E-40 - Meet The Dealers Lyrics

In the Bay, the streets is polluted, unsanitized
Why stay? They'll turn your potato to French Fries
AK, homicides, fuck around and get neutralized
Savage, uncivilized, get in your shit like some flies
Pull a bitch like a trailer without the hitch
She want my dick between both of her lips
She like my outfit, my status, my personality
Took her to the telly, skeeted on her cavity

I put it on my nana, clip game bananas
Choppa got a cooler, pistol got the bandanna
B-la got a scanner, hammer in some hoes
Blowin' on exotic, she been playin' with her nose
We on tippy-toes, pose for the 'Gram
She do it for the fam, baby know the game plan
Hit before I scram, put her in the jam
Supposed to have the back, but I was in there going HAM

Meet the dealers
All real niggas, no squealers
Thirty on the bottom, .40 cal potato peelers
We them guys
Not like them, we're realer
I'm in here with the vacuum sealer
Meet the dealers
All real niggas, no squealers
Thirty on the bottom, .40 cal potato peelers
We them guys
Not like them, we're realer
I'm in here with the vacuum sealer

[E-40 & B-Legit:]
Beanie cap rolled up, sittin' on top of the head
Pistol filled up, little niggas about they bread
She gon' hol' up, that's what his pimp partner said
We gon' blow up, and buy a big-ass crib
Saucy, they offer me bricks and broomsticks
Hits from the dab, you know how mad these fools get
Maps of the pad got your bitch in the pool with
Bosses and they topless playin' around with pool sticks
Another day go when I was headed to the store
To buy some backwoods to smoke my turtle
I saw this buster that owed me a couple dollars or something
At first I was about to let the shit go, but no
This nigga on go, he acting hella ampy
Like I ain't the chef, you know I shrimp scampy
I put him in the mix, shoot him in his dick
Don't ever fuck around with the family

Meet the dealers
All real niggas, no squealers
Thirty on the bottom, .40 cal potato peelers
We them guys
Not like them, we're realer
I'm in here with the vacuum sealer
Meet the dealers
All real niggas, no squealers
Thirty on the bottom, .40 cal potato peelers
We them guys
Not like them, we're realer
I'm in here with the vacuum sealer

[B-Legit & E-40:]
I Die Hard, drive cars with no OnStar
Spend the night with a pornstar
She got her own bar, keep my weed in the clothes drawer
And roll 'em up, she got handle bars
Annually, there's four quarters in twelve months, listen here
There's eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty hours in a year
There's 28 grams in a zip of nasal candy, right?
A thousand gigabyets in a terabyte
Long nights in the summertime, still count money
Hard top rain, like to drop it when it's sunny
And you can ask Sonny, 'cause he the bus driver
Clever like MacGyver with a stash box inside her
We livin' in a world where the unexpected became expected
Real shit? Niggas disrespect it
Seconds can mean the difference between life and death
Every day, I wake up and open my eyes, I'm blessed... BIATCH!

Meet the dealers
All real niggas, no squealers
Thirty on the bottom, .40 cal potato peelers
We them guys
Not like them, we're realer
I'm in here with the vacuum sealer
Meet the dealers
All real niggas, no squealers
Thirty on the bottom, .40 cal potato peelers
We them guys
Not like them, we're realer
I'm in here with the vacuum sealer
Meet the dealers

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E-40 Meet The Dealers Comments
  1. Charles Buford

    E-40 and B-Legit always on point, this is the shit!!!

  2. Carolmel ATL Productions


  3. Mizz Yadi

    I love both of these OG.. they don't get the credit they deserve!! B Legit voice is SEXY Af

  4. Aaron McGee The Money Motivator

    Hemp man og looking good nd healthy...oh boy

  5. ᖴᗩT ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ

    0:52 I wonder if that’s B Legit’s kid in the purple hoodie lol

  6. Renee Hannan


  7. Young JODY

    Real shit I've been listening to 40 all my life......I'm 34 now I was in elementary school and my uncle came around the corner in his cutty thumbin 40, ever since then I've been on!!!! Then when you get B Legit on the same tracc it be to much game for you squares to under digg!!!💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 The Goat

  8. Chris p

    B was on sik wid it thats why they mesh. One of the originals

  9. Galien Drahfy Nova Spaceboy

    Stressmatic was the 1st i seen wearing that NASA tee

  10. Don Williams

    Mob shit will never fail good work to the click stay on the shit u started with and place those youngins!✌

  11. RIVER CASH official T.C. INC.

    This shit goes!!💯💯🔥🔥

  12. ThePaletteWhisperer ASMR


  13. Daray Ferguson

    Y'all niggas are so quick to say how E40 (my favorite rapper since 1993) is slept on. WHAT ABOUT B-Legit?!

    sean watts

    He's been my favorite rapper since 1988 and I was born on 93 lol. I have all albums from 1988 to now

  14. Can't Beat The BAY!

    if ya disliked this you're squarer than a rectangle

  15. FukWitTit Mike

    First time I rocked 40....I stole in a major way CD...from sam goodie...still rockin to this day...

  16. Dennis 2o9

    This Fool E-40 is hilarious stated the facts at 252 to 309 Haha

  17. Richard Carle

    Is that Nef the pharoh in the purple jacket dancing?

  18. Skinny J

    B legit is a legit ass nigga.

  19. Jay Cash

    The only og from Vallejo I wanna listen to is mac Dre point blank period

    Rudy Cota

    Dope fiend music. Mac Dre was a dope fiend and couldn't pull off the drug moves like E-40 and the Click.

    Jay Cash

    @Rudy Cota fuck u Mac dre will always b greater than e40 and the click. E40 a sellout to Atlanta plus he bit off Mac dre after Dre died 2 years after he was late on the hyohy movement. Hillside wasn't going dumb. That was crestside shit. Get yo facts straight bitch. Mad did 6 years without snitching. Fat 40 would've rolled fast

    sean watts

    @Jay Cash e40s been out since 1988 way before Mac dre and before that he was a ghetto celebrety. I can't say wich rapper is better cuz that's someone's opinion. E40s a real og and so is mac dre. He didn't sell out. He was making money moves. And he didn't bite the hyphy music. It's a culture where e40 and Mac dre are from. Keak da sneak made the hyphy movement. So if you say it like that e40 and Mac dre bit the hyphy movement.

  20. Carlos Guzman

    Definitive, deliberate and definitely soul literate.

  21. Carlos Guzman

    Each day I open my eyes on Def.

  22. Baksh Matthew

    40 is Realer

  23. George Grajeda

    E40 word play, dopesr....him n mac Dre straight v town legends

  24. Samuel

    she want my dick between both of her lips

  25. Walter alvarez Paniagua

    Colombia hip hop🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  26. sky stedman

    They lost the mold after 40 and b pushed they way out!

  27. Jason 918

    Stressmatic is wack and ruined to many tracks

  28. bryan diel

    The Clique always lit! E-40, B Legit,Dshot and Suga T

  29. Alex D

    E40 has lasted this long be here for a while

  30. Scott Mccollegan

    They both sick fo sho E40 the yhe shit im 32 and white as fuck but i dig this shit

  31. Don Williams

    40 and B-Legit always kill it and the beat is sick!!!

  32. Jay Day

    When you keep it fam and solid, this is where you end up. Successful LEGENDZ. big ups to 40 and legit. The click mob!!! Yeeeeee!

  33. Pj Proctor

    Company we about to set it off in meth desto these pussy are greedy and have no respect for this game I'm no rat but y'all know who I'm givin it up retrieve all they Data and release it to the Doj I been gave them opputunnity we ain't playing I ain't got shit too lose but I be damdvif any disrespectful full murtha fucka getting in on minesbif they can't respect this shit

  34. Kebra Nagast

    Beela,40,and Face...last of the greats 4real!!!!!!

  35. Robert Morris

    Neva been up on this cold blooded people sleep on legitt the best in the group

  36. Booga Bossdogg

    Original Profit #Westcoast


    Reminds me of the dayz when I was a BLOCK MONSTER...I mean a pharmucutical distributor OOPS I got it wrong sir!!!

  38. Jared Kinzel

    Sick wid it

  39. BIG HANK

    Bodyguards turns n2 rappers

  40. Walter alvarez Paniagua

    Colombia🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴hip hop

  41. Tye Adams

    1000 gigabytes in a terabyte.

  42. Blake Barber

    Keepn it lit like a cigarette, since I was 15 now I'm 35 been listenin to E-40, soakn up game an shakn the lames, taught me bout keepn that sucka repellant and keepn a ho that ain't telln! Been entergaming us For years pimp skillet! Love me some Forty and anyone who takes his gift of gab as a blessing!

    Blake Barber

    Why no love on this comment? Haha for real tho?

    Blake Barber

    Gave myself a thumbs up then ha

  43. Bo Rerun

    E40 changed his Rapping style,


    The dislikes seriously fools got their phone upside down 😰

  45. D McMillion

    E 40 👍💯💯💯💯🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

  46. Jimmy Chopsticks

    The water is the mf🐐❗️

  47. Kevin Fisher

    Ive been listen to 40 since i could walk lol he the realist OG. 22 years+ still slapping e40

  48. Katrina Lee 559

    We them guys🔥

  49. Dan Money


  50. Geoffrey Brown

    When I hear the song it the shite? Cant been like we meet b,leaget.o he nor,walk. Reno .before rapper name rapper 4 traya

  51. John Wall

    My sahhaab keep drop'n hit's fam'o!!👌💯

  52. Ms Detroit 313

    40 can’t be fucked wit!! Been spittn fire 🔥 since I was 13.....38 now!!

  53. Jd Money

    I had this one baitch right she was so damn sprung she usta hold my muda fkinmuda fkn sack main

  54. Jd Money

    This is maaaaaaaaaaaaaa chit

  55. JodiLyn Brown

    [email protected] Jessica Lauren Postler.

  56. Matthew_ AllBtB's

    Should of had berner on the track instead of stressmatic

  57. Conner Oliver

    This is why I LOVE NORCAL

  58. Harold bowles

    Nigga 40 raw as fuck yeaarrea, East Oakland, bay area 40 legit the bay ambassador kept the bay on the map repping the waters

  59. Eric Weeks

    This shit goes hard in the paint I’ve been listening to e-40 since the 7 grade I’m 34 and his shit still slapes

  60. Larry Green Jr.

    SLΔP.. 2019

  61. love istheanswer

    Straight OG's

  62. DoubleXx

    "Pull a bitch like a trailer without the Hitch" ya'll catch that simple double entendre? 🔥

  63. Poor Pathak ion

    dad why are u singing about mummy like that ?

  64. londell malone

    That beat 🔥🔥🔥

  65. a martinez

    ?don't. Yeah L's valley lil cii bln clss 99 reb revolutiondz era crea homeboys is go always

  66. Lil Walgreens Cold and Flu

    This is so fire what

  67. Flex Lug aka THA KING OF OHIO


  68. maxpaine1000

    Dam! This song hard as fuck!!!!!

  69. Edward Vasquez

    Props2 E-40

  70. Acid Sulfuric H2SO4


  71. Quentin Zeller


  72. Marvin Humbert

    N the 313 u gots to be a savage playin with that white, niggas will test u just to see if u really about that life dont bring a knife to a gun fight around here you'll lose your life

  73. Jeff Lee

    The best hustlers music ever

  74. Shawn Sparks

    Lowkey Too $hort beat. So well done. Plus, B-Legit still looks like a dude that would f**k you up in a minute. Yee!

  75. Jamal Jacobs

    This real og talk Frfr

  76. Drop Zone

    These Boyz og's I grew up on the click but these niggas in the background some bitches.

  77. Julion187 Pimp

    Bando bando

  78. Julion187 Pimp

    Feat feat feat

  79. Julion187 Pimp

    Boss it up

  80. Grace Mercy


  81. Alfredo Ramirez Jr.

    Bringing that mob shit back!

  82. D.O.E. RECORDS

    Fukin wit uncle 40 since M.V.P. #yee

  83. Rey Castro

    my shit 100 FRESNO YOU KNOW WAT IT DO😎

  84. Alexzander Griffin

    Come on e40 they tripping in northern California fr i know u would talk about people getting killed but ain't nothing to rap about bro

  85. Ladelia Hampton

    The Click

  86. Ladelia Hampton

    Donkey On The Dick

  87. Ladelia Hampton

    Cap pillin

  88. Jonathan Hunter


  89. cobbw18

    Be legit was flaming bars on this tack

  90. Carlos Roman Guzman

    Gotta Gehttoo Gefr on sumSquared

  91. Harrison Harrison

    Local artist from Alabama E-40 please give me call 2518002268

  92. Harrison Harrison


  93. Harrison Harrison

    Local artist from Alabama E-40 please give me call 2518002268

  94. Martino Stiff

    My Saha 💪💪

  95. TheTruthTyStick402

    I know you have Allot of fans but Fuck remeber Sideways of of In A Major Way.


    I used to Start my Day with that song and Weighed Out From The Click


    Acting Bad


    Hope those wheels are made of stone.


    I dont reall know