E-40 - Can't Stop The Boss Lyrics

[Jazze Pha:]
Ladies and gentlemen
You are now tuned in to the very best
Of the Phin-vale Anton-tindale{?}

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
You can't stop the boss - like a runaway train
You can not stop me (stop me)
I'm on go and still in the game
You can not stop me - you can't stop the boss
This ain't no red light district
Green lights I fly by
She say we look like pimpin
I say baby you know you can't stop the boss

The definition of a boss, let me put you up on it
B-O-S-S, Bread Over Sucker Shit
Ain't too many left all the real ones done went away
I'm built from a different brick, I'm carved from a different clay
Be careful what you wish, play the game for what it's worth
Cause bein a boss can be a gift and a curse, uhh
Hope for the best but expect the worst
They'd rather see you in a hearse than see you come in first
I'm gettin gouda my nigga, I'm havin paper my fella
Man I get to it my nigga, man makin revenue hella
I'm a tell you like dis, like Kenny Red said
I'm havin everything that a king should have (beitch!)


[Snoop Dogg:]
I sell a dream
I'm hella clean, this the life you wish fo'
I'm comfortable, you can bump the flow
Brains blew out, it's convertible
White walls, plush seats
I'm a boss at all costs, I must eat
Vintage statute, grinnin at you
Gold ones, continue spinnin at you
I'm a heavyweight, look at how I levitate
And perpetuate the rate of the Golden State
My cousin Earl knew I'm a set it straight
And set a date and meditate and regulate


[Too $hort:]
You can try
But you can't stop me, I'll be doin alright
Can't dilute cause I do it all night
I've been rappin on the mic my whole life
It's like I never stopped flowin, I keep goin
Like a river where it ends you never knowin
I don't even think about it, I'm a workaholic
I date pretty young girls with perfect bodies
We bosses, gettin head in the office
All I do is cash checks and take offers
Ask Phalon, Calvin or Earl
When you see me they be countin the girls


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E-40 Can't Stop The Boss Comments
  1. RuD3boy 375

    Up until today I'm still trying to find out how they got away??????

  2. Kris

    When he rapped that line "BOSS Ain't to many left all the real ones done went away" I felt that.

  3. C- Instrumentals

    Yuuup! For exclusive beats YouTube ( C-INSTRUMENTALS )

  4. dumisa mgwangqa

    Snoop is really the Boss

  5. Jaiden Fletcher

    Snoop dogg is smooth af

  6. Elzbieta trenicely

    fuck e 40 i would steal his girls

  7. Suzette Scott

    I like the way Snoop raps.  He is so smooth.  All of them did a good job on this song.

  8. Big Daddy Deebz

    Imagine if pac was alive and on this one!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Adrian Nuñez

    This music video is weird😨😂

  10. MarcIsOldies12

    Short killed it.

  11. Tayona Allen

    This is my gurl ANDREA!!!!! I LOVE HER

  12. Tayona Allen

    Is that Andrea from bad girls club!!!!!!!!!!! You turned out great I always loved u girl if that's u

  13. Georgia The Dancer

    There Go Andrea From Bgc 😊

  14. Christa Taylor

    who saw how they hid?????? (:

  15. Christa Taylor

    wow love it (:

  16. Christa Taylor

    wow love it (:

  17. vic mott

    Nigga in the south we fukk wit big E 4-0. Da real!

  18. sherwinfitz

    That ain't Ray J. That's Brandy's lil brother! LOL

  19. john wallace

    this was a very good song!!!!

  20. WORDup

    @alba kosova That was Ray J man.

  21. Sara Burkard

    Amazing song for empowerment! I was able to quit a horrible habit with this song as my encouragement!

  22. Sandeep Velu

    Jazzy Pha & FORTY!!!

  23. daddyoca69

    @alba kosova  Ray J 

  24. Maggie Rice

    ray is in the video hahahahahahaha

  25. antony songole

    This is the shit!!

  26. Frank Rivera

    Jazzy pha been in the game since 87

  27. Roshelle Brown

    I love this song


    Andrea from Bgc9

  29. Jens HIersemann

    Omg drea!!

  30. eric lujan

    that fat nigga singing glasses is hella wet ill rob him just for them glasses yuh feel me

  31. miris loulo

    ok Petelice......

  32. Jake Sharin

    Love it!!

  33. MsLacy707

    I can listen to this song 30X back to back! Its almost like church music..HIP HOP SOUL!
    Blessed Love, Ms. LACY Iconic Chronicles Magazine

  34. BlazeTheDoja

    i like that art at the end. that shits the works

  35. Ariel Tg

    The FUCK? is wrong with their Mags look like they either got 10 bullets or a fake clip lol

  36. InsurgenteLoco


  37. Absorber999

    Andrea frob BGC9 <3

  38. !!Anime_Tions:)

    My dude Short killed it, caling all 3 other fools by their actual first names. Something about doin that makes it even pimpier! NO aka's bka's or nicknames, just straight business pimpin'.

  39. ashley watson

    im only here for Dreaa c;

  40. 1996SANDIEGO

    I love E-40's music...Too $hort also but he is sooo ugly!! They both are.. Haaaaaaa ice cube is finee and so is lil rob :D

  41. Antoine Scantlebury


  42. Harmanpreet Singh

    a stroke can stop a boss any day!

  43. vmaniscool

    kinda gay.....the bosses be slackin on they mackin

  44. playerizm

    i know fool!! IM UP ON game!! i didnt mean it literally.. just so to say , theres a difference in the way they rap... just go listen to brotha lynch hung, dru down, c-bo, celly cell, the click, dogg pound, too short, messy marv... BIG WESTCOAST difference not as lyrical as eastcoast... but thats what i like everybody is DIFFERENT!!

  45. wcfinest

    rap is hiphop, graffiti is hiphop, breakin is hiphop etc- ... everything you use not the way it was intented to is hiphop. its a worldwide culture not only at east coast.

  46. alan

    soo damn true :D

  47. Alex

    @Way2manyraces they was the shit back in tha day tho..check out dusted and disgusted

  48. Alex

    @BassbangDLL no u dont..

  49. Filip300893

    Too $hort is the best in this song.

  50. playerizm

    @georgemichigan hip hop is east coast... this that west coast baller rap shit!! check out all too short, e-40, c-bo, tupac, daz, celly cell, b-legit, collaboration's they da shit!!

  51. Darnyse Dotson

    We Bosses alday

  52. Unemployedbillionair

    uh let me you up on it, b.o.s.s. bread ova sucka shit

  53. Reese Guster

    Too bad Pac ain't in tha game him and E40 would be tha shitt

  54. GA Gus

    cuando asemos un remix

  55. GA Gus

    esta muy bueno

  56. DelRio Sheffield

    40 still got it




    the intro sounds like brazzers. lol

  59. ElectricDreams

    jazzy phinzel washingtinzel lol that nigga funy as hell but his beats bangin and smooth

  60. ChillMode

    damn jazzy pha is fatter than e40

  61. Nikia Malan

    Man I love e40

  62. Znine Prophecy

    "definition of boss let me put u up on it/ b o s s bread ova sucka sh*t"

  63. salina lujan

    I don't care what any says about east coast they got nutting on our west coast vets like short says can't stop rapping and e-40 is never going out of style, MEENZ WON

  64. jose ramos

    BOSS.. Bread Over Sucka Shit!

  65. mafflambo

    ray j doesnt fit in this video

  66. Christian Crenshaw

    dis song kills i luv it

  67. Sylvester Thompson

    green lights i fly by!!!!

  68. DateMost

    Snoops beat of course

  69. Mujtaba Abdulraida

    jazzy pha defiantly made this song thumbs up if u agree

  70. Gregory Rivas


  71. wietplantje100

    Snoopy You killed it Fo Sho ^^

  72. Coalminds.com

    Jazzy Pha is definitely not on steroids.

  73. banoue815

    and they shoulda had Nate Dogg on this track.. R.I.P.

  74. banoue815

    This song makes me want to get faded with some fine beezies!

  75. MrPatizi

    Too short . They owe it all to you .

  76. MrKing8050

    @mralbanian1990 thats Ray J not Nas

  77. Jack Rabbit

    @mralbanian1990 nope

  78. alba kosova


    Yes You right lol.

  79. 1kitja1

    2nd BIG

  80. alba kosova

    Is That Nas At 2:09???

  81. idontgotnotie

    @yaqui707 FUCK YOu RIP Mak the Don

  82. anthony andrews

    @ouel2006 yep it is

  83. Niccolo Bay Area

    FUCK SNoop
    r.i.p. Makaveli the don .

  84. 5104560711

    j pha definately just banged the illuminati sign all into the camera. naw, i love short and 40, but im cool.

  85. Intellividz


  86. Luka Krits

    @ouel2006 Hell yeaah

  87. mushroom707

    boss.........bread over sucker shitt

  88. Ouel Babasa

    at 3:04, is that JTG?

  89. TheBBoyCompany

    @benjaminaugustwc You might like Janet & Drake..../watch?v=XgDngdG4TXM&feature=related

  90. TheBBoyCompany

    Finally, some shit I ain't embarrassed to bang in the ride! 10 years of Sucka-Hip Hop....
    Playa levels rising...Oh Shit!

  91. TheBBoyCompany

    She say we look like Pimpin'
    I say Baby "DON'T I?"

  92. ThaDopist

    @Hadadamean this song is pointless too. its just a mindless rap song so the music video should reflect that.

  93. Alba

    i want that snoop painting is awsome

  94. snave31

    @coldgoldboy it's hanging on by a thread...

    Denzel Walker

    snave31 DENZELRWFP23408650🍍😷🎉🚅🐈🎎🔌🍷👻🎵💩🐴🐴💙💜💚💛⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  95. Fresh_Prince_RKO

    JTG!!!!! :D

  96. Sandbach

    WHy are the ratings disabled? I would have made 100 accounts and gave this song 100 thumbs up lol. Fucking awesome tracK!

  97. ladythuganomics

    @ddmonteiro YES THATS MY JTG!!!!!!!!!!

  98. DetroitNative83

    40 got spitummzz on this one