Dylan, Bob - Mary Ann Lyrics

Oh, fare thee well, my own true love, fare thee well but for a while
The ship is waiting and the wind blows high
And I am bound away for the sea, Mary Ann.

Ten thousand miles away from home, ten thousand miles or more
The sea may freeze and the earth may burn
If I never nomore return to you, Mary Ann.

Oh, don't you see that crow fly high, she'll surely turn to white
If never I prove false to you
Let the day turn to night, my dear, Mary Ann.

If I had a flask of gin and sugar here for two
And a great big bowl for two to mix it in
I'd pour a drink for you my dear, Mary Ann
Yes, I'd pour a drink for you my dear, Mary Ann.

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Dylan, Bob Mary Ann Comments
  1. mushy

    Listen to the cover by Jason and The Scorchers to hear this song performed with the energy it needed.
    The entire Jason and The Scorchers album 'Fervor' is absolutely amazing!
    Thank me later.

  2. EDLIS Parties & Gatherings


    EDLIS Café


  3. Guy Michel

    Simply one of the best songs ever. Period.

  4. Karmen Jazbec

    bob jump- in bed by my side i am waiting you with warm hands and lips my old sweet dude bob dylan dad leon hold horses for wik'ld rolling stones that mick could sing yeah

  5. Mamode Allyjaun

    Bob can sing those feelings

  6. ontheBorderbytheSea

    "your railroad gate you know i just cant jump it !! ^#%[email protected]"

  7. Ryan Holiday

    Video started at 2x speed now the videos blurry

  8. Kathryn Wilson

    I am SO happy that these songs are now on You tube !! I have the album but it is still nice to listen on my computer whenever I feel like it. Thank you , thank you , thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Steve Ellis900

    Six white horses. Only six.....

  10. Louizzza

    Lively song
    Sad content

  11. The Triumph of the Thrill

    One of his great underrated tracks and among his best lyrics. And that album cover is the very definition of coolness. Talk about iconic.

  12. Tom Scheurer

    But to live outside the law, you must be honest

  13. Vitor Oliveira Jorge

    Fabulous artist

  14. Michael Haydn

    "...inside of the frozen traffic, when you knew I had..."

  15. Michael Haydn

    "With all these promises you left for me..."

  16. Eastern WA Nature


  17. Nahuel Arce

    Que grande sos loco, gracias por todo lo que nos dejaste y lo que nos dejas. Ídolo

  18. Nahuel Arce

    Al fin algo bueno YouTube

  19. Gina Mori

    To live outside the law you must be honest. Damn Bob

  20. Gilbert Henenfeld

    His electric masterpiece

  21. Gilbert Henenfeld

    My favorite since I bought in August of 66

  22. fadi fadi


  23. Ronald Dump


  24. James Malveira

    To live outside the law, you must be honest. 😉

  25. Fred Fat

    1965/66 coolest person on the planet

  26. Robert Dari's jr

    I got a key 😎

  27. Blues Chewy

    3 people belong in the penitentiary.

  28. The Bondage Queen

    I’m just sitting here beating on my trumpet, with all these promises you left for me.

    matthew tempest

    I'm just sitting here / Beating on my TRUMPET / With all these promises / ...you left for me.


    @matthew tempest YES

  29. The Bondage Queen

    I'm just amazed you somehow worked "Persian drunkard" into a song seamlessly Bob. Skills.

  30. mortimer zilch

    George sang this at the 30th anniversary concert.

  31. GereDJ2

    I was an FM Rock DJ then and loved this immediately and played it often. KTBT-FM Garden Grove, CA "Underground 94" Free Form. Back in the day when Stereo FM was still fairly new, and the audio quality of FM was sooo far ahead of AM radio. It was a magic time.

    Vomit Pinata

    Many of the DJs were ahead of their time as well!

  32. woolhall

    " But then again not too many can be like you, fortunatley"

    Never a truer word has been said uncle Bobby

  33. Fred Handrich

    Favorite bobby tune

  34. Sir Barnaby St.John Toffington

    Who the hell would feel any inclination to give this a thumbs down? ... Not too many can be like you, fortunately!

    Ronald Dump

    Who the hell would feel any inclination to comment on someone giving this a thumbs whatever ???

    Sir Barnaby St.John Toffington

    Ronald Dump
    ...well, perhaps even more than this...who the hell on Earth would feel inclined to comment in response to my original comment by asking who the hell would feel inclined to comment?
    .....or something.

    tie oneon

    @Ronald Dump: People down in the Penitentiary

    Nick Carlson

    Probably because "Temporarily Like Achilles" wasn't put on YouTube.

    Sir Barnaby St.John Toffington

    Nick Carlson
    ...Ha!..just noticed this omission. Most strange indeed!

  35. Thomas Hofheinz

    His most technically astonishing harmonica solo.

  36. Thomas Hofheinz

    Anybody can be just like me, obviously.
    But not too many can be like you, fortunately.

  37. Angelique Collins

    My middle name is Marie...I've always loved this one!

    Rodger Hodgson

    Well, where are you?

  38. Claire Rodgers

    Absolutely superb. One of my most favourite Dylan songs.

    mortimer zilch

    me too! one of my top 150!

  39. Guy Sharwood

    Anyone can be like me (obviously), but then again not many can be like you (fortunately)! Ha, Ha!!!!

    Janice Livett

    Guy Sharwood brilliantl Dylan sarcasm

    Claire Rodgers

    I've got the fever down in my pockets. That simple line is my absolute favourire line from any song, the way he sings it gives me goosebumps


    so frickin witty huh ? Nobel prize winning wittyness huh ?

    Janice Livett

    But then again 'too'many can be like you (fortunately)

  40. Samu93c

    “Now I’m standing here looking at your yellow railroad / in the ruins of your balcony / wondering where you are tonight, sweet Marie”.

  41. Owen O'Hara

    Great song! The beat makes me think of cheerleaders!

    Guy Sharwood

    What else would it make one think of, Owen? LOL!

  42. Olive Eisner

    Love it! The original, the gods are good 😎
    His happiest sounding songs are about the most depressing things. Yay drugs.

    Freaking epic track though!

  43. pitvit81

    Finally thats' on youtube, dear old Bob

  44. Roberto Zadik

    Brilliant song and finally original versions and not fake or live lousy version..1966 the best Dylan year..

    Kitty Bratton

    Roberto Zadik top of his game,so glad he went electric,suits him.

    Thomas Kleiszmantatis

    Roberto , wir arbeiten eben gut zusammen!

    Gilbert Henenfeld

    Happy birthday Zimmy

    Rodger Hodgson

    There was also 1964, 1965, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1997, 2001 and 2011

  45. Walt whitman ova here

    The beginning of this one always reminds me of a fairground. Lovely.

  46. Braulio Musso

    escuchar este disco en un país ajeno

  47. IAmD.J.


    Olive Eisner

    That cool 1960's Farfisa organ sound. It's fantastic. I used to have a lime green and white one. He was really into Doug Sahm (Sir Douglas Quintet) at that time with that cheesy organ. So good.


    Al Kooper


    @Olive Eisner Cool to see Doug Sahm's name in a comment! I play guitar with a guy who played softball with Doug down in Texas in the 90s...Doug pitched, my buddy Dave (he's 71 years old now!) was the catcher...he had no idea who Doug was-but he DID remember the Sir Douglas Quintet...thanks for the memory!--