Dwight Yoakam - Trying Lyrics

I've been trying for so long
And this trying just goes on
As I keep trying to hold on
To my heart
To my heart

I've been waiting here for you
And the waiting still ain't through
Guess waiting for what the end may do
To my heart
To my heart
But you and I could still try be
Every hole and wish that we dared to dream
So I keep trying every day
And if hurt from trying gets in my way
Then that's the part I just try not to say
To my heart
To my heart

But you and I could still try to be
Every hole and wish we dared to dream
I've been trying for so long
And this trying just goes on
As I keep trying to hold on
To my heart
To my heart

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Dwight Yoakam Trying Comments
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  3. Andy Ledford


  4. Lavon Watson

    This and Waterfall have such a strong Beatles influence.

  5. Margie Shanaman

    Soft touch! Very mellow! Brilliant and beautiful. Love it! Dwight and his band are just truly amazing. And dwight's acoustic? Beyond beautiful.

  6. Dixiele

    I think Dwight flipped a switch in his soul because he's different in this song but it's a very minute😳 thing🎨

  7. Margie Shanaman

    Distinguished! I never get bored with dwight! My favorite Male artist.

  8. Cleopatra Smith

    How this does not have over millions of views is beyond me. Oh wait, it's not radio played. Therefore, its nonexistent. Super sad. Dwight is one of THE best. Past, present, and future.

  9. Alice Randall

    Dwight is the best, I listen to him everyday💕💕💕💕

  10. Alice Randall

    My favorite country singer, beautiful voice💕💕💕💕

  11. Alice Randall

    Love him love his voice

  12. Dixiele


  13. Mary Ward

    Love Eugene Edwards

  14. Mary Ward

    He’s too good for Nashville!!

  15. John Bell

    Super Smooth.

  16. Mary Coats


  17. Ann Gonzalez

    love This SongTo My Heart Wow So Beautifully Sanged

  18. Linn La Gue

    I am haveing fun, playing the song's that Dwight Yoakum and the Band 3 Pears write and play, I'll play Trying over and over again, thankyou, I have ,as a single Mom, have 27 old son ,that is a pro gamer, and when I need some help with Tablet, I get him ,and his help is free, so I shall play Trying for Him , ta ta 4 now Angels, Amen

  19. NevadaBoss

    Many 'try'...but the Mighty Dwighty always succeeds.
    A great tune.

  20. robert bullard

    Mitch .. really sells this on the drums...great all round tune ... solid
    should have been top ten .... but we all know that DY has to run twice as hard...

    Paul Vincent

    the drums are basically Ringo Starr, even his setup is just like Ringo's. the song sounds kinda like the beatles

  21. roland falconbridge

    hes americana to the core

  22. Sweetpea027

    Wishing I could stop all these commercials before each song . Enjoying Dwight's videos so much !! :) ~~Ava~~

    Stanley Rama

    +Sweetpea027 I don't see them. Download adblock! :)

  23. Jeff Garrison

    Dwight still kicks ass! Take that Nashville!!!!

    Richard Adkins


  24. speck

    Great song. Reminds me of old Elvis Costello tunes.

  25. Teachering

    Good song! A beautiful Gibson J-200 and am really taken with the cherry burst Telecaster being used. Such a sound!

  26. Carolyn McCloskey

    Always great. Love this song.

  27. Kathy Green

    Damn this man is so sexy. Love you Dwight!

  28. Jean-Marc Beaulieu

    He's one of the greatest country artist of all time....

    Daphne Plucken-Hollard

    Jean-Marc Beaulieu Amen !

    Pedigree 1-2-3


  29. Tom Hardenbergh

    Gotta wonder where Dwight been hangin' out lately.  Starts almost like 'My Girl' bass line and then goes into a sorta Motown groove albeit a little bit twangy.  Listen to the drum.  Different fur shur, but you really got a hold on me.

  30. Barbara DeMatteis

    I love this. 'Great tempo. ...And melody.

  31. Linda Hudson

    Dwight looks so good in that black tux, hummy, wow, love this man

  32. Valerie Richardson

    Smooth sound! 

  33. John Craven

    i've been to lots of concerts..this dude kicked ass this past summer in Moncton Canada...what a show!!!

  34. Duane Goins

    Did PRINCE have a YARD SALE ?

    El Tiburon

    He did but no wanted to buy you ...couldn't even give you away.

  35. Janis Norman

    Love the new band!! Eugene, you rock and are a class act.

  36. saxby01

    I love this man, but this recording is so processed it makes me want to be a little sick.

  37. 68Charger

    I love how this guy is always willing to push the limits and do what he feels like. Here it is, take it or leave it. It's great. .The country music establishment sucks anyway and what they put out now is steaming dog shit.

  38. Margaret Vinh

    Dwight call me you'll never want again Margaret @ 918-815-4565

  39. steve gantt

    like the lyrics.but hate the image of lead guitarist.i want a fiddel and Steel guitarist.fan since 86'

  40. steve gantt

    like your [email protected] gantt

  41. steve gantt

    since 86' i have been your fan .i don't like this LA.no fiddel,steel guitar,no Mandolin??.i Loved the old Dwight style..

  42. Adriana Pfund

    You are still the best Baby!

  43. DebiNga

    Josh Grange...Mitch Marine Dave Roe was stand up Bass for a while he was from Johnny Cash's band

  44. DebiNga

    Many of you haven't followed Dwight too closely because...Eddie Perez, Josh who was on keyboards, Mitch on Drums were with Dwight for quite a while...Only the bass player from Johnny Cash's band played with Dwight

  45. DebiNga

    These guys have just recently joined Dwight...there were others before them...

  46. DebiNga

    That's old news from years now...all parties involved have moved on and it's really no one's business about any suits between Dwight and Pete..they moved on to other things and have been apart for years now..

  47. DebiNga

    Pete hasn't been with Dwight in years now...

  48. Marge Thiesse

    GOOOOOOD Music! Theee best is back!

  49. Kamikaze Wordsmith From Hell

    Yeah, I'd even read at one point that Pete had sued Dwight around the time of their split. I think it had something to do with concert / tour dates that didn't happen or something. I think Dwight's growing focus on acting might have had something to do with the fallout, though my opinion is based on rumor more than anything. I can't say definitively what it was, and I don't think Dwight has ever been questioned about it in interviews.

  50. Troy Eurich

    This is going to be a hit song, it has a catchy simple beat with the right music curve. Well done!

  51. berthag

    The bass player, Jonathan Clark, has been working with Dwight for many years and started touring with him about 3 years ago. He also has his own music and trust me, it is not metal and there is no whipping the head around. I think he's an awesome addition to Dwight's band and he fits in just right.

  52. RHT

    "bass" player.

  53. debra151

    Welcome back Dwight..love your music, old or new, you ARE the man! I've missed you! Keep up the good work!

  54. Kay Spears

    @6mechnix6 Pete has been gone from DY's band for like 10 years. Eugene Edwards recently took Eddie Perez's place on lead guitar and various bass players but, Jonathan Clark has been with him for about 3 years and Mitch Marine on drums at least 7-8 years...Personally I miss Pete because of the great chemistry he Dwight had. I do know they parted ways on bad terms but, have since mended their differences so, Dwight did not dump Pete. I am diggin' the hell outta this new CD!!!!

  55. Janet Wallace

    sooooooooo long overdue for Dwight to get the recognition he deserves and has for many many many years. goooooooooooo Dwight

  56. Ian Rivers

    I'm a fan of Dwight of long standing, Pete Anderson was a great guitarist/producer for so many years and produced so many great songs, but people move on and Eddie Perez (ex-Mavericks) was a worthy replacement, no one could deny that. But, I'm not sure about this new band he's got, maybe it's the Prince lookalike on guitar, I don't know, but Dwight sure looks tired, maybe he should take a break and come back with a killer band similar to he once had before, but hey, what do I know.....?

  57. Roger Fregoso

    Awesome album! I love how Dwight sticks to his unique sound while making it sound fresh and current all at the same time! What a telent :)

  58. lyn rossiter

    Classic Dwight! Love him!

  59. Todd McGregor

    I agree, where's Pete?

  60. Chris Williams

    Boy I say y'all got a hit album here....

  61. 8baller

    Yep, cheesy is the right word...! But sure sounds good!

  62. bladestratford

    Come back Pete. All is forgiven and we miss your twang!

  63. BWoodley

    Very pretty song, I love it!

  64. Lindsey Bowman

    I can listen to Him over and over and over.

  65. Kathy Eddings

    Love this Dwight ,, you and the band look great !!

  66. Lindsey Bowman

    So romanticly involed.

  67. Christina Lopez


  68. Tamra Quinn


  69. zzippycorgi11

    Love this song!

  70. david pyle

    amen!!! love ol dwight, thank you mr. buck owens for dwight,his music made alot of good memories for me, some i danced, some i cried!!! thank you!!!

  71. Tanna Taft

    Never heard a bad song from him.. Congrads!!

  72. GreenfishPete

    Love it

  73. Astilbe Flowers

    Gorgeous song!

  74. Shell HonkyTonk

    Love this song