella bills to pay
And I be legal myself my nigga this nigga on his way
And ain't nobody goin put my hustle to a holt
I'm try'na climb up the rope and were going way up to the top
I got bars for days I'm dope in the studio line stump
Can't let em sink my boat because they'll jealousy a plot
I'm hella hungry and I'm starving and I'm thirsty
Pimpin' my money so funny it's telling jokes about me
If I ever catch a brick I'll buy a real-itive
I want the fame the cars the feddy and the jewelry


I'm over the stove
I graduated from a sipper to a burden
I'm over the stove
I can't talk right now my grandma's hands dirty
I'm over the stove

[Verse 3:]
I'm a one dollar near fanalited hopefully one day in the future I'm a be a cash cow
Kick back and watch my money pile
But until that day arrives I'm a hustle till I rise till I blossom
And in the back in they mind they know that I'm a problem
And once I get on this snow man I'm a stay on my birthmark
Long as I play my position to play my part, I'm smart
And I'm a stick with the slang ward that I had before, if I make it
Fuck a video ho she was down when I was foe, can't fake it
I been rapping my ass off man I'm a mess, a mess
When I gone they goin be saying I was the best, the best
That ever did it and got away with it, living a halfway with it
In and out like the burgers
See the po-po will let'chu walk wherever as long as it's no murder
Long as it's no witness
Keep a low profile stay lowkey they goin get off in yo business
Fake it till I make it, man I ain't even got krump
If I look like I got some money ain't nobody goin wanna give me none


I'll steal when I arrive (over the stove)
If they don't give my ass a job (over the stove)
I'll advice street knowledge (over the stove)
If they don't slip my ass to college (over the stove)
I'm try'na stay focused (over the stove)
But I got the eviction notice (over the stove)
I'm a do a nigga in (over the stove)
If I don't get these spins (BITCH!)

[Talking: Guys]
Hey you?
Man I was out there on the late night shift mane
This nigga 40 was out there
He was out there with the chopper and two runners
Is that right?
Talking about he ain't rapping no mo man that nigga back to trippin'
He over the stove?
Shit, I mean you know how it go (yeah) but shit slow up, nigga outta get back out there and do something
And you do know that, man nigga out here eating chicken bone tooth picks man
It's that serious

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E-40 Over The Stove Comments
  1. Fernando Howard

    The Game Will Be Boring W/O

  2. Fernando Howard

    That BASS LINE THO!!! 2019

  3. Dashay Mitchell

    B-legit should have been on this...

  4. Ja'Nelle J

    Just discovered this song today 😒🔥🔥

  5. OAKOD510

    A beat with a Trunk rattling..so when you slap this on ur car..double the rattle!! Hahahha..DOPE AF.!!!!

  6. FGs YunGboy

    Omg the bass🔥🔥🔥💯

  7. Robert Nalu

    I don't want nobody out here from 10 to 2! Lmfao!

  8. nathan garza

    Always u beezys

  9. Robert Nalu

    I'm over that stove!

  10. Kiing Slushiie

    This BEEEEAAAAT is filthy UGHZ

  11. YonI

    When e40 is gone they gonna say his the best to ever do it real quote getting better with age rare like a steak

  12. BobbyDigital28

    I must be the only white guy in Canada that plays this every day omw to work lol

    Isaiah Charles

    On God you are

  13. mc rapper tha great

    Outtt of all the songs is this one this one be nocking thumping

  14. mc rapper tha great

    Night shift bad beat

  15. Donathelox 10

    Over the stove😍😍😍

  16. Matthew Clark

    I don't wanna see nobody out here from 1p to 2 40 WATER ugggghhhhh

  17. Sam Blue


  18. Terrence Harris

    in the studio cocking up a instrumental

  19. Fernando Howard


    Denzel Walker

    Fernando Howard 💪💪🈷🈸🚅🍍💜💛💚🐈❤️📀🏆

    Shelbie Moloski

    Cooking chadha Smith and Wesson 30 roundchoppa pickle jar climb a rope and wriggle my way to the top I'm over the stove if this rap shit don't work I'm telling. Whenimgonetheygonesayimthebestifilooklikeigotmoneynobodywannagivemenone.ifthisrapshitdontworkthenmanimtellingya.sendmyasstocollegeigotanevictionnoticeheybooseiwaswithachoppaandtwobrothersheoverthestovethisshitslowupandyoudoknowthattheresamanouthereeatingchickenrollwithtwotoothpicksmanitsthatserious. ohmygod.

  20. Oneise Bingham

    I steal and I rob...

  21. Alonzo Beard

    ill apply street knowledge...if they dont send my ass to college


  22. worksmagic89

    this song knocks if you got a system I always have to play it but 99% of his songs knock anyway though


    worksmagic89 I’m about to hook my WRX up with a in dash screen and two kicker comp 12’s. And all new speakers. When I sold my last car I sold it with the subs and I’m dyin without a system man😩 it’s gonna be so nice feelin that shit bang. I’m putting em in my back seat facing the front haha. Shits gonna bang


    Diocletian I had 2 T1's in a custom box and it got stolen 8 been without bass for 2yrs now and just gettin stuff for my new build I have 3 soundqubed hds3 15's goin in a suburban I can't wait to play this song

    Lilboss_NamedyoungD - Dakarai McDonald

    worksmagic89 exaxtly

  23. Felton Millsap

    This shit is hard

  24. Freezy Freeze

    im over stove 40 e wata

  25. Karen Cuenca

    this is my shit

  26. LightBright Biancaa



    Lil sexy

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    roland... thats real shit

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    bang 💯

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    reginald baldwin

    Roland Hatch Str8 Beast Wit It!!!

  30. adoines husband

    once I get on man ima stay on like a birthmark

  31. adoines husband

    he said selling promethazine, hop and weed, crystalmeth and bricks

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    Hi Koti, I got you

  33. logan siemik

    Im always over the stove

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    ιт ¢σσℓ

    Reggie Henderson

    Isiah Vivas rpm

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    oh yeah!

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    Got a chip in da phone

    Matt Smith

    +Mark Torres Wait until you see a bag full of labeled phone chips in a briefcase.

  38. Shy Love

    if this rap shit don't work  I am over the stove!!!  I love me some E-40!!!

  39. Keaton Pietroski

    E40 the true nigga

    Keaton Pietroski

    "Man I'm fried!".......


    Yeah E-40 Dope And I Like The Song But Wtf Does "Over The Stove" Even Really Mean?


    @HandsDown1001  It means if the rap shyt stop he's going back over the stove cooking crack cocain.


    @HandsDown1001 seriously? You must not have any good experience. It means that he will be over the stove cooking crack pots, so he can sell it, and make some money.


    same shit!!!

  40. rob 49erfan

    this shit thumps.

  41. josh heweezy

    tryin to get plays on my list !!! hit it up guys


    Forty water !!

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    Dis shid bang

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    Ma shit

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    I heard this a couple years ago and could not remember what the song title was to save my life. FOUND ITTTTTT