E-40 - Dump Truck Lyrics

Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)

[Verse 1:]
Easy back it up uh, easy back it up uh
Easy back it up uh, easy back it up uh
Easy back it up bring it back come rewind
Double D top, 43 inch behind
Booty duty onion booty
Baby do your dance drop it like a hot potato
Do a full point stance both hands on the ground ass in the air
I'm a make you feel it through your pants, hand full of hair
I met this stick ass broad her name was Momo
She live in Sacramento in the town
I was on a pine of tuna while squeezing coronas
She was on a tree took her home and I bong bong
God damn the sex was good, she was from the hood
Got me hard as wood hit it like I should
I ain't gotta front get it understood
I do what I want, suckers do what they could

[Hook: x2]
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)

[Verse 2:]
A regular party is some fake shit
Come find me where the girls dance naked, try
I wanna get my dick sucked in the VIP in the stripclub
Looked around and found me one
My flavour I'm trying to pound on some
She got nice titties (nice titties), long weave kinda pretty
She turned around, damn, too much booty in the pass
I told her shake that monkey! I'm feelin' this shit
It's so funky
Somebody said that's right baby girl bounce that back side
It ain't real that's her new butt
I don't give a fuck bitch toot it up

[Hook: x2]
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)

[Verse 3:]
Back that ass up like a dump truck
We don't go crazy in the club, we go dumb fuck
Look, looking at her dance I know shawty want it
I had to go crazy E-40 on it
And shawty stupid bad but her man a mart'
Gon' tell his stupid ass you had a change of heart
You don't smoke weed girl you better start
Then she back that ass up in paralel

[Verse 4:]
Like them big booty girls with that long hop
Said she a cali girl but she never ever duck
She be traveling she be say coming from Brazil
Looking like a bag full of hundred dollar bills
And ah, shaking like a B12 in the air
Chilling with me, we smoke a bill out of gas
Now let me see you back it up like a dump truck
We're looking for a high girl we don't give a fuck

[Verse 5:]
Shorty I might be your first but I will not be your worst
And if you give me a chance I bet I make your shit squirt
I take my dick out my pants and then she lift up her skirt
I told her back her the fuck at me I put that thing in reverse
Now can I drop a reverse, hell yeah
Beat the pussy up why you understand with
Shawty said I'm crazy as hell and she's scared
But she said it feels real good oh yeah

[Hook: x2]
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)
Back it up like a dump truck (dump truck, dump truck)

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E-40 Dump Truck Comments
  1. Mansoor Iqbal

    Cassidy Campbell

    I am from the Bay...White boi though!

  2. Clarence Gallaspie

    Happy birthday 🎂 E-40 enjoy your day today smoke a blunt for Mee

  3. Abraham Wyoming

    is this song saying , back it up and poop all over my face?

  4. Kyla Wake

    Add holder to back that thing up and put it in reverse h*** yeah

  5. bays19

    Tcha know bout that slap?
    (I'm white tho😂)

  6. Fouzi Kouache

    Trees on deck pimp

  7. Calamity Rose

    How does this song not have a billion views? Seriously.

  8. Unknown Archive


    Marquis Scott

    It said dump truck

  9. J-Boogie Brown

    Back in the day, over here in the UK, Too Short's music was never, and I mean never played on the radio. I remember him doing a magazine interview in '92, and the interviewer told him that his last album had only sold 2 copies over here.

  10. G BANDIT


  11. Cristian Godoy

    Trees on deck piiimp

  12. Adrian M

    Love the dump trucks.

  13. Stephanie Tripp

    I love 💑💑💘💘💟💟💌💌💏💏💑

  14. flint wood

    We play this song on the paradise camp fire clean up
    Lots of dump trucks here

  15. High Middle Low

    this shit is seriously underrated! been 6 years and it hasnt hit 1 mill views crazy

  16. mzbeautifulza 15

    2019? Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Home Theaterguy

    In the VIP

  18. unlost

    white boi tho

  19. strom hd ilegal

    Duro furo

  20. Stax Sun Beale Street

    For those that are here because of Cassady, I too was reminded of this song on his channel but if you really like this song, this is not the first time this type of beat has been used by Too Short. Check out Too Short "Freaky Tales" and Too Short "Cusswords". This song sounds like the progression of those songs from the late 80s.

  21. X X


    J-Boogie Brown

    So what? It's 2019, most white people listen to Hip hop nowadays.

    Devin Gates


    Hal W

    So what... So am i... Its 2019 lol

  22. Cape Town_Gqom[Sgubhu] TV

    White Boi Entertainment

  23. Juanki Cabrera

    Cassady campbell

    jdmnsxr 6

    thank you

  24. Cesar Sandiego

    I came here because of Cassady Campbell 😂😂😂


    Aighhht shiiiit

  25. nikole moore

    only person who could ever pull off a song about dumptrucks!



    Denzel Walker

    CALI KALI DENZELBOBKPWSKFYGLrLR2015386🔌🐈🎱🎵🎎😷🎃✏️👓✏️🈸🈷🍍💈🚅🐴🐴💚💛💜

  27. garry kid

    Cassady Campbell

    Denzel Walker

    garry kid DENZELPWFLRYG4201586🎵😷🈷🈸🐈🎱🚅🔌🍍👓🎃🎎🐘💈🐴🐴💜💚💛❤️

  28. Brina Wilson

    back to high school dayz 😄🤣

  29. Michael Washington

    E-40 is the best rapper in this video

  30. Logan Wild

    is Mona still in Sacramento?

  31. Keeno L. Townsend


  32. Kamia's Mama

    Onion booty

  33. Manuel Delgado

    Dump truk kerry holmes es pain ghost town watt up playA

  34. Amber Taylor

    E40 4eva!

    HOP 5

    Amber Taylor you pretty and cool.

  35. Grindin4Cash Hustle

    E-40 & TOO $HORT

  36. David Barnum

    Mentioning Natomas is hilarious. Poor Mona.

  37. Plug Walk

    I fucking love the beat 🔥💯

    Elena Of Avalor & Moana Disney Princess 2

    Black Hammer Me Too

  38. june ya dig

    slaps 👌

  39. Sasheen Pena

    back it up ....yeeeeeeeee

    sloppy toppy

    Sasheen Pena u cute asf

    Joseph Laverdure

    Sasheen Pena JOE

    Neil Emerick

    Sasheen Pena = MA boo! ♥️

  40. Trey Powell

    natomas is not the hood....

  41. John BassHead Work

    Too Short $ E40 =EPIC

  42. JustWatchin...

    Anyone from Jerrel & Green's DIY video?

  43. υ ɳ ƙ ɳ x ɯ ɳ

    this is the shitt my nigga easy back bring back and rewind . both hands in the air ass in the air

  44. Julie Thornton

    i love this song 24/7

  45. John Yanko

    Lyrics are so bad that they're funny. The beat dope af tho

    Vince Martinez-Alley

    You gotta be from a really tho trap to slap & vibe to the words... that's law boss!📖 East Oakland, south side Chicago,B mo,L.A, Queen's,AtL!ya dig? keeping it 💯

    Binti P

    Your comment made me play it again, to listen to the bad lyrics..I hear a lot worse and the radio act like it's stuck on repeat

  46. Knice871

    Goob and butts


    Me and my friends used to sing this all the time 😂😂😂

  48. Ayana Allen


  49. Jay Kali

    Back Up like a dump truck. Bad b I t c h

    Grindin4Cash Hustle

    E 40 & $HORT 🔊🕪🎹♬♫♪♩

  50. Kiernan Conville

    sounds like something that should be on gta5

  51. David Milian

    This guy sucks


    I looked at those dream vedios and came to a conclusion that you're a troll coming to a real niggas video just to hate, cus E40 don't suck, He is actually the best that ever did it.
    He is the one that created independent rap hustle so the black culture don't get robbed by white music industries.
    E40 is a real nigga, like the AL Capone of the the Bay Area.


    David Milian some one mad because it not them

  52. Allyssa Mosely

    this the shit


    sloppy toppy nigga that's a year old and she looks like Poe from kung fu panda you on some shit

    sloppy toppy

    Slay ur opinion

  53. Alliah Bowen

    This is my shiit lmao

  54. Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    Why have I not heard of this song sooner???

  55. Nine Arts

    im so mad . she had the fatest ass too

  56. Sumi Chaudhry

    Beyond shit

  57. Paul Bravo

    It seems like too short says the same shit and rapped to slow on this one.


    Bitch who do you Love

  59. Spinnerzify

    He lost alot of weight haha

  60. Blazentity

    Dang, did Earl lose some weight??
    The ol boy used to be the Big Boi.
    Still big, but less big tho...just sayin

  61. ÇPT RÃGË

    too short rap way too slow on this one yo

  62. Tragik T

    I SMH @ Too $hort...but still love the bay

  63. Aleki Po'oi

    dis shii juss goo hard in da paint!!

  64. Tommy Gun

    might not got it sorry 40

  65. daskdaso

    Goddamn you're retarded.


    daskdaso ya they go stupid foh

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    I was here before 10.000.000 views


    EdemVEVO And you still are

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    Beat goes hard.

    Joseph Laverdure

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