Dwight Yoakam - Understand Your Man Lyrics

Don't call my name out your window, as I'm leavin'
'Cause I won't even turn my head
And don't send your kin folk to give me no dang talkin'
'Cause I'll be gone like I said

You'd can say the same old things
That you've been sayin' all along
Just lay there in your bed
And keep you mouth shut 'till I'm gone

No, don't give me that old familiar
Cry n' cuss n' moan
Understand your man
Oh, understand your man

Oh, party boys

You can give my other suit to the Salvation Army
And everything else I leave behind
I ain't takin' nothin' that'll slow down my travelin'
While I untangle my mind

No, I ain't gonna repeat what I said anymore
While I'm breathin' air that ain't been breathed before
Yeah, I'll be as gone as a wild goose in winter

Then you'll understand your man, go meditate on it
You'll understand your man, you hear me talkin', now?
Understand your man, remember I told you so
Understand your man

Understand your man
Understand your man
Understand your man
Understand your man
Understand your man

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Dwight Yoakam Understand Your Man Comments
  1. Kathy Henderson


  2. Kathy Henderson

    OMG !!! ❣️❣️❣️

  3. Kathy Henderson


  4. caseyjoanz

    Doesn’t this sound like another Cash song, courtesy of Bob Dylan? Don’t think twice it’s alright

  5. GusMcC

    If Johnny Cash isn't applauding this from his grave then I'll be amazed.

  6. Dixiele

    I tried to open my back door it's froze shut! Wildthing didn't want to go out to potty after I blew on it with a hair dryer, and beat it with a hammer, and pried it open with a butter knife. I said'"come on baby 👶 puppy you can do it." He's a yorkie and so tiny people always think he's a puppy. I named him Mick jaeger, cuz when he walks he struts like the mickster. He got nick named wild thing cause he's wild sometimes.

  7. Elaine Smith

    Love the song

  8. Don Nelson

    I'm pretty sure Johnny ain't rolling !! Dwight is so underappreciated .June 3 1996 . Calgary AB.

  9. aditi banerjee

    This man is so Ammmmazzzing... I feel so overwhelmed....just when I feel I've heared 'em all.. and this is the best.. out comes another...
    I've always been a diehard Elvis Fan.. Never thought any one could move me as much...or even come wee bit close, and I do abosolutely love the other Greats. But then I came across DY just 3months back.. at random.. and so hooked since them .. and I couldn't help but feel so moved.. almost as much as Elvis does.. it's been so long Elvis filled up my life, feels weired, admitting another singer being as overwhelming.. but honestly, Yes, Dwight overwhelms me as much...

    Daniel Kneebone

    I genuinely feel exactly the same way. Been an EP fan for decades, but DY is extremely talented.

  10. Joy Smith

    Your fans understand our man and, it's the one and only Dwight !!!!!!! :)

  11. Michael VanDyke

    Years ago,Dwight was suppose to play in concert in a hole in the wall town in Wyoming. The manager of the club tried to burn Dwight,with a bad check! He told the guy to go F&*^ himself!
    Told the crowd about it and said come on down to the local pub,I will be playing there for free...Stand up guy,for sure!!! He wanted to make it right and he did!!

    Kathy Henderson


  12. Sandy Jacobs

    0:51. wow☺

  13. Hannah Johnson

    SUEY !!!!  Oh man how I love this guy Always will.  He can do not wrong.  Fabulous arrangement :)

  14. marilyn stuart

    When Dwight sings a song, he takes it to a new level.  His phrasing is so good.

    Hannah Johnson

    For sure, Marilyn :)

  15. garth carrier

    I have nothing against about the man in black .but this a great version .

  16. John Graves

    who are the 2 idiots that did not like this song

    Hannah Johnson

    They are wearing hearing aids LOL

    Joy Smith

    lol Exactly

    VladimiR PutiN

    Well me ... because Johnny Cash version is the one song I can trust he mean it

  17. michael smith

    johnny said he couldn't taught him a few moves back in 65- I love this version

  18. bob smith

    Didn't Johnny say that Dwight was his favorite contemporary?

    Lori Gaugler

    bob smith yes he did!

  19. Tylan RE

    love Dwight Yoakam version

  20. Kathy Green

    Love Johnny Cash! Dwight sings this so goooooood! Love you Dwight!

  21. April Severin

    Johnny Cash and Dwight Yoakam are my favourite country singersongwriters. Both unique and well loved by people who otherwise don't care for this type of music!

  22. Luc Jennes

    Great Johnny would be proud !

  23. Opinionated Times

    Always loved how he gave Buck his due and played Bakersfield, I think it brought Back Buck for a minute, or at least let him know that we loved him and missed him.

  24. Opinionated Times

    Dwight, always was "The King" of lookin cool. And Johnny Would be proud!

  25. Shell HonkyTonk

    Love Dwight's music ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

  26. Steven Berry

    Dwight Yoakam pays tribute to those who came first..and hjis joy inrecreating a song like this must make big John Cash feel proud..truly one of the best song writers and performers in the last half century...and I defy any so called Rock act to out rock his gem "Fast as You"..If that ain't rock and roll then skippy was a punk

  27. pkfireflies

    Wow! Fantastic Song ¯)✿✿(¯`·.¸ ♥ ♥ ¸.·´¯)

  28. laslos3

    Wow, this is better than I expected, and I expected a lot!

  29. Steven Berry

    Dwight doing a Cash song...It doesn't get any better

  30. Margaret Vinh

    Dwight do you look at all your pic's an then look in the mirrow an ask yourself where he went.Don't feel bad i'm just 4 years younger than you i remember truning 31 sat around a good year an realize i was'nt 31 i am 41 now i'm 51.them years flew by so fast i was just having to much fun.I think i'll keep on having fun an not look back.Luv U Margaretcolby

    Joy Smith

    Dwight is still looking "FINE" . He is aging very nicely :)

  31. elamite66

    I grew up in NY back when the only time you could get a country AM radio station was at night when you could pick up Buffalo Fort Wayne Wheeling Pittsburgh and others that played country music there was no FM and AM travelled far at night I didn't admit it to my friends in NY but I got to love country back in the early 60s and this was a favorite Dwight is great but I still like Johnny better

  32. rockcougar69

    Bellissima !!!!

  33. liz21UK

    A hilariously unPC song sung by a brilliant singer and the pictures are great. Makes me laugh evry time I hear it.

  34. Lindsey Bowman

    Love it,