Dwight Yoakam - Dim Lights, Thick Smoke Lyrics

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and loud, loud music
It's the only kind of live you'll ever understand
Oh, dim lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music
You'll never look at your wife, you go home loving mine

At home and little children,... and evil
Our house filled with love or hugs, that true
You'd rather have a drink with the bourbon kind you need it
And the only home you know, that p.ub down the street

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and loud, loud music
It's the only kind of live you'll ever understand
Oh, dim lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music
You'll never look at your wife, go home loving mine

Good thinking and fixing to a honky-tonk made it
When you left your loving family life back, right back where you ran
So go on and have your fun, but you won't always look so smart
When some day that lonely bar brake your honky-tonk heart

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and loud, loud music
It's the only kind of live you'll ever understand
Oh, dim lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music
You'll never look at your wife, to a home loving mine
Oh You'll never look at your wife, to a home loving mine

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and loud, loud music
You'll never look at your wife, to a home loving mine

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Dwight Yoakam Dim Lights, Thick Smoke Comments
  1. jessebfly

    Badass version.. love it

  2. TC Smith

    First time I heard this was New Riders of the Purple Sage, when I was into "hippie/Pyschedlic" music LOL I didn't realize the roots. Dwight does it good

  3. John Bell

    Dwight doing his Thang in Sweden he sure gets around, So Awesome

  4. Suzanne Immen

    So fun - watching Eugene with the audio turned off. Try it!

  5. TC Smith

    First heard this by New Riders of the Purple Sage!!! At the time, I thought it was hippie cool music. That was maybe 1970-something, on the album Powerglide. Damn. I didn't know I liked "country" LOL!!!!

  6. earl slot

    my favorite bar

  7. Chicago Papi

    Dwight must have missed sound check, the band is way louder than him, and truly drowning him out.

  8. mariazinha rezende

    Amoooooo 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  9. 64JBran

    No one can ever replace Pete Anderson in playing with Dwight.

  10. Yves Labreche

    I like Dwight but Eugene is the man of the hour,keep on playing Eugene and enjoy yourself on stage like you do.

  11. Nalda

    Llove the guitar player he makes this song great


    Great Dwight, but you need to get a fiddler back in the band..... and Pete.🎸🎻

  13. Tom Teague

    The best song ever written, Joe Maphis and Rose Lee Maphis...you can find the original on YouTube and their place in the Country Music Hall of Fame

  14. jeannie carr

    Doesn't get better than this, one bunch of sexy men, dwight and Eugene.love them to the moon and back.

  15. Elaine Smith

    Sweet song

  16. Roy Adamson

    For you people who want to see more of the guitarist Eugene Jaramillo go to The Sloop John B. Dwight is showing his age but still sounds great.

  17. Elaine Smith

    Just love Dwight doing this song

  18. Margie Shanaman

    Great tune Dwight! You guys ROCK!

  19. Outlaw IV

    He sure as hell knows who knows country music when he Quotes Buck Owens!!! Hee Hawwww!!!

  20. Mickey Bowser


  21. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH DARLIN.!!!

  22. Thomas Ljung

    A memorable concert (I was there)!

  23. packingten

    That lead player is WAY TO TO LOUD!!!!!!.

  24. k b

    that Lead Guitar man..is very good...Damn you have to have the thing in your hands every day!! or you forget what you have Learned!! but, I don't don't find that when I sit in with other Bands....yep!! that Lead Guitar is having to much fun!! it's great to play for people who are having a good time when your playing for a Crowed.there Kicking ass up there..damn them!! :)

  25. M H


  26. Margie Shanaman

    The entire band was extremely amazing. This is a display of serious talent.

  27. patricia vannauker

    Not the best of Dwight..guitar good but not what I want to see totally instead of Dwight.

  28. Brian Kelly

    Look at em just rockin What a blast

  29. billclorraineg

    Beautiful great song love the band . LorraineG.

  30. TC Smith

    Honestly first heard this by New Riders Of The Purple Sage back in the late 60's or early 70's... I thought it was hippie rock. Then I went to Texas and discovered that most of the "acid rock" was really western/country inflenced. wow


    TC Smith cow punk , hippie tonk

  31. Ez Art

    I agree that guy on guitar is kicking some ass

  32. Sylvia Marshall

    Great song!!!! Dwight is my favorite country artist! Love you Dwight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. TheXman1968

    good guitar player but you notice... not once does he go near the mic set out for him.... wait til he gets his voice... bright prospect since he is young... all the best to him.... hope he keeps putting good rocking tunes....

  34. TC Smith

    great version!!! first heard this by New Riders of the Purple Sage, a kinda hippie band in the 60's. Before I realized most great music was country influenced LOL

  35. Partini Tini

    wowwwww ....... so cool ..... I like all Dwight songs

  36. Mary Ward

    Eugene is fantastic to listen too and watch- he is great❤️😊

  37. Alice Randall

    Dwight is the best, love him💕💕💕💕

  38. William Turner

    yeah!! met the man that wrote or co-wrote most of Dwight's hits. (this ain't one) Love this up tempo version of that classic hit! We'll add that to the playlist of the band NORTHWIND in Arizona!

  39. H Bar J

    LOVE this.

  40. Gracie Mills

    Love Dwight !!! But lead guitar man stole the show this time!


    He had to, he was so loud he drowned Dwight out LOL



    Outlaw IV

    Dwight is just Dwight without the band... why not share the wealth of talent... this one sure did it fer the lead!!! :)

    James West

    Ty lots

  41. atomc40

    He makes it look effortless. Country version of Malcom or Angus Young.

  42. Dixiele

    Great band!

  43. Pro Bono

    Guitar player was rocking with 3 chords and the truth. Nice job.

  44. Bruce Mc Clain

    my wifelove this

  45. POF 415

    Eugene edwards adds a look of fun .....good combo .....been a fan of DY since the 80's ...nicely done 😎😎😎

  46. George Constantin

    You rock ! Puro Cali !

  47. Gerald Brown

    Awesone lead guitar player..who is he reminds me of derek miller

  48. A JC

    Great music, and amazing guitarist in Eugene.

  49. w banks

    LOL....reminded me of my uncle a long ways back.

  50. Doris Fox

    Eugene Edwards.I loce his guitar playing. i don't even go to watch Dwight. just to see Eugene play expertly!!

  51. Freddy Paine

    This is glorious rock'n'roll. Hale. I nominate. Further, I nominate Malcolm Yelvington for Goodbye Marie.

  52. Brian Schafer

    Good song Dwight i love to hear you sing

    andrew dillon

    Brian Schafer

  53. Sonny Rich

    That's Eugene,tearing up those strings!

  54. Martha Wicklund

    very nice song love it  Dwight Yoakam...

  55. J. M.


  56. gail vincent

    Who is the fellow playing with a white jacket and brown pants

    andrew dillon

    gail vincent

    aditi banerjee

    Eugene Jaramillo...
    He himself is a vocalist... But yeah..playing for Dwight would be an honour for anybody...

  57. Annamae Smith

    Love that lead guitarist he adds a lot to the band I love watching him and he is sooo!!! Cute

  58. Haley Moore

    Great song

  59. Captain Calabash

    Eugene Edwards is so cool and a fantastic guitarist!

    earl slot

    he is having a great time

  60. Mary Coats

    You can tell they have a ball doing this song.

  61. Dan Dunn

    Bad day just got good :-)

  62. Carol Topping

    Great.🎸🎶🎸 best band ever.

  63. yokoshemp

    So happy when your boots are cooler than Dwight's.

  64. Michael Butler

    Love Dwight!
    Go the Mexican on lead!!

  65. Camson Gooden

    😆I met dwight yoakam twice

  66. Don Howard

    that wasn't Eddie Perez that played guitar with Dwight it was Eddie Shaver, Billy Joe's son, he overdosed on drugs Christmas morning in a motel room in nashville, then Pete Anderson took his place

    Suzanne Immen

    Eddie Perez played with Dwight after Pete Anderson!

  67. Judith Butler

    you get better with age.. Love it

  68. Ivan Reidy

    Well finally got to see Dwight Yoakam at the O3 Arena Dublin last nite ,open the show with Dim Lights

  69. Anthony Pennell

    Dwight Yoakam the real deal

  70. Rita Miller

    Love the guitarist closest to camera ...having fun 😍😍🎸🎸 ..I am just loving it... Lol

    Sharon MacDougall

    Me, too!

    Cathy W

    Fun is why they do it. Thank a musician for our fun times.

  71. Jarski J.

    Thanks for posting!

  72. Albert Kuhlmann

    Prachtig toch

  73. Nancy Hall


  74. Gary Lively

    My band started doing this song after I heard this. Awesome country.


    +Gary Lively What Country?? That's 1950s era rock and roll!!!

  75. grassic

    Wonderful and gosh that guitarist is cute

  76. Bob Catron

    That lead guitar player is dang good, and he's having such a good time, I think I want to be like him when I grow up !

    sidney armstrong

    I know! That black haired rascal stole the stage! I love Dwight but dang that kid brought it

    aditi banerjee

    Yeah... I know what you mean..
    That"s what I noticed about Dwight's band members.. the original ones that included Pete Anderson, they shine brilliant too alongside Dwight, adding to the stage .....

    Atheist Conservative

    Helda Cook Eugene Jaramillo

    Tam Rat

    Eugene is awesome!

    Tam Rat

    Great video and sound!! Thanks for sharing!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  77. LaVonne McCollam

    dwight does a good job with this song and i like the cute guitar player. :)

  78. Tony Bonnici

    FUCK YEAH.... Damn!!!

  79. Jeff Stanley

    Oh yeah, hell yeah...

  80. joel merriman


  81. Fra Mo

    Eugene Jaramillo i like this gitar  he play so cool

  82. mairendee

    Yeah, the guitarist looks good but he isn't Pete or Eddie.  I've noticed that the "music" seems to be front and centre (even on Three Pears) rather than Dwight's voice.  Doesn't matter - I'll listen to everything and anything he does.  And, I could watch him forever!

    Sharon MacDougall

    Totally agree!  Still great stuff, though!

    Let It Bee

    Yeah, I miss Pete's intros and outros, and Dwight's voice being front and center. But I'll never get enough of Dwight, no matter what.
    Sure wish Dwight would do an autobiography, or commission someone to write a biography.

  83. Sandi Webster

    OMG!  I love watching the young guy playing guitar, sure looked like he was having a great time,  I just love it!  Dwight was and is one of my all time favorites.  Someone once said that Dwight "strides the divide between rock's lust and country's lament.....well, ain't that the truth!  Dwight is definitely one of a kind.  He gave his own unique sound to country and rock  to create beautiful music.  He stayed true to his music, played it his way and today we have that DWIGHT YOAKUM sound.  And his look; with the cowboy hat pulled low, the cowboy boots and those tight blue jeans -- Hell Yeah!  I mean, he sings and looks good all at the same time!  Purely provocative!

  84. Christopher Samuelson

    Saw him summer of 2013 in Altanta, still rockin'.  Great show, tours every two or three years it seems.

  85. CanadianTradition

    Nice cowboy boots he's wearing! I need to get a pair. This song is awesome.

  86. 1950sRockabilly

    Why is he not playing country music anymore? He played pure real country in the 80s...sell out.


    @johnny991965  This is 100% Rock music, search for Hank Williams if you want to hear country music. Drums and Hardrock-guitars have nothing to do with country.

    Matt Beeman

    @1950sRockabilly This song was done by Vern Gosdin in the 80's.  Dwight spiced it up a little.  What do you think Rock a billy music is.  There's only two kinds of music good or bad.

  87. SIDHL

    Guitar player's name is Eugene Jaramillo from Arizona, but he goes by Eugene Edwards.  Hello from Amarillo, Texas!

    Carol Topping

    Eugene is good . And a tall glass of water. He is handsome. Can play that🎸🎸

    TC Smith

    Amarillo is just down the road a piece from Lubbock. I swear West Texas made the best music ever

    non such

    He's hotter than a Peterbilt running wild

    Martin Finster

    Really like Eugene Jaramillo s playing and style. Damn, that looks like fun! Im going to start copying him when I perform.

    mike priestley

    Yup....Waylon and Willie.

  88. Lance Laviolette

    Going to my special friend

  89. Mistertbones

    For those who are wondering where Eddie Perez is, Eddie is now with The Mavericks.

    Isaac Koerner

    Mistertbones hey! That's kinda sweet they're my number two after dwight haha

  90. loutcb

    Eddie was the shit!

    Bryce Geiger

    NO...Eddie Shaver was the man amongst men....

  91. FawltyMr

    You best belive... This was a great gig!

  92. angussss10

    If you think this kid on the guitar is a show stopper you obviously haven't seen Eddie Perez with Dwight. This kid is an awesome player, but Eddie added so much to Dwight's shows..

  93. Eddie Yasso

    Damn good music

  94. Its Trick

    AWESOME guitar playing by the young guy. He is also so good looking. great show. seen them a couple weeks ago in concert. this guitar player stole the show. he is such a showman.

  95. vettetovette

    I love that Eugene Edwards is playing guitar for Dwight, He has a lot of great music out there on his own.

  96. Kelly Jordan

    I am going to see Dwight and his band this weekend. I like Eddie, but the new guy is good too!

  97. rockinrowdyjimmyd

    Bring Back Eddie Perez!!!

  98. Tom Teague

    great song, i love the original too, Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (and LOUD, LOUD music) performed by Joe Maphis & wife Rose Lee, LIVE in 1959.

  99. corky jones

    OK Eugene Edwards is the new guitar player. Not Eddie. He's doin' the Mavericks thing right now.