E-40 - Me & My Bitch Lyrics

It's just me (it's just me mayne)
And my bitch (and my biatch)
She hates my guts (she hate my guts)
And makes me sick (I can't stand her)
I curse her out (HOE!)
She cuss me out (sorry ass nigga!)
Then we make up (we make up mayne)
Fuck on the couch (on the couch) BIATCH! BIATCH!

[Verse 1:]
My main batch in the front yard finna fight my other batch
Try'na grab each other by each other hair and pull out a patch
Both of them got Vaseline on they face so they both don't get scratched
My neighbors ain't trippin (why?) cause they use to that
The police don't response cause they know they won't be right back
Togetha, foreva, like that? Yup like that
Never Chris Makin under? even though pressure bust sprits
My bitch got my back whether I'm wrong or I'm right
I'm a gangsta and not no little management psychosanian bad
A lightway part time convenience she like when I make her laugh
The other day we was jsut kickin it at powwowing and shit
Have a breakfast at the waffle house, cheese eggs and grits
Then all of a sudden come rushing some on mysterious bitch
Talking and hooping and hollering bout she pregnant and shit
I reached back as far as I can go I can get
Then I slapped the shit out that hoe with the back of my fist


[Verse 2:]
Seems like everytime a nigga get home (get home)
A nigga done did sumthin wrong (sumthin wrong)
Caught me sex texting on the smart phone (smart phone)
I'm like "what the fuck is this bitch on? " (bitch on)
Her parents don't really like her cause we know we be on that thug love
And they don't get off in our business cause comments thicker than blood
But her brothers be try'na to test me size me up and mean mug
But they know that I pack that iron and I'm glued with the gloves
For the most part we cool and I respects they gangsta
I gotta baby by they sister we family I ain't no stranger
Me and my bitch got one of them love/hate relationships we some fools
Break up to make up then fuck cussing arguing infused
She don't wanna see me with her and I don't wanna she her with you
But the problem with me and her is all we do is accuse
But at the end of the fuckin day, I'm her man not her mouse
She got mo money than me, but I wear the pants in this house (BIATCH!)


Can't live with em, can't live without em
We put our trust in, but we still doubt em
Me and my, me and my, me and, me and my bitch
Me and my, me and my, me and, me and my bitch
I love her panties my nigga she love my dirty draws
I love her panties my nigga she love my dirty draws (UHH!)
Can't live with em, can't live without em
We put our trust in but we still doubt em


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E-40 Me & My Bitch Comments
  1. walter preston

    Blood is thicker than water but Cum is thicker than blood...... Real talk

  2. Jessi James

    Just me and my bitch ...its oh so real ...wrong or right

  3. Ted Hollar

    E40 IS a bitch tho

  4. ahn00bus510

    Its Philthy

  5. Chris Chatham

    Foreal he explained before showing the video stop hatin

  6. Lu Lu

    This song true about my ex lulu lol his baby momma hate me being with him lol she always start shit she was jolues of me lol she was always hateing on me to fight lulu lol

  7. Aaron Sapien

    Nuts is a bitch

  8. TenToezDowN Movement

    Great Concept with a lil 40 water and masterpiece is created #TenToezDowN #Movement #respect #wethepeople

  9. JAX Jr

    One of the realest tracks he dropped!!

  10. johnny mac

    This when Philthy had bitches with square booties.

  11. johnny mac

    This before Philthy start sitting down in every video like he got a colposcopy bag.

  12. Jason Bennett

    Network Hitts

  13. Kenneth Lassiter

    Its alot of ways to tke that shit 40 that nigga tho og of this music shit to kp it real whn u hear thst mf booce u know wat time it is ooooooo

  14. Sequoia Davi

    Come on E40..this shyt childest asf.
    But we Know some of y'all grown folks live this stupid ass life.

  15. Johnny Brooks

    That's that shit if you know what I'm talking about

  16. Gena Herro


  17. Mac An Murda

    2:15 bitch weave on tha antana tho 🤣🤣

  18. Richie Chaidez

    40water killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I can relate to this shit!!! Northern California to the Bay Area

  19. Bernard Lewis

    New??? 2011??

  20. Malcom Shaw


  21. Maurice Bates

    Goat u here me E-40

  22. Resse Baby

    If this is thug love keep that shyt!!!😲👀👂💯💯💯

  23. Fred Roehl

    Philthy rich is the dude , I didn't realize that was him until I saw it the second time

  24. Yung Socrates PTROCK

    Anybody playing this in 2019-2020!!???? 🔥

    B k

    8 years ago

  25. the exile

    i dont play, like THAT, nomo!

  26. MAYO Besealy

    Whip me philthy

  27. deez nutz

    That nigga philthy had that 4nickle with a drum lol

  28. James Riley

    I hire to fire!!!

  29. James Riley

    Detroit to bay 👇mile foe life!!

  30. James Johnson

    This my bae song💦👅 and when she gives me love 😋😋😋😋 my spicy,sassy Spaniard princess oooohh ahhhh 💋💥🔥💫✨💣💣💣

  31. Dre Williams

    That’s crazy that’s Philthy rich

  32. ᖴᗩT ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ

    is that philthy??

  33. PSALMS120

    West Hayward

  34. Lisa Johnson

    Everyone I got a new boo❤️❤️❤️and I'm in love.

  35. Cece Parks

    My crazy ass ex put me on this song lol still listening to this in 2019

  36. Neron M

    Orale that's my jam

  37. Lisa Johnson

    Baby-daddy man I❤️ u and I pray the judge don't give u 4 yrs. But... U should have handled ur business. Now I can take a break beating bitches up on sight.

  38. Lisa Johnson

    Ha I love how they did baby boy scene❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Ted Bundy

    I wish philthy was humpin ME like that


    Philthy Rich on this video

  41. hoodster Rollin

    2019 anybody

  42. Dc Sanders

    Its philthy!!!

  43. mikeraphone95820 1

    Is that Philthy rich lol

  44. TheBigbody1

    That nigga Filthty pulled out a drummi....wow!

  45. C.P. Williams

    This shit is a SUPER BLAP!

  46. Sheree Cortez

    Thug luv 💯💯💯💯💯💚

  47. Sparkle the princess

    Yeah is me 🤩👌🏽

  48. LakeTown 801


  49. M MB

    Love a beast!

  50. Rashelle Summers

    Mmmmm why you hit my man bitch. Thats my nigga. Weaveable hoe.

  51. eryxxlyn

    This shit still knocks!!! 👅💕

  52. Christine Reyes Clark

    I know that this song a be p!ahi as me and my hubby walk down the aisle for the second time

  53. eryxxlyn


  54. Rashad Adams

    what makes this video sooo cold is when they connect at the gas station !!

  55. Kevin

    that's crazy logic famous cause his album says a hotline but my G E-40 has it in the beginning of the video we're lucky to even be in the same era as E-40 #MM

  56. Lamont Marshman

    Umm correct me if I'm wrong, but the beginning seems as if they got it off of baby boy!! Seen the movie to many times to not know.. but anyways, this is kinda my marriage is..


    Lamont Marshman I’m sorry

  57. Veronica Moore

    Toxic relationship is more like it. A bunch of f**king and fighting!!!!!!!

  58. Jessica ward

    GREAT Song gotta love 40

  59. Jonny M

    That's the dude from Oakland Gangwars

    Nathaniel Chim

    Jonny M philthy

  60. Trajon Franklin

    2:15 Lol weave on the entina

  61. BoogieNight Games

    man reading these comments just let you know how many of y'all don't understand the song lol, but that beat classic.

  62. Liliana Santoyo

    thats my jam...

  63. Angel Butler

    "HARBOR AREA - G."


  64. Shmack Barbee

    Baby boy



    Lisa Johnson

    I do dis me& hopefully my baby gangsta ain't like dis but that lovin though when we mad.

  66. Luis Zambrano

    this song all sorts of fucked up lol

    Grace Brooks

    are you Luis from Reno

  67. thebaddestforsure nr

    E-40 rapper with the best flow


    "Talking whoopin and hollering..."

  69. Scotty Dippin

    fuck all that, bitches like dat are insecure so they settled for niggas that do them wrong 😅😅😅😅

  70. Robert Terry


  71. Robert Terry

    🙈💋 thats Philthy boo

  72. Robert Terry

    Rented furniture lol😀


    Umm yah its a video

  73. Robert Terry

    Black $2.00 hoe

  74. Robert Terry

    Thumbs down

  75. Robert Terry

    Nigga went raw in dirty pussy why not video pinky xxx

  76. Robert Terry

    Philthy got a little dick

  77. Robert Terry

    I aint met nigga that desperate flim kissing ugly stank bitch. Haha then he say he married you dumb.

  78. Robert Terry

    This nasty Philthy nigga knows fucking well he is not suppose to kiss the help.

  79. Kevin Westbrook

    Oooh Babby!!!


    gotta keep em in line!

  81. Christine Reyes Clark

    lol I swear this me and my old man song to the t. fuck it ride w each other to the wheels fall the hell off Wont let anyone hurt each other but each other ...

    Red Road

    Christine Reyes

    Mr. & Mrs. Clarke

    Coahri3rfdx stine Reyes ,c rf

  82. RichJames Ent

    haha that nigga philthy GO

  83. Victoria Lopez

    Mt nigga philthy rich

  84. MOneficent Diamond

    maaannnn this me and my bd fr fr 😂😂😂😂 hella dysfunctional

    johnny mac

    At least you know. Now what you gone do about it?

  85. skeetskeet85

    This is the truth .. cum is thicker than blood by far ... good analogy

    baby pink

    skeetskeet85 but family first over any man any day tho

  86. Free Buckets

    they was really fuckin ...philthy don't play!

    Cruz Hernandez

    he wasn't, that's the Homie sister

  87. Samantha Pinto

    Dayum this is sad but this is me and my bd to a t. Dayum e you speaking some truth. on some of that thug love tho...fight hard and fuck even harder

  88. ThatBoySteph

    This Song Is The Truth.
    My Nigga 40 Stay Spittin Real Game!

  89. John Anderson

    Chicks who love drama.. Not even worth it.

  90. Lamont fields

    my shit


    This rough sex porn has sick music

  92. Moka Savage

    This is one of my favorite songs by him ♥♥♥


    Moka Savage I’m sorry

    B.O.G. Tha King

    Dj Vlad diss👉🔥🔥🔥 https://youtu.be/xe2x3gERDso

  93. Kazam Moscow Kennedy

     i got straight stock i'm Hitler boxer the firme rola is good is time to for missil lessening to this M Music loud. 

  94. Joey Thayer

    That looks like the dairy belle in Hayward lol

  95. Nichole Clock

    This mine and my dude for sure...

    Seth Mills

    Yellawolf, "daddy's Lambo

  96. brianna Tilson

    cum is thicker than blood ;)