Dwele - Give Me A Chance Lyrics

[Intro/Ad lib:]
Oh yeah
Oh yeah


Hey pretty lady
You must have a man

You ain't answer fast enough,
You should take my hand and let me show you
things about this nigga, it's too late baby you
hesitated, just let me entertain you.

Give me a chance (to show you), show you love [2x]
Oh yeah baby, give me a

Give me a second, you should take my seven
Can we talk for a minute, naw my name ain't Tevin
Keep you hot like campbells

Wrap you tight like diesel....clothin in a seven,
You like a nine, maybe a dime maybe eleven

I understand sometimes you gotta breathe (for a minute)
I respect your space, you need yours and i need mine
But right now I'm in your face until you

Give me a chance (to show you), show you love [2x]

Time is getting harder, baby you need to laugh
You don't need that clown ass nigga,
I can make you laugh, girl feel my fabric
Boyfriend material, baby you can have it
Wear it til you cant no more

Look there no pressure, thank you for your time
Now you got my seven, please keep me in mind
And you can call me like a question [?]
Baby I will answer, I can be love and handsome in a man, if you want to take a chance [?]

Give me a chance (to show you), show you love (baby/oh yeah) [2x]
Oh yeah baby, give me

[Intro/Ad lib:]
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

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Dwele Give Me A Chance Comments
  1. keenan curry

    Give me a chance to show you love

  2. Cushan Manson

    This song it goes crazy I like this joint it's my favorite song I've got to play it over and over again and if I was driving my Benz and listening to this joint I know I'll be getting me some numbers man

  3. C. Bunch

    One of the most SLEPT ON artist of my generation. OneLove.....I'm Ghost.

  4. ateacherwhocares

    Dwele's music is so intoxicating... just keep coming back for more!!

  5. BOSS1124

    "Can we talk for a miNit?? No, my naMe ain't Tevin..." #LUVit

  6. RutiaMaria

    I love this JOINT!!!

  7. swagger eighty

    nice riden on the highway music , not thinking about stress , coasting!!!!

  8. smcg36

    I still can't get enough of this song...im mad that it got erased off of my Mp3 player...Love u @dwele

  9. smcg36

    Love it~~~

  10. isis murray

    @blakbeauty23 I agree 100%

  11. jre1378

    The beat is simular to Neyo's "one in a million" Love It!

  12. mariohgreat1

    This is a ideal song for meeting that young woman that sparks you curiosity and you're trying to show her that you are that great compliment to her life. Kudos Dwele!

  13. belleofga

    You look like a 9, maybe a dime, maybe 11, but who's really counting...sick line...LOVE IT!!!!

  14. Otayba Yousef

    WOW MAAAAAAn! Yes Dwele...always with your style....very very emotional song!

  15. Lamesa bush-jones

    ooooooooh I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!

  16. belleofga

    One of my favorites off this album

  17. butdiduhearTHIS1

    I'm feelin' this....