E-40 - Gimme Head Lyrics

[E-40 Talking:]
Damn lil mama.........I aint gon' lie yo dome action is vicious.......
Feels like I'm in yo pussy when you suckin' my dick......

[Chorus (Bosko) X2:]
Feels like Im in yo pussay........when your suckin my dick........
Gimme Head Hoe [repeats all through chorus]

[First verse (E-40)]
Smack it up flip it, rub it down
Feel so good when you go down town
I like it when you moan and groan and make that sound
I love to see your face when you do that frown
Dont hold back just do yo job
lick it up and down like corn on the cob
Slob on my knob while yo pussy throb
Gimme head till Im deader than a fuckin Doorknob
Theraputic and healin, couldn't fight the feelin
She pulled my dick back like a banana pealin'
Her throat game platinum worth a million
Put her on a track we can make a killin'
She can wrap her whole mouth around a fireman pole
Suck a tennis ball through a garden hose
Low cut jeans like to show that flesh
Pierced toungue ring big lips and breasts
Extasy, Hennesy
Broccoli, the remedy
Late night creepin at the Embassy
Im hard like Im out the penetentary
Baby got back like a slab of ribs
Dang near wanna make her have my kids
Take her home let her meet my mom and dad
Then introduce her to all my niggs
Front back, side to side
Gettin good head while Im in my ride
Dip to the crib then we do it again
Have a deepthroat contest you and your friends
Like the 4th of July Im tryin to reach my peak
Pull it out your mouth now its time to skeet
Shoot it everywhere while Im beatin my meat
In your face in your hair all over the sheets

[Chorus x2]

[2nd Verse (Al Kapone)]
Up and down, in and out,
Let me fuck you in yo mouth
Slow, dome head, thats the type of shit Im talkin bout'
Gimme dat, Gimme dat, Im so glad you into that
If chewin's, what your doin, then you best believe Im comin back
Black, White, Asian, and Latino don't discriminate
Take it out, take it to the face, then ejaculate
Freaky bitch, nasty bitch my nigg I swear she love this shit
Dont trip pimpin she gon' swallow it if you bust in it
Look into her eyes, she gon' cum, in the process
Have her panties soakin' wet, try to make her choke on it
Deep-throat action hard, dick is what Im packin'
When she coughin, when she gaggin' she get pimp satisfaction....
Got a nigga weak, in the knees uh
Speakin in another toungue, thank you mama cita
Thats the way you freak her, Papita in her beak uh
Feelin like that pussy let me stroke it a little deeper

[Chorus x2]

[Bosko x4:]
Suck, suck it baby......suck all of me

[Chorus x3]

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E-40 Gimme Head Comments
  1. Jonathan Simpson

    She said "fuck her face" I did and somehow this song popped up and it was right on time as I drove off...this song is very accurate in details lol

  2. Pistoltoter 8888

    Damn they got Zapp on the hook lol..

  3. uncle Dollar

    This my shit !! And the bass has the trunk rumbling

  4. ReMiDi Beatz

    The adlib @ 2:36 cracks me up everytime. Really be like that when it's been a while 😂😂😂

  5. Robert Clabby

    favorite song of all time...this shit would BANG in the car if you had some bang...

  6. MySpaceSucks3

    No mumbling in this..... modern rappers take some notes

  7. Biggg Mike


  8. joshuaiscool125

    Still play this in 2019! Till I'm dead hoe!

  9. Teaa B

    Slappinnn... I remember when I first heard this in my moms car beating

  10. Markial Gardner

    This my shit E-40 is that nigga

  11. Anthony Guzman

    Still slappin

  12. Willy Z

    When she giving you dome threw the whole song hahah

  13. Gina Pena

    Pena you ain't shit

  14. Gina Pena

    Fuck that shit bitch it ain't nothing big fat white ugly whore

  15. Mrs.Diana Lewis

    2019 honey

  16. Arissa Luv

    😂😜 thank you mamacita lol



  18. Veronica Ramos

    Feels like im in your pussy when

  19. Jos Osram

    Deep throat contest u n yo friend

  20. Stephen Brown

    2019 still slap


    Stephen Brown on bloods this slap

  21. Puchi Ross

    Gimme head till I'm deader than a fucking door knob!!!!

  22. Paris Stars

    Give me that , gimme that I'm so glad u in to dat funny awesome bar a1

  23. G Flo

    I respect women.....but I pulled so many WHORES bumpn dis song

    Mr. Funny Hands-In-Your Pants

    Real Playa OG

  24. Tyree Josey

    This should be a diss song

  25. Sasheen Pena

    Remember when I use to bump this in my BMW

    Rocko Boulders

    Get it!!!

  26. Sasheen Pena


  27. Michael Thompson

    Jada Stevenson 40 Calvin I'll pass on the girl on In™Stagram

  28. Quay Day

    Still my shit... Whole album is the shit. #E40 #2019😍😍😜

  29. Alicia

    “He so sensual” 💦😍

  30. Jermey Foster

    2019.. 💯😍👌😎💪👀

  31. Tyree Josey

    Someone singing this song when someone is made

  32. Tyree Josey

    This should be a diss song

  33. dogtown83block

    Up & down in & out lemme fuck you in yo mouf!

  34. Gina baby Pena loka

    sucking dick and the little boy that he did want no i want u 2

  35. Vero Ramos

    Smack it up flip it rub it down

  36. Tyree Josey

    This can be use to destrube people like it can make someone mad because the way it sounds

  37. Pedro Melgar

    Knocking for the 99 til forevers.!!!

  38. Roger Ramirez

    Emotional song !! Lol. .lol. Panties soak & wet lol.. Fuckkk a bitchhhh tramp. Give me. Head hoe. Sometimes hoes cant even do that right lol.

  39. MissMonae86


  40. Chase Checks

    Feels like I'm in that pussy, when you sucking my dick.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Gimme head hoe

  41. david mendoza

    gimme head till im dead

  42. sean jones

    Still listening on 2018

  43. MOneficent Diamond

    2018 🔥🔥🔥

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    Suc my dic like u mad at it 💯

  45. Diya Jones

    Best x rated song ever

  46. Sara Allison


  47. C. Kent

    a very emotional and romantic song

    Tanika Nakeya Lewis

    Not intense enough.


    Mr. Kent yeee👙

    Tracy Glover

    You're a god for that comment

  48. Nelson Fabian

    Shit so intense itll testifies it self

  49. kiko Money

    The end tho!!!!

  50. Luiz Perez

    This whole album was the shizznet when it came out 2018 anyone

    Kermaury Musgrove

    Luiz Perez came out in 06. 💯

    Luiz Perez

    Kermaury Musgrove I know o6 but is anyone still bumbling it tho. Real rap

    Kermaury Musgrove

    Luiz Perez mos def bumping this still 👍

    jodie jo

    Yessirr still slappin 2019

  51. Mataiya gage

    throwback baby in ya face n ya hair all over the sheets yah yah yah

  52. Hassan Cook-Bey


  53. BlackK GMS


  54. Yolanda Boyd

    Im listening to it right now y'all gimme head till I'm dead

  55. Yolanda Boyd

    I love the song I listen to this song everyday none Stop

  56. Jack Helliquinn

    XD a adorable ginger girl was singing this at work the other day XD That girl is a Straight up G XD

  57. Camille Rhodie

    My new slogan

    Worlds#1 VILLAIN

    I know right

  58. Rob Heideman

    Soon Møre E - 40

  59. Rob Heideman

    Rosangel What You Mean. ???

  60. dee pharrow

    The fond memories this brings 9th grade baby

  61. Lynn Williams

    Best Dick Sucking Song EVER

  62. Horton Biz


  63. James Aguayo

    suck, suck ,suck it baby suck all of me

    Nicholas Begler

    Fuck you

    James Aguayo

    Nicholas Begler you bitch

  64. Soleil Millett

    Compliment or offensive that this song has been dedicated to me 2 times in my life years apart lol.

    Scotty Bee

    God bless your heart😂😂😂😂


    @ÔMËN HÅÝWÄŔĐ you a fool Haha 😂😂

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    Wuss yo number ?

    Rita Burns

    I take it as a compliment 😏😌😂

    Rudy Vallejo

    I don’t think yo head good enough to represent this song who are you Kelly Wells ma nigga?


    This song could be twice as long and it still wouldn't be long enough lol

    BlackK GMS


    Charlie Charlie

    On my momma son😂😂😂

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    what would a music video to this look like? a dick sucking/nut-busting compilation from Pornhub xD

    Camille Rhodie

    Samuel Rogel or on xvideos

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    hit me up lol

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    Fu adult Claud, Fua adult, ey, LOL, 🎃🎄🎃💉💉🔋💸🎰.

  69. Kevin o'neal

    on erthang 2night im makin my HOME GURL GIMME HEAD ON THE FREEWAY 2 this...LMAO NO LIE

    Kermaury Musgrove

    Kevin Cummings lmao

  70. Xavier Damon Booker Sr

    6 years ago I was riding to this e40 homie going in

  71. polo team

    Chandler park 04 05 dick sucking contest in the middle of the street good times

  72. christina Lopez

    seen them in concert on sat for the 5x

  73. Vince Dominguez

    bad Ass song..💯

  74. Morris Mckellery

    Wow lucky guy

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    well it is the season of giving ,,,,

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    Worlds#1 VILLAIN

    😘 its 2018 now , lets hook up & rekindle tha memories

    Keith Borchart

    @Worlds#1 VILLAIN YOUR GAY

    Worlds#1 VILLAIN

    @Keith Borchart that's where your wrong chump. I hate gay people like your two dad's. So why don't u go ahead & get a sex change like Bruce Jenner did, cuz right now , your acting like your mom,
    A stankin' pussy bitch . 😆

  77. Mz Mona baby Reyes

    Gimme head hoe ughhhhhh awesome song to give and receive just saying!

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    memories back in 06 point Loma SD
    good times Mann royal hyphy boys

    Camille Rhodie

    thegrimzdeatg Navarro me too in my 02 Pathfinder

    Paul Hudson

    Spring valley were i grew up


    thegrimzdeatg Navarro class of 2012
    pointer gang !

  80. Boost Mobile

    Till im dead hoe!!

  81. colton freeman

    omg this song awesome

  82. Ms Angel Hamilton

    This song I suck dick to

    Xavier Damon Booker Sr

    Ms Angel Hamilton come

    Xavier Damon Booker Sr

    Ms Angel Hamilton come over


    Gimmie head ho


    you a pro ?

    Roderick Israel

    I love you

  83. Ms Angel Hamilton

    This is my sucking dick song

    Boost Mobile

    give me head till im dead.

    Cristian Lopez

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    Terrance Brown

    I dont think women who like this song are all hoes I like to give females head too lol

    Ms Angel Hamilton

    Terrance Brown I wasn't saying that to u sweety

    Ni Gnight

    I'm in Toronto. We can go to Pape Sub after you suck on my cawk

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  85. Kim Rivera

    The shit right here

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    Kim Rivera what's good

    Miguel Castillo

    Give me head ho ^✓


    Kim Rivera

  86. Schizz Lord

    Trance torment I have of every girl in teen Christ worship praying to me for an eternal facial I want to prey upon as I wake up in eternity as i dream in eternity as my eternal wake in sleeping as myself as every imprison form of my waking in eternity ad I wake in sleep to have Christ worship upon me

  87. Tony Luna

    40 garbage like his brew



  89. Tracey C

    love it! fav e40 song

    Kermaury Musgrove

    Tracey C mines too

  90. loobie7

    I need to see a deepthroat compilation to this song......lots of slow mo head, lol

  91. Mano Cloves

    eu amo essa musica
    2016 o/

    José Pedro Martinez

    tamo junto parcero

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    give him dangerous head til I die hoes!

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    Fab Oo

    ill give you head;)

    G Flo


    Nicholas Begler

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  94. Gta5 Mods

    When I didn't know what Dick was I sang this song out loud all the time... I got told this

    Mike Courtroul

    when you didnt know what dick was? lol

    Gta5 Mods

    +Mike Courtroul yeah i was like 7

  95. Brandon Estrada

    Fucking Dope

  96. Dirty Negrete

    on my 22nd birthday party they played this song while my girl was giving me head every time they played it best birthday song thank you bellen for the night chaaauuuu

    Dirty Negrete

    Haha I got no reason to lie


    So then why did you?

    Charlie Charlie

    tomelliott9 😂😂😂😂😂 straight lied😂😂😂😂


    Okau in front of everyone gross

  97. UTf Lee

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