E-40 - I Love My Momma Lyrics

My mama man, she does errythang
She's a superhero

Nobody like you, there's nobody else
That I place above you
That's why I dedicate this song to you
I love you mama!

[Verse 1]
3 boys, 1 girl, no chumps
I was the oldest, she carried me for 9 months
Made her way out of no way with little money
But somehow we always had clothes for Easter Sunday
You always gave us our freedom, you never sheltered us
That's why we ? to this day, ain't no pumkin us
Worked 3 jobs all through the weekdays
But still managed to make it out to my baseball games
We didn't have much, but we was grateful
Had a roof over our head and food on the table
And to make ends meet and pay some bills
We'd swallow our pride and have an old-school rummage sale
If I talked back and got loud
You'd say "boy I brought you into this world
And I'll take your ass out!"
It's a trip how history repeats itself, for real
And the things you said to me now, I say that to my children

Nobody like you, there's nobody else
That I place above you
That's why I dedicate this song to you
I love you mama!

[Verse 2]
Gotta love your mama, even if she crazy or away
You could be gone tomorrow, but you're here today
Every night before I go to bed I pray
And ask the Lord to put the blood of Jesus
Around my familay. The less-fortunate, the underprivileged
Urban life, inner-city, single parent living
Every Thanksgiving, you'd make our favorite dish: chips
Macaroni and cheese, mustard greens, turkey and dressing
And as far as sweets, can't nobody touch you
When you'd make your famous banana nut bread and 7-Up cake
I'm so happy mama, you learned how to text
And smack me up the side when I don't visit
Cache Creek Casino, Mother's Day I put you on the bus
To go play Bingo. Talk about my mama, man?
Probably shouldn't do that!
My Mama would give you the shirt off her back

Nobody like you, there's nobody else
That I place above you
That's why I dedicate this song to you
I love you mama!

[Verse 3]
My mama hip! My mama ain't no sap
My mama listen to Al Green and she listen to rap
When I was busy with my own hood drama
She would jump in and tell them go get they mama
True story. Real talk. You know your mama gon' have your back
Even if you ?
I'm just talking about the past
If I didn't fight back, my mama would beat MY ass!
So I'd rather see you than her
Tears on my face, putting ? on your bro
Bar none, taught me to be hard
My god-sisteer Donna and her brother Bernard
It's different from now, but back then
We'd fight our best friends, next day they'd be back friends
It's a trip how history repeats itself, for real
And the things you said to me now, I say that to my children

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E-40 I Love My Momma Comments
  1. ALy R Lopez *Beauty*

    Awe itt g0es miss myy m0mma rip😌🙏✨🌹💖

  2. Fastcarsbigmoney

    RIP Carrie Usher
    Oakland Ca
    High Street

  3. Preshae Sutton


  4. Lamar Love

    Great song. Its like a eminem song in reverse

  5. Mikey Mendoza

    Yup always gotta love ur mom

  6. Omar Mendez


  7. Shawn Maverick

    One thang bout dem cali boyz they got they own sound n talent. Much respect from the D

  8. Carlos Rivera

    My mama is the
    Greatest . I love you mom

  9. Cj Baines


  10. Danna Ludolph

    So id rather see you than her tears down my face puttin tips on you bruh 😜

  11. Windell Walker

    The 83 people that dis liked this song must don't love their momma

  12. zach lajoie

    Talk about my momma probably shouldn't do that my momma good people she give the shirt off her back....#100 #BigFacts

  13. Ryan Dubay

    This is the realistic nigga I ever heard I'd love to be a close homie of E 40 he's a good dude.

  14. Daniel

    Fuck. Makes me miss my mom. Lost her 2 years ago at 44😔

  15. Yvonne Ross

    I just bust down in tears my mother is with me in Spirit


    Same😭 I lost my mom 2 years ago I'm so sorry for your loss.

  16. Ryan Dubay

    Dude spits the best rapps I ever heard.

  17. Magic Johnson

    Happy mother's day Nita Marie Nichols

  18. Carolmel ATL Productions

    I DEDICATE this song to my MOMMA IDA😇🤗❤
    Happy MOTHER'S DAY 2019❤😍

  19. Chito Lopez

    Love and miss you Mom <3

  20. BIG RAN

    Dope...Was a latch key kid me and I had to raise my younger siblings ...mom worked 7days a week ... I love you mom

  21. David Brown

    Gawd... This is terrible... Or are we not allowed to say that because it's about mothers?

  22. Earl Times

    I miss my momma. Rest In Heaven 🙏🏾

  23. william wallace

    "honor thy mother but fuck these bitches" - B legit

  24. Julian Ramirez

    My bestfriends mom died hes like a brother to me so she was like my mom too and even after 3 years passed he still hasnt been the same. He used to be so funny and laugh all the time now i hardly see him smile and i hope and pray that i never feel his pain.. you might never read this but i just wanna thank you for this song 40.

  25. Jesse VonFintel

    This is like my momma screw people disliked this

  26. Jesse VonFintel

    Boo to 73 dislikes

  27. Joel Contreras

    I love my mama

  28. Victor Flores

    every. song. has a meaning whats the message game is a trip niggas. here tryna make some dollars tradeway how sad

  29. scared avocado

    Still bangin this in 2018

  30. Plazmetic


  31. Big Khan

    I love my momma!! She made me the man I am 2day

  32. Ruth Hernandez

    My son sing this song to me

  33. Trina Thomas


  34. Earlene Mason

    l love E40 for ever

  35. Jake Meeker

    I love my bed and my momma,I’m sorry

  36. Big Khan

    I love my mother!!!! Without her me and Shea wouldnt be the real men we are. God Bless all our Momz!!!!!

  37. J. D.

    Don't talk shit about real people's Mama! Thanks for the smash hit homie!

  38. Big Khan

    Love you momz!!!!! Thank u 4 all the game....the punishments...it was all warranted

  39. Jake Johnston

    I love my mamma

  40. Joshua Parsons

    I will always love my mama no matter what she hasnt always been the best momma to me and my sister but at the end of the day you only get one MOMMA!!!


  41. Sharon Stidham

    love u mom

  42. Ladrian Ojedav

    idk why i feel sad :(

  43. Shannon Yallup

    this james gardee this song to my momma love ya

  44. Daniel Lopez

    Cache Creek CAsino!

  45. Justin Brown

    49 dislikes which means 49 people hate their mom lol


    Justin Brown

  46. Kevin Wallace

    the old hood what up kim

  47. Margarito Martinezawesome

    I sang this on clean version in college



  49. Joe Budden

    Hella heart felt

  50. Hibachi1415

    if i did not fight back my mom would beat my ass that's what my mom use to say to me

  51. jay Green

    Reminds me of my momma growing up in 7 trees sanjose. 1luv

  52. Margaret Criner

    momma original

  53. Logbone


  54. Detroit vs YOU

    the song is fantastic

  55. MrPinkyless

    cash creek casino! lol
    this a good track e40

  56. Marcus Shelby

    without moms there wouldn't be us brothers & sisters thanks E-40 for this song

  57. Robert Galloway

    Thank you 40 for that song cause It helped me express how I feel for my mom so God bless you and your mom to. 1 luv

  58. Daveion Stevens

    I miss my mom this is 2015 today is not my day so happy Mother's Day thank you all the songs

  59. Laura Banks

    Miss my moms

  60. john ALLGOLD

    dang I miss u mom R.I.P

  61. IamMaineG

    Happy Mothers Day Love You Momma

  62. J VW Jr.

    I Love you mom.. "No Female will ever take your place"
    That's why I hustle so hard, is for you 3 MOMMA

  63. Lavish Ric

    I played this for my mom last mother's day along with the breakfast I made for her. she loved it! Thanks 40!

  64. WeUpNorth541

    Love your momma even if she don't love you!

  65. 530daddy

    That's hot.. I love my momma too.

  66. Jay Loveberry

    4o' watta

  67. Alex White

    Save me from the bridge. If only for a moment

  68. BayAreaVibes

    Thats my nigga playing e40

  69. Ebony Humphries

    Happy mothersday momma

  70. Kordell Delapaz

    Love you mom. RIP

  71. Jacob Ortiz

    I love my mama

  72. AngelM2000

    Now that's what I call HD.

  73. leigh powell

    love you momma

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    R.I.P. to my Mom

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    I love U momma

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    Momma =D

  77. Ty Heard

    35+ people don't love their moms...lol

    Ty Heard

    @***** ?

  78. Christopher George

    Anybody from the P in this thang! I know yall see the Pittsburg marina

  79. MrLobart

    goddamn my momma.

  80. Prince Ital

    put my trust and God and my mommy

  81. mariana lopez

    kill kimberly walker

  82. Kimberly Walker

    Kill e40

  83. Imedus

    Fuck You bitch !!!

  84. Jaquis Holiday

    Rip mom

  85. RA-KEMET a RBA

    so what do you do when your moma aint shit..still love that bitch..js

  86. EvangelistLouise Schmaling Eads


  87. Benard C


  88. Nunya Bizznes

    my mom gave me away... never met her but I love her thank you for this better life I got food on the table roof over my head. wish I could meet you to thank you.

  89. James Brow

    how is he a bitch nigga everybody should love they mom nigga thas real my nigga u might mite not yo mom

  90. jessie avis

    that is cool

  91. Tim Mackey

    WaKe Up 2 Peace E40 I OverStanding U Mann BoTToM$ Up

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    I Love My Mama

    Thumbs Up If You Do Too

  94. TRichFilms

    happy mothers day to all the mothers subscribe to my page TRich015

  95. Shane McCauley

    I remember when I bought this cd (Yes, I support the artist). I popped it in my hoopty on the way to my classes. This song came on and I started breaking down trying not to cry behind the wheel. This is some real shit, but e-40 always keeps it 100 anyway. Happy mother's day mom. I love you. And to all of the other mother's out there, stay strong, happy mother's day.