E-40 - Drugs Lyrics

[Verse 1: E-40]
This thang all the way on my got this thang beaten the trunk cruise
I'm on a big ass bottle of beast on some motion spray cranberry juice
And I strongly suggest that you don't sit in my transportation
Cause the slot is so severe, and the beast excruciation
My amps my pot me mirror possibly collapse yo lung
What color is your exterior? The same as grey poupon
What is you a baller? Yeah but not Lebron
Then what kind of baller are you? The kind that sell heroin
The kind that lives his life illegal, toted gun and desert eagle
Mobster like Bugsy Siegel I listen to 40 music
Don't fuck with too many people mane most of them rappers fake
See Feezy be speaking on some shit that I can relate
When I was in the shoe they see Desus what got me through
My nigga from the Brass to put me up on due, uhh
The grit don't quitting my hustle'll never pause
UH OH! Here come the law I got dope in my draws

[Hook: x2]
We be grinding seven days a week, heat under the front seat
Been to hella corners in my new school, one deep
Every hood I'm in I get love from the plug
And a price on your family member drugs (drugs)

[Verse 2: B-Legit]
How much money can a man make?
I'm on the block cooking chickens with the pancakes
And my fan base love to get high with me
Get tipsy prolly set they own self with Nicki
Get em bicky
Beaver he be militant
Send the whole fifty clip through ya ligaments
Got a knot pocket full of them Benjamin's
Lil bricks like I'm try'na build a pyramid
40 glock with the laser dot
And I can make mash potatoes outta tater tots
Ask ya parking; I don't really like to talk alot
Block move like James, Wade and Chris Bosh
Let's get it I'm the real boss with the plug
I don't play I'm the nigga man I run the club
Keep it rough I'm the mayor doing hella stuff
Pass cluff and they smell it when I light it up
Nigga what?

[Hook: x2]
We be grinding seven days a week, heat under the front seat
Been to hella corners in my new school, one deep
Every hood I'm in I get love from the plug
And a price on your family member drugs (drugs)

[Verse 3: E-40]
What you do for a living a little bit of this a little bit of that
If I ain't got it I know where to get it or I can take it to where it's at
I can probably get'chu a deal, get'cha thirty percent off the sack
Depending on how many you want, and how much you know that a hustler got
Fuckin' right now y'all beefing, then circling yo block
Came to the right place, I got chops fresh out the box
Can have a foosy grape, if you want me too I can
But I gotta be honest with'chu it's goin cost you twenty grand
And a build with the gumble bout two, I was thought with the best Laroo
See Laroo been a neighborhood iron chef since 1982
Laroo stay clockin' loo, boys in blue ain't gotta clue
Laroo ain't never pop comp with a spoon or residue
Well what about some weed you got it I beg your pardon
I gotta hella connections my Negro my people they got garden
Need a fake ID or benefit card times is hard
You know Christmas is coming up, I got them gift cards

[Hook: x2]
We be grinding seven days a week, heat under the front seat
Been to hella corners in my new school, one deep
Every hood I'm in I get love from the plug
And a price on your family member drugs (drugs)

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E-40 Drugs Comments
  1. william w

    Peep Game dot dot thuged up, peep dj will if your ill enough game im that old northwest critter down here in AZ that really thinks West Coast Hip Hop is awesome like my song at that site. Peace Out!

  2. Sean Plaat

    I liked his playlist is so cool
    Just listen to e40 is just cool
    And there song also good

  3. Sean Plaat

    E 40 is cool

  4. Shannon Ingram

    I'm on the block cooking chickens with the pancakes!!! B-legit my dude!!!

  5. David Gomez

    See feezy be speaking on some shit I can relate

  6. Quincy Billops

    40 water still 🔥🐐 #yayarea (2019)

  7. oxxsteel

    This is the definition mob music

  8. Linda Goldsberry

    What's a desert eagle?

    Linda Goldsberry

    @ybk_llp 02 Oh okay thanks.

  9. John Doh

    This Was Always My Shit

  10. roope akkila

    Hip hop foreva!

  11. Clay Poxon

    Mobster like Bugsy Siegel

  12. Rahim Khoshdel

    Still slappin

  13. Carnell Alford

    When I was in the S.H.U. my nigga from Nebraska got me thru!!! O NE!

  14. Dakota Winkler

    Still listening to this in 2018 and taking it with me in 2019 💯

  15. Jersey Hill

    I like he represent Nebraska

  16. Kernel Sanders

    Good with the gumbo pot too I was taught by the best Raul. See Raul been the neighborhood iron chef since 1982. Raul stay clockin loot boys in blue ain't got a clue. Raul never been caught with a spoon or residue. Hahahaha, nobody paints pictures like 40!

    Aaron Dixon


  17. Albert Bor

    I can make smashed potatoes outta tatertots....

  18. Debbie Leffew

    What song from e40 says I'm sideways doing a Buck 50


    Debbie Leffew Sideways
    It’s on “In A Major Way” album

  19. Uksworldcom Uksworldcom


  20. Trevor Galbraith

    best song man

  21. Bart Jenkins

    And my fan base love yo get high with me, get tipsy prolly slip they own self a mickey....B-Luh a fool

    Trevhoe G

    Hahaha so is his fanbase

  22. Titus Staton

    I get love from the plug

  23. Lilboss_NamedyoungD - Dakarai McDonald

    what u a baller, yea but not lebron (no respect)

    Marquis Scott

    E-40 is treal OG put some respect on his name. He's a nice guy.

  24. J L


  25. Clinton Odom


  26. LibertyCoin

    gettem vicky

  27. LibertyCoin

    this my shit

  28. John Romero

    🔥⛽🔥 SALUTE to E-40 & B-Legit 1 time. Big Love (no homo) & Respect from Seattle, Washington & blessings to y'all & y'all families. 💯, Young Boxer

  29. Dayboy101

    Best 16 ever fr bruh all bars

  30. Candice

    Omg I love this reminds me of in a major way

    Greatest English-Wentworth-Foster

    Candie Fierce

  31. Amanda Cole

    I be sipping on that 40 water

    Amanda Cole

    Cooking chicken with the pancakes

  32. 9 cali 100

    Reppin that yay area going dumb dumb hyphy stupid dancing on the hood driving down the highway with the doors open love the bay life 707 Vallejo Cali 💯💯💯🚓🔫

  33. 9 cali 100

    I be slappin this Shit hella loud in traffic with my 4 15's in the box chevy on 26's forgiatos sippin on this Ciroc an smoking this OG purple with a bad Bitch riding shotty

    Brian Smokes Weed

    your going to prison I'm calling the police

    Anthony Ferrer

    bro, you hella brand naming, dawg think for your self, shy towns means chigaco, uhhhh.
    life is not a music video, they got us fucked up!

    9 cali 100

    @Anthony Ferrer my name is shylar dogg not like chi Chicago shy so before you go assuming things think nigga

    Lilboss_NamedyoungD - Dakarai McDonald

    shy town z on moms this song beat

    9 cali 100

    @Lilboss_NamedyoungD - Dakarai McDonald already fam

  34. Carnell Alford

    When I was in the S.H.U c.DS got me through, m y N*gga from Nebraska put me up on dude!

  35. Gamepl Aya

    drrrrruuuugs - me @ 4:04 am

  36. syknoobwoo

    dope ass track til the hook...

  37. KILLumbusOH

    the dude on the hook kinda sound like ab soul

  38. aaron shipp

    40 water since 90 been a legend

    Trevhoe G

    No doubt

  39. cnycewitit003

    This $hit STUPID SLAP!!! Make me wanna go bend tha block real quik..

  40. Barronbobby

    Mobb Shitz boy


    yikes!! this why 40 water and the savage like deniro and pesci 

  42. Alessandro Tarantino

    we be grindin seven days a week heat under the front seat

  43. ThaATrain10

    Open your mind!! Flocka is a funny rapper, not everyone can be the smartest most lyrical rapper, some artists are just good at making hype tracks

  44. DuroccREDBONE

    This slap like the Clicc CD be about your paper.ca and hurricane sprinkle me b legit man that nigga is a boss hog

  45. mellamodonjuan

    First time I've heard B-legit on anything since the mid-nineties

  46. Freddie Martinez

    I actually took the time to read this.

  47. WinterKingdomWolves

    Bugsy Siegel reference, nice. He was a true gangster.

  48. Danny.Batman

    Flocka, E-40, NBA avatat pic --->You're my man!

  49. chuckchizzle

    He talks about the Neighborhood chef quite abit.
    He's known for turning 1 into 2 that's what he is used to

  50. oregon pitking

    waka flaka flame is the worst rapper ever to get famous. That is a fact, not my opinion. fake ass gangster.

  51. Alex moran

    why you posting wocka flocka is trash on a e-40 song

  52. eric cahill

    wakaflockaa is straight trash

    Josiah Daniel Valdez

    Brooo when Waka was even relevent < 5years ago haha!

  53. The green zone

    I smoke Heroin!

    Vahe Baldemian

    You a fool lol

  54. Password JDM

    40 said heron,but he meant heroine. It fits in the flow of his song.

  55. Fomo meUP

    Sure it's not one of exaggerations of words...moron

  56. ant7five4

    you spelled heroin .40 said heron..moron

  57. ant7five4

    Wut iz u a baller? yea but not lebron. Well wut kinda baller are u? Tha kind that sells heron

  58. Fomo meUP

    Moron doesn't know how to spell heroin.

  59. Fomo meUP

    Moron doesn't know how to spell heroin.

  60. Fomo meUP

    Oh you sell heron's do you?

  61. Ace Boogey

    He said that because Waka Flocka is pretty Wack like Lil B. Hes just makin a joke. =/

  62. lsd25trippin

    iprobs sold your fam drugs

  63. Emily Shue

    Man, fuck wakaflockaflame.

    That shit is ridiculous.

  64. *Me &U*

    Cheminem's mama bought dope from E-40 LMAO

  65. *Me &U*

    AZ told him to lol

  66. *Me &U*

    Rasheed Wallace disliked 5 times lol

  67. dave v

    one deep...Wesifalif

  68. A.P.O

    E-fo oh and B-Legit Still goes Hard Together !!!

  69. Wobbo

    @WakaFlockaa Chill the hell out man it was just a joke....

  70. HuGo M. BiGGS on YOUTUBE

    its gonna cost 712 ppl $20,000

  71. HuGo M. BiGGS on YOUTUBE

    @WakaFlockaa lmao pwnd

  72. Dacid34

    this shit slaps hard.

  73. King $aucy

    e-40 hyphiest rapper alive:D

  74. will reeves-hampton

    lilbabykush, this is legit old school beats, this is what e-40 is all about,this

  75. Buzz Killington

    word....great producers.

  76. Buzz Killington

    @lilbabykush dude....enjoy ur opinion but mine is that ric-roc is a boss......u aint even know the dude in the chorus is Hammers nephew....wake up boi.

  77. Nomad2400

    @Oisterboy yeah man, speaking of kush, i keep that realllll sticky icky

  78. Oisterboy

    @CaliforniaAngelsBOYY lmfao ikr, must be that kush fucking him up hahahaa although I'm high as fuck and still could figure it out.

  79. Nomad2400

    @kush420smoker and i prolly sold you family member drugs,not sound


    Already a Classic!!!!

  81. So Ev1L

    Nd I Prolly Sound Ur Family Member Drugz!

  82. Sigmund Noid

    B-Legit A Savage 4 Sho Ya Bittchh!!!

  83. Sigmund Noid

    Shits Hella Famez
    B-Legit a Savag 4 Real!!

  84. Sigmund Noid

    Shits Hella Famez

  85. gotpurp100