E-40 - Happy To Be Here Lyrics

[female singer - repeat in background]
I'm just happy to be here!

[E-40 over singer]
Hard times, the struggle
The ups and downs, the highs and the lows
You know just goin through it man, ghetto politics
Tryin to make a way out of no way
I was the oldest, so I had to be, the daddy of the family
Momma had to work three jobs, oooh

Feet stickin through my shoes, skid marks in my drawers
Garage sales and flea markets, we never shopped at malls
No dental plan, no medikit - we poor like rain
Colored folks think that castor oil cures everythang
Pork chops and chicken, we like our food fried
Hypertension, Prenavil pills and hydro-chlorizide
Some of my family still living, some of my family died
Health complications, natural causes and homicide
Just tryin to survive, nothin to lose but plenty to gain
Started hustlin, flea flickin and servin that candy cane
Put all my cars in my lady name, as a true hustler should
She had a 9 to 5, worked at Planned Parenthood
While I was in the hood, up to no good
with a hoodie over my head, tryin to outslick the feds
Or should I say cops, at this point in time I only had rocks
Went from a little a jelly jar up to a soup pot
The fast quarter my negro, don't want the slow nickel
I done seen yola the same color as peanut brittle
I done seen hella people relapse
I done seen my homey grandparents go back to crack
How sick is dat? Beggin my loved ones to send some pictures
Pray for me over the phone and read me some scriptures
Oooh; it's gloomy out here, dark days ahead
God got my back but the devil he want my head

[Chorus: D.D. Artis]
I'm just happy to be here right now
Lot of my folks been locked up or laid down
See I'm sayin I ain't shed no tears, no
But I'm just happy to be here

Listen to this, oooooh
The devil-me side know that some of y'all done seen it
Somebody's momma washin her son or her daughter's bloodstain off the cement
Wrong place at the wrong time, infiltrators drop a dime
Mistaken identity, bullets start flyin
in every direction, hit a pregnant teen, she passed
But her baby live through a C-section
I know it sound foul and sound hecka rude, it ain't cool
But it go down like that sometime when you're funkin, and you're puttin down a move
We heartless and shrewd in this day and age, it ain't the same
Our parents need to beat us with a belt, like Poody Tang
I be high like an airplane
I be smokin and perkin, takin out anger and stress on the wrong person
Re-uppin and coppin turf an' just servin the soil block
Grittin tryin to put some gifts in my kid's Christmas stock'
Ooooh - pour out some liquor and shed a tear
For the homies that never made it and family that ain't here


[D.D. Artis]
So happy
You know I'm happy to be
Said I'm happy, so happy just to be here
To beeeeeee, to beeeeeeeeeeee
To beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (I'm so happy)
(Oh I'm so happy)
I'm so happy to be, to beeeeeeee-heeeeeeeeee
To beeeeeeeee (to be here)

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E-40 Happy To Be Here Comments
  1. Melanin Queen


  2. SonnyBeau ThaPope

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody 2019 to the neck thinkin of my mama and my granny my brothers and sister my nieces and nephews I love you all for better or for worse it's a blessing just to be here.
    - SonnyBeau Tha Pope

    DJ Pickett

    Happy Holidays, BE SAFE OUT HERE!!!!



  4. NesQUIK 1

    "Our parents need to beat us with a belt like pootie tang" I was banging this like 06' or 07' ...Playing the first Dead Rising on Xbox 360...#NoKodakKid

  5. Celtics Chick

    2019 im just happy to be here.

  6. Tyra Jackson

    I'm just happy to be here!!!!!

  7. Gentris Allean

    I'm so happy to hear Thank.God

  8. Thomas House

    Yes Lord, I am.

  9. Young Gee

    This whole cd bang

  10. Young Gee

    "I done seen my homies grandparents go back to crack!!" Now that's deep but true

  11. Gzi One

    This shit still SLAP
    September 6 2019


    This shit is pain with sauce over the top... Respek to 40water, shit touch my soul.....#SALUTEFROMCHICAGO

  13. Mista Knewitall

    'Up to a soup pot!"

  14. Eliot McLellan

    .. what he was liable to say on his first day in jail

  15. Austin Clay

    The ppl that said Kodak put you up on this, what fucking rock have yaw been living under? It took Kodak to know about this shit smh we grew up on this shit

  16. D Antonio

    This sh*t is FIRE 🔥 🔥 DAMN 40!!!!

  17. christian vargas

    My brother brought me here

  18. Derek Johnson

    e40 ill smh fuck wrong wit yall im east coast nigga...well... trill...yo...

  19. King DeeCash007

    In a rush to be there, but still happy to be here🙌

  20. minkrobeII

    I don't need church just this slapper to replenish the soul

  21. Shaun Bomb

    Nh700Az... 7.i.p. G-LoC... 7th ave Naybahood Headhunter Crip...

  22. Mike Edwards

    The part washing blood stains of the cement I've seen that smh

  23. Levante Wright

    2005 I miss you, 2019 is weird

  24. LV The Poet

    Fucking millenials haha which kodak song yall talking about and why? E40 BROUGHT ME THIS! Tf are yall on?!?

  25. Antone Wilks


  26. Brian Biggums

    Being a SO CAL NATIVE had me laced up on the ambassador! 1luv
    Rest easy 2 my falling loved 1's & yours 2!

  27. Adrian Gomez

    " some of my folks still living, some of my folks done died...; Health complications, natural causes and homicide..." If you know, you know. Don't front

  28. Adrian Gomez

    Yo, BIG UP'S to all those who made a way out of no way! I'm from Tucson Arizona and I been rocking with Earl Simmons since " the mail man " days and I appreciate big homie for all the years of good listening. Stay up my Gs. Peace...

    Brian Biggums

    Earl Stevens*

    Adrian Gomez

    Right on my dude, late night toasting and posting; that's what I meant to write. Good looking out on the correction. Much appreciated.

    Brian Biggums

    @Adrian Gomez all love braddah man. It be like that sometime mane lmao.. I definitely CAN ALL THE WAY RELATE BRO!

    16th Letter Ent. XVI

    Earl Stevens

  29. Moe Money

    Pray for me over the phone n read me some scriptures😟

  30. Don Carlo

    This song is deep. I can relate. I found this gem while I was in Federal prison. Long Live 40 Fonzarelli!!!!!!

  31. Levante Wright

    2019 4/20

  32. Bobby Harris

    40 the truth "the most underrated rapper in the game/but erbody wanna use my slang" facts!!

  33. amos fresh

    Man I'm super happy RIP to all the lost

  34. Peter Ellis

    Kodak =🐐

  35. Elesha Dean

    Still banging in 2019. I'm just happy to be here ❤❤

  36. YourReviews

    Kanye on the Beat

  37. The Best


  38. Stevone Capone

    Water music never gets old ... Timeless music

  39. Coo Daddy

    My favorite song of all time

    Adrian Gomez

    Skin tight

  40. John Doe


  41. Zalah Wright

    STILL HERE 2018

  42. Stevone Capone

    Real music never gets it real credit ... Timeless art

  43. James Carter

    Still playin in 2018 ots

  44. Stevone Capone

    Kodak didn't bring me here .. E 40 a legendary MC period ..

  45. dooda the shoota

    You can never go wrong listening to e40 he go crazy it's 2018 and still slapping one love the best to ever do it besides my nigga 2pac💝

  46. Solida Coates

    I live threw five C-section God is good

    Adrian Gomez

    All the time

  47. Solida Coates

    Who here in 2018 .....

  48. Riko Thep

    Kodak got u here LMAO Real Game Recognize it West Coast ism infants pay attention in learn something instead of begin misguided

  49. Benis Guerra

    its a dam shame the industry dont bump the real slapz. e40 go hard

  50. Jordan Miller

    My ghetto report card 40 water

  51. jacarasunny

    Kodak brought me here.

    Adrian Gomez

    You late to the truth my dude, but I love you with all my heart and I hope you love yourself in the same way y.g. stay up family. Peace

  52. King Thanos

    Talk to em E

  53. Christopher Jones

    Remember when this came out I was in 6grade . This got me and my niggas threw it all . Shit still hit the soul to this day

  54. Abraham Alaelua

    This shit will always be on my playlist

  55. Chris Love

    still one of my fav song e 40 always spitin that real

  56. dirt2595

    Who is Kodak and why is he bumping a classic like this? Better yet, why y’all not already on this bumble?

  57. Jericho Roach

    Bring tears to my eyes every trip. Uncle earl raised me!

  58. Tia Griffin

    I am just happy to be here E-40 preach.

  59. PhatGirlLuva68-ThelastOG

    Fonzarelli always spits truth.

  60. Jay Love

    Never gets old


    Sucks seeing people , relapse. That shit hurts alot 😢 bumping diss since it came out yee

  62. chris luna

    All you busters talking about Kodak brought you here you guys ain't been hearing nothing real been fucking with 40 water for 11 yrs!!!! 40 is better then all these wack ass rappers now a days!

    Jay Will

    chris luna I'm a og...I go back to the 90's with 40...one of the realist..he's a out branch and tite homie of Pac

    chris luna

    Jay Will hell ya g I remember my unc's bumpin 40 water when I was just a lil tycoon!

  63. Legyia Hartdige

    I was knocking this in my ride earlier today 👌🏽 I’m just happy be here #2018

  64. Slicc3Deuce

    If anybody brought you here, other than E40, you need to checc yourself. Realist mother fuccer rappin right now, and has been for 20plus years

  65. Angel N

    Kodak? This the truth youngsters peep game

  66. Ayesha Chapman

    2018!!! Im just Happy To Be Here!!😄😄😄😄😄

  67. Fairyscilla Cali

    I’m just happy to be here aye this my feel good slap 💯💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  68. C'FRESH87

    God bless

  69. Mr Jones

    Fucc the under belly's this shit keep the strong beautiful and grounded from the soil to the Mudd hills up

  70. JAY Busby

    Nothing but game

  71. moonwlk90 _

    "Dubcnn: That's kind of crazy that Kanye was a fan of E-40's music before they even met, cause I didn't expect that. And plus, the only song they worked on together as of today is the "Tell Me When To Go Remix".

    Bosko: Right, right. Well, you know what? They were actually working on some stuff for 40's last album. And obviously I produced a bunch of songs on 40's record "My Ghetto Report Card". But there were some sample clearing issues at the last minute. And it's actually crazy, but the song "Happy To Be Here" which I produced was originally a Kanye West record that Kanye produced. But like I said they had a sample issues at the last minute, I'm talking a day before mastering or something. So I flew up to the Bay that day and came up with a whole new track. I've never even heard the original track, they just told me what happened. But he just spit the lyrics over and I came up with a whole new hook. And that song ended up being the last song on 40's album, it's crazy.

    But they're defintely still working together, 40 and Kanye. And as a matter of fact, Kanye produced a song for 40 that is called "Get Deleted". I'm singing the hook on it as well. So it's Kanye, E-40, and me. It's probably gonna be on 40's next record."

    The original version of this song was produced by Late Registration-Era Kanye West...thats krazy
    🤔man i wish i could hear that version and the other song "Get Deleted" too. So many gems stashed away in the vault that hella folks have no idea about....

  72. Jerome Pierce

    Who is 'kodak'...

  73. Christopher Harvey

    Whoever disliked this don't kno good music period... Smh.. Shame

  74. Wonda Shoot

    Happy to be here

  75. Kenneth Johnson

    2017 still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. cord

    So a fight broke out in my neighborhood between blue n red so I bumped peaceful music then got threatened so I circled the block n did it again until they stopped. Then threw a red n blue towel on both sides of my fence. Then put a door in the middle of it that said Y with a question mark in the middle n I just added two peace signs on it. Thank you 40 for the beautiful music to disable hate. Only love can disable hate!

  77. Stevone Capone

    Kodak can't make one song like this .. This rap shit is a game lol Kodak can't compare

    terrence slaughter

    S. Capone facts!!!!

  78. VO Rolondo

    when I was sitting in LOMPOC FEDERAL PENITENTIARY this song touched my lonely heart...
    Long live King 40 Water the architect of street slang...

    Adrian Gomez

    Yo my G, I remember that facility. When you pull up to it, it had those rusted out bars with them concrete walls and that razor wire. And when you drive in, you pass through the " camp ". I remember the visitation and the vending machines. Shit was rough as the fuck. Stay up homie.

  79. Ms Love

    playing this In June 2017

  80. quentin pernell

    happy to be here by e 40 make you love tha life u livbin

  81. quentin pernell

    e 40 happy to be here is one of does track  make you life and being a life

  82. Stevone Capone

    this song touch my soul , made me cry cuz i come from the struggle . E 40 in my top 10 Mc s all time .. Google Kansas City Cartel it's a good listen ...Raw Reality Music

  83. CDEE Thaone

    This is one of the most cleanest songs ever in rap, pop, rock, spoken words, especially better than punk rock, metal, gospel, gospel folks, r&b, jazz, or whatever else, reggae, any genre, I'm just happy to be here,, yee

  84. Adrian Gomez

    play this for me 1 time...AGAPE

  85. Allan Iverson

    y'all just now showN respect to e 40 bcuz of Kodak??????? disrespectful

  86. kurtkaleido

    Really kodak slaps this

  87. Demaje Woods

    being from Cali brought me here.

  88. David Littleton

    Kodak brought alotta of us here

    Brian Biggums

    Smh. Hope yall can ATLEAST STAY IN TUNE W/ THE REAL!

  89. Devin Johnson

    E40 is an every down rapper. & he's 1 of the 1st that started independence labels/his independent label.

  90. Jimmyk Lamarre

    kodak brought me here hbu?

  91. Banks

    who ever said kb brought em here ...gtfoh and dont come back

  92. Cedric Washington

    God is the Greatest!

    Adrian Gomez

    Proverbs 3: 5,6

  93. Akail Jefferson

    Same Kodak

  94. minkrobeII

    this is the greatest song ever made

  95. miguel shannon

    Food for for thought

  96. Wado Loco

    Would like to hear more by E40 like this one and Pray for me. One Luv. Those who love GOD dont get to knocking at the light. We all have Choices. Im WADO LOCO. Still WORLDWIDE

  97. Zay Boy

    I'm just happy to be here 😩

  98. lil .kodak

    Kodak put me on this 😇