E-40 - I'm On One Lyrics

(You’re on/ You’re on/ You’re on/ You’re on)

I’m on: One, One, One, One, One [4X]

I’m on like a pot/ I cook up
I got the hook up
A slap makes the demons look up
I got em’ shook up
Yayo college is what I took up
Northern cali fo ya my nizzle
put up or shut up

Homeboy loaded like a shot gun
Smokin’ like a chimney
than the trees in Yosemite
Twisted like a pretzel
Drinkin cranberry and cognac
Stay afloat keep my head above sea level

So much hate in my region
So much stress in my brain
Hey a rapper ain’t eatin’
So he needs someone to blame

So they blame it on ya boy
Cause I got the biggest mouth
Light it up and have a chain
See the soul train

Step your bar game up
Practice your penmanship
Stop the claiming and making excuses
Nigga make a hit

Just the other day I heard a fuck nigga say
Funny y’all with him but Vallejo ain’t in the bay
I said that’s some hard shit a nigga like you would say
Cause’ it’s haters like your washed up ass that’s in the way

Ugh. Tycoon diamonds
glimmin like the sun
I’m in a fucked up mood
And a nigga on one


Smokin’ on smelly
Yappin on my celly

Getting’ Money is a habit
Always getting dusty
Always in the traffic

Out of town out of state
Doing shows makin’ cake


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E-40 I'm On One Comments
  1. Mike Jones

    2019 im still here

  2. Tiny Gee

    This that real cali slap

  3. Carlos Hawkins

    I'm blazing up right now PUFF-PUFF-PASS.....

  4. Carlos Hawkins

    This,song Bumps...

  5. Robert Cuevas

    Did a pile of coke im on one

  6. mc rapper tha great

    E40 is a biatch...

    Neena Henderson

    That part


    U da bitch and da hoe


    Great song by E-40!!! 👍👍👍This shit be slapping in my car audio sound system!!! On the real!!! ✌✌✌

  8. ichibanski8

    'i'm on purpose' lol gotta love 40 water

  9. erik rasnic

    This man is a damn god

  10. Ray Navar

    Hes been in it for 29. Hes gotta be doin somthing right.

  11. rukus taylor


  12. Claudine Montes

    sick ass song

    Selfless Psychopath

    nice buttle

  13. Juan Campos

    Juan, Juan, Juan, Juan, Juan


    3:32 is awesome

  15. Corey Dixon


  16. C-oN1

    if e-40 ever copyrights some of his slang he would be a very rich man....E-40 is the first man i heard on a track saying "Im on one" but people will always remember drake for saying it so much hate in the yay

    Santiago Ruiz

    Maaan he got his own ebonix dictionary. Most of tadays music slash hood slang came from 40 water himself!

  17. Nikia Malan


    mc rapper tha great

    Nikia Malan hello

  18. Jonathan Flatt

    this shits hella hard in my car the whole cd dose but wtf is he saying i looked it up and it said one one one one it one dont like it

  19. TL Carman

    This is the shit......

  20. Michael Jean-Louis

    Roll n smoke a blunt with yo nigga's and bump this shit!