E-40 - Carpal Tunnel Lyrics

Mack game, let me explain the fundamentals
Charge a bitch like incidentals
Put the peas up in the pot without the lentils
When it come to getting paper, I'm low-key instrumental
You bound to find me up in an Avis mini-van rental
Player wanna lock this dog up in a kennel
Hustle hard, never gentle
My life is a movie, it's action-filled, it's suspenseful
Play to win, never play to lose, I refuse
Kids gotta eat, need some school shoes
Can't spend my cop money, gotta cop
Gotta pay my lawyer in case I get popped
Stapler in my Under Armour boxer briefs
We don't play for give, bitch, we play for keeps
When it come to getting gouda, nigga, I'm a beast
Bring it to your door like Uber Eats

I know how the streets work
Residue on my T-shirt
Hatin' ass niggas be disgruntled
I'm sitting up counting this paper, paper
I'm getting carpal tunnel
I know how the streets work
Residue on my T-shirt
Hatin' ass niggas be disgruntled
I'm sitting up counting this paper, paper
I'm getting carpal tunnel, carpal tunnel

Took her to the strip club, dropped her off
Gotta watch her, though, 'cause she sell soft
Met her off Smirnoff, Red Bull
Like it in her gut with her hair pulled
B-la fuck around, like to smoke weed
Bunch of purple shit and palm leaf
140 acres, all trees
Carpal tunnel, nigga, when we off these
I don't think they know, I'm the one to count
Pitcher from the block tryna strike me out
Pack turned down, called to psyche me out
Trips out of town then they wipe me out
Sick Wid it, my nigga, we follow no law
G-string, little bling, nigga, no bra
Counting hella dough, hella cole slaw
She wake me in the morning, she be old flow

I know how the streets work
Residue on my T-shirt
Hatin' ass niggas be disgruntled
I'm sitting up counting this paper, paper
I'm getting carpal tunnel
I know how the streets work
Residue on my T-shirt
Hatin' ass niggas be disgruntled
I'm sitting up counting this paper, paper
I'm getting carpal tunnel, carpal tunnel

[E-40 + B-Legit:]
Block jumpin' like a trampoline
Nigga gotta move mean
They smirkish and they lurkin' and they plot and scheme
They strung out on that crystal and promethazine
Be careful who talkin' 'round, watch your speech
Put a contract on my head, it's gon' get breeched
Reverse the bounty, turn the hit around
I know all the ones on your soil that's really getting down
Yeah, bet your money on a rollercoaster
Nigga livin' good 'til the wanted poster
Then it's retreat up out the streets
Different city every week, all bunch of suites
And beware of the paper trail
Never use your debit, nigga, they could tell
Have you shut down in a cell
Hoping you'll snitch, won't even tell

I know how the streets work
Residue on my T-shirt
Hatin' ass niggas be disgruntled
I'm sitting up counting this paper, paper
I'm getting carpal tunnel
I know how the streets work
Residue on my T-shirt
Hatin' ass niggas be disgruntled
I'm sitting up counting this paper, paper
I'm getting carpal tunnel, carpal tunnel

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E-40 Carpal Tunnel Comments
  1. Jeff Gieselman

    This MF shit..I bumpin the fuck out this in Nebraska!! Smokin our Colorado kush!!

  2. Boss Game

    I don't think they knew I'm the one that count

  3. Flaco Ca

    Dat beat tho Slizzap!!🔥💯



  5. caden Gieselman

    This is what I'm feeding to my teenage kiddo and his buddies who listen to that stupid senseless shit.

  6. Solo Riq

    Let’s collaborate E-40

  7. KING KALIKush


  8. Kelly Agnew

    Me too nigga


    Wesssssss Coasssss

  10. ekul40831

    Stewy slapper!! Got that Dre Dog style beat

  11. Luis Rivas

    That hook tho

  12. SouthernOregonReps

    Such a dope bass line!

    lexis bella

    oregonpoop On periat luv. <3

  13. Hollywoodcole Larkins

    Goes !!🔥

  14. Mr JMHG

    play to win, never play to lose

  15. Joe Puppo

    E40 2short djquick 2pac easy e ol school favs since i was 12 years old

  16. VaNDaL253

    GoOo sLapp

  17. APOLLO

    He hit that shit🔥

  18. nass leer

    Sprinkleme mane 🙆🎇📌

  19. nass leer

    💃💃💃My favorite rapper the realest of the realest bet you can't find no dirt on him 😂!!! 40 way thataway 💯 📌

  20. The Casino

    B-legit? Isn’t that the same thing as B-real? Too many rappers these days

  21. Jason Dagnino

    She like it in her gut with her hair pulled! 😈 Gotta watch her tho cuz she sell soft! (Take notes youngsters)

  22. J Riley

    Play this album next time you in gym.....you'll never get tired

  23. Dannice Fuller

    🔥 🔥 🔥
    Them 2at it again !!!!
    Hit !!!

  24. Jason Powell

    Nigga all can is banging!

  25. PJ Royster

    Yeah bet yo money on a roller coaster [email protected] living good to the wanted poster!

  26. CodeNameBlackWolf

    If black people created Mario this would be bowsers castle music for a instrumental or the ghost house

  27. Maria Zepeda

    man this nigga on the cris got carpaltunnel lol

  28. jasmena Bishop

    Hard time getgotdone

  29. Bdb AllPac

    E-40 & B-Legit is defnetly No.1 🗣🗣💯🔥🔥🔥

  30. Elagic Mwashi

    This ish make me feel connected n you know well respected !!

  31. Zachaveli Dangerfield

    That Beat Tho
    E40 and B-Legit Stay Lit🔥🔥🔥

  32. Empathic Paradox

    E40 is the "prop joe" of the whole game. Survival skills are legendary. "horrifically prolifically consistency....

  33. Tracy Morgan's brother

    I wish my Dad was 40 water

  34. J Medrano

    🔥 LEGENDS 🔥

  35. Ignacio Aguayo

    This shit knockin

  36. Nadeige Daniel

    Me and my boyfriend lakai gustus I love it 😍 this music 🎶 too

  37. Iceman Tunes Jimenez


  38. Ant Nee

    My fav track.

  39. lifestyles650

    Sicc Wit It my nigga we follow no law!!!!!

  40. Jimmy Moss

    i need the instrumental asap🗣💯


    Travis Melbert shit is FIRRRRE

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    E-40 & B-legit are incapable of putting out BS music. Been real for many moons 30 years worth..

    Raj Saran

    Wise words of a baydestrian

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    IT'S LIT 💪🔥💨

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    Just might be my favorite track on the album but i dont wanna put all my eggs in just this basket. The album is hard as fuck. Rexx Life Raj came slick on "Need to know".



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  48. Mr. M

    if ya'll want trees, lemme know.

  49. Donell Higgins

    They needa make a video of this song this shit slap all day

  50. Phillip Williams

    California started most trends in rap next to New York.

  51. Phillip Williams

    The south can’t fuck with California in rap.

  52. Ugk806 Brown

    I can tell it knocks when it hits hard on volume 11

  53. Vern Reeder Jr

    Thank the Lord for allowing me to be alive. It's a blessing to absorb this gospel. I ain't even huge on religion either. I know I ain't the only one catching the holy ghost during a Yay area preach.


    Vern Reeder Jr Amen.

  54. Glen Bruce


  55. nikole moore

    this song right here a slapper. goin dumb with my headphones in.

  56. dzay carter

    Fire like alwayz..

  57. Sharieff Freeman

    why am I now hearing this damn this shit hard

  58. Mike Vela

    This album isfucking Raw shot out to Uncle Wata nd Bela this album is the definition of SicWitIt handdown goodjobon this album....imabeslappingthis for days fasho

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    loveginaxox wassup beautiful how u doin?

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    Facts this joint a banger

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    I'm 34 and I been sic wit it since 8yrs old. Who put you on? The click Beyatch.

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    Southside San Jose greyside Bay area .. hi pretty

  70. Ugk806 Brown

    Love the album cover.
    Pioneers of the game

  71. Ugk806 Brown

    Been waitin on this like black folks never thought we'd have a black president.
    Tx to the Bay

    Stacey Webb

    On the really we been had that.Not going to preach the very first I say the very first president was black.Out of the first 12 were mixed.

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    The OGs spitting game and knowledge youngstas better listen✔.

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    Marvelous song.
    All other streaming services: http://smarturl.it/E40BL

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  86. Grindin4Cash Hustle


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    F.R Beats

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    Bullshit ass list & e40 don't belong on it.

    Soli Deo Gloria

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    Taha Yazici

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    nass leer

    The 2 realest niggas left 🔌🔋💯 and I'm in way in Florida🐊 but I been a 40 rider sprinkle me mane 🙆🎇📌

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