E-40 - Function Lyrics

[Chorus: Problem]
Ay, ay bitch, try this
Guaranteed turn a square to a bi bitch
You ain't down b-b-bye bitch
I ain't got time for playing, I'm just sayin' man
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
I ain't got time for playing, I'm just sayin' man
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
We out here trynna function
I ain't got time for playing, I'm just sayin' man
We out here trynna function

We out here trynna function bitch
You fuckin' off my high, get up out my mix
You messin' up my vibe I'm trynna get some crevice
Put her in my ride, take her to the Ritz
I'm toasted and sloppy, I fuck with broccoli Bacardi
151 out my body, about that green like wasabi
Like Young Bari we mobbin'
We bossy back the fuck off me
Getting' money my hobby, not getting' money is not
Only rappers I listen to is E-40 and Pac
I'm havin' my revenue playa havin' this guap
On my fly, big nigga shit man I stay laced and groomed
I spray myself with sucka repellent my nigga not perfume
Anything you got I can sell to hustla's, think I can't?
Gift of gab sell the white house black paint
Word candy, S-L-A-N-G
Thinkin' about taking a million dollar insurance policy out on my mouthpiece


Ay bitch OK bitch
It's Uncle Earl and the HBK bitch
Misson: the game, they already know that we ballin'
I'm comin' straight out the Rich, I got family down in New Orleans
Where you from you say you lyin'
Out here we say that you jawsin'
You probably thought this never would happen
My niggas been called an alcoholic, when sippin' that liquor
Oh I'm drunk as hell
Fuckin' with a lil' bitch over in Vallejo
Got a whole pack of pre-rolled young L's
And I'm never down to uno, pockets on sumo
Hater's respect the pedigree, baller heavily
A phony homie I'll never be for methamphetamine
That means it's crack ho
Young G hotter than Tabasco
I smash hoes, collect 200 and pass go
My flow so Lamborghini yo shit's a Rav-4
Now you understand why everything I do I gas ho
Suzie! Nigga!


I'm out here trynna function, out here trynna function
Don't talk to me bitch if we ain't buckin'
Yea I'm a asshole, I don't give a fuck though
Skip the bullshit like wussup with some suck though
I go too much, make you bitch choose up
Niggas getting' mad nigga what you gon' do
If he think he too tough
You know I keep two tucked
If I don't fight that mean I'm comin' back to shoot
Ridin' in the car, lookin' for a bad bitch
Man she got some tits
Yea she gotta be dumb cute
Got her number text her phone like "baby what you doin'"
She was like "Nothing much you should come through"
I got dick for days, I got dick for days
Made her take off her work and gave her dick for days
Push it to my brain, to my temple bitch
And I don't like these hoe's I give 'em dick for dem, whoop


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E-40 Function Comments
  1. Young Henny

    1:45 Suzy’s flow 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Alfred Hitchcock

    The only way to listen is on full volume.

  3. Jennifred Prada

    2020 cu we still in the function

  4. Lexi Hunt

    2020 and we still wanna function

  5. Ashley Beach

    Anyone in #2020 .?

  6. Hennessy *

    Listen to this song with a pair of 12" subwoofers ....

  7. Shoreline Fishing Mafia

    E40 took off on song seriously

  8. gianna

    2020 gone be a function

  9. Lexi Hunt

    Bishhhhhh this my shit

  10. Heather Hiett

    Man one of my favorites

  11. Nicole Monette

    I still play this song in 2019

  12. ishmail johoshaphat

    My ears just jizzd, no homo this track is a Banger!.

  13. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Memories of 10th grade in continuation school. We out here trynna function bitch!!!

  14. Mic Maliss

    This beat goes hard

  15. A T

    *me and my friends in math class*

  16. Markeisha Lynette Lewis

    On the rotation of world put Suga T on niggah

  17. Markeisha Lynette Lewis

    Fucc yo whip

  18. Markeisha Lynette Lewis

    Bipsey Hustle niggah what u doin with YG.... No luniz weed 4 u e40 f

  19. Manuel M

    Yea I'm out here functioning fuck the law bitch

  20. Ben Shier

    I love this song but tabasco not that hot more like habanero or ghost pepper

  21. Chris Wall

    1000 to a million/ full throttle going hard never stop/ all gas no brakes/ west coastin no time for the fakes/ step up in the party already no time for the flakes/ gang orientated drive by looking great/ all functions south Central to Bay/ hate if u want looking like a lame/ we up on r game/ fucking with the dumb shit/ that's just what we ain't/ California straight up getting paid/ we all about the function/ we all about r grade/ just know when u come here/ u coming with a fee/

  22. Periodtpoo

    I couldn’t have been the only one singing, “We outta tryna fuck shit😂😂

  23. Victor

    I’m from NYC and every time I visit Cali they bump this shit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Kayla Cala

    West side-sac

    Alfred Hitchcock

    Dirty five thirty

  25. Nadia Herrarte


    Nadia Herrarte

    Happy birthay to me

  26. nebsdoe

    This shit>national anthem boring ass wack ass lyrics

  27. chris atanasoff

    Fuck ADD!

  28. Sandhya Nadan

    =* gun smoke *=

  29. Jay MGTOW

    My shit

  30. tyshawn


  31. Angel Lara

    These comments old af

  32. Lisa Ornelas

    Bye bitch we out here trying to function.

  33. Ahmon Mcclennon

    I'm from Atlanta but this shit ride

    Mr Mystic TTV

    That's wassup

  34. Rachelle Aguirre

    In 2019 having bomb ass flash backs

  35. Movin Divend

    Maintain A or quit it


    *damn only 8 likes where the fuck my black westside people at*

  37. rochelle rozario

    Not trying....DOING

  38. Larry Dubb

    its 2019 and this song is so ahead of its time.

  39. Zabuza Momochi

    This was middle school vibez

  40. iamagirl.Ramona tyonnie

    I like e 40 verse in this one not the remix


    Fr nigga this classic ain’t even old this beat here gonna be the bass in the car on a drive by E40 is the best

  42. Guadalupe Montero

    This shit go any day

  43. Chach03 cpt89

    We out here tryin a function... COMPTON.🤑2019

    Francisco Saca

    L.A 2 tha YAY we function

    sprinkle unicorn anaiyah jonhson

    fuck Compton FUCK BOI ha

    Zhyaire Smith

    New York coming through

  44. bitch bitch

    This YG verse is a mood

  45. Pedro Barajas

    June 2019

  46. teri thomaskids

    2019 like this

  47. Nina Sosa

    2019 boooyyyyy

  48. Emrys Jacobs

    Thanks for the break without you I would not have the words what’s good? Since the end of days with Waylon

    Jonathan Curse

    Emrys Jacobs wht?

  49. angie 4088

    Still da shit can’t even lie

  50. Pain !


  51. Jay Jay

    My wifes dirtbag dad showed me this song

  52. redrumramblinrose

    2.2k people not tryna function

  53. Supreme Reign

    In Vegas... trynna Function .. 2019.. Trump hotel .. fuck that wudnt stay there if I was Paid to

  54. treneé

    106& Park dayss

  55. holly mack

    Moved to Indianapolis and bump this 510 209 to 317

  56. a. m.

    "Aye Bitch,
    Ok Bitch,"
    The rest is History

  57. Vin Vega

    500% banger

  58. MHG Savage

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 2019🤙🏻

  59. Eric Berendsen

    My shit right here..Workout Playlist definitely.

  60. christalynn malbrough

    word candy SLANG

  61. Derris Bynum

    Randy Orton's dance brought me here when I heard this song, and saw it on Instagram.

  62. Clay Poxon

    Middle school memories 😁

  63. Killa Killa

    Been on ...wake yo ass up! Slap!🤪🤬🤬🤬

  64. Derris Bynum

    Randy Orton's dance brought me here the way how he was trying to pop at his neighbor's house with the music playing, and his wife was recording him dancing and twerking.

    Laura Walton

    Derris Bynum tf

    Derris Bynum

    @Laura Walton It's true check it out on Randy Orton's wife instagram Kim Kessler.

  65. Mr6ixmusic

    I wish I could get famous overnight, so I can be on a remix to this with 40 water and Too Short LOL a guy can dream though hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha love

  66. Just Another Comment

    You could be going 30Mph but when this song plays it feels like the car is going 90😂

  67. Tory Redmond


    Tory Redmond

    I Like The Beat Instrumental

    Tory Redmond

    Block Brochure

    Tory Redmond

    Welcome To The Soil

    Tory Redmond

    Parts 1 2 3

  68. Robert Lewis

    Still Functioning in 2019 💯💯

    M Chan

    Mos def

    Wilma Jones

    Thats right

  69. Chris M.N Sarille

    IAMSU,, gassed it!

  70. Eddie Sanchez

    Turn any party up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤷‍♂️. On the set play this bihhhhhhh😂

  71. Mai

    This song makes me shake my asss

  72. Jack Black

    This shit drop everybody started going crazy. Them good old high school partys in the cut

  73. ohhKilla

    Damn. Haven't heard this in a while. Goddamn.

  74. De Way

    Randy Orton anyone? 😂


    De Way yuhhhh

  75. Justine Marshall

    I wonder if i play this at a party now will it get as lit as they use to when this song first dropped

  76. Gabriel Urrieta

    2012-19 years old
    2019-26 years old 😔

  77. Sierra B.

    This shit was everywhereee on the west coast everyone used to go stupid to this song.

  78. Daddyrangel

    yay area classic!!!! East bay forever

  79. Hip Hip Local up-coming new artists in your city

    Biiiiiccchhttt. Rip to all those we lost so far in 2019

  80. The Mekanix


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    2k19 still my shit who agree with me 🤟🤟🤟✌️✌️

  86. Googl Mail

    Still here in 2019? Song is still the shit.

  87. Cody Noyes

    2019 bitches

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    2019 who still tryna function 🔥🔥🔥

  89. Bass Bang Music

    official instrumental on my channel!

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    Giv em dick fa days!

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