dvsn - Too Deep Lyrics

I won't make you pull out
Getting it all tonight
(All that I want)
I just wanna go down
In history how you like
(Wanna be the one)
As the one who makes you comfortable
Cause your lips, they got me feeling very vulnerable
(The way that you speak to me, freak with me
Gives me a rise)

(And I think we're)
In too deep
Don't wanna pull out
(And I think we're)
In too deep
Don't wanna pull out

Don't you, baby, pull out
We're right where we're supposed to be
I just wanna go down
Give you what you want, complete-ly
And I just wanna be clear
We're doing right, what we're doing works
(Feels like I'm almost there, oh yeah)
The way that you speak to me, freak with me
Gives me a rise

I think we're
(In too deep)
(Don't wanna pull out)
I think we're
(In too deep
Don't wanna pull out)

Yeah, yeah
Oh I wanna know

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dvsn Too Deep Comments
  1. jollylope

    they should call this the 18 yr child support song

  2. João Pedro


  3. Matric Allen

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥.... My Girlfriend told me i can't play this song nomore lolm....

  4. Kimberly Pettus

    I like it... this song is a amazing!!!

  5. Chimara Jones


  6. Demetrius Walker

    I remember being high and interrupting a threesome to ask "if I was hearing this song correctly!?!" (thought my mind was playing tricks on me) LOL

  7. jdeezy

    Anyone know where the sample is from at the beginning?

  8. Tais Fernanda de Oliveira Neves


  9. Michael D

    Multiple creampies

  10. Lyonna Wright

    Yandy's Instagram brought me here🤩🤩

  11. micah mayoralgo

    jeez the beat thoo

  12. Saadman Kabir

    still on it in 2020

  13. camille simonee

    2020 anyone?

  14. Ms. Des Mar

    Just heard this song today and booyyy..I love the sexiness!!♥️♥️♥️

  15. Yasmeen Shah

    Going into 2020 with this song and birth control

  16. V qute

    Can't get enough of ÷.....

  17. Gregory Talison

    I tried not to comment ! But this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Nee Nee

    This song is giving me very much get me pregnant vibes 😩

  19. ColdCutz

    Christ I need a smoke after this one....

  20. Shawn jvo James

    Idk why this track is so underrated even 4 years later smh



  21. Eight

    😰😰 smh

  22. Haha Herby

    When you realize it’s sampling so anxious - I’m feeling super old now

  23. ashley fowlkes

    Still one of my favorites from DVSN . Still looking forward to the new new

  24. Marlene Head

    This will still be a banger in 2020

  25. 0mgPapì

    Gotta make a baby to this 🤣🤣

  26. JamesBlazeMusic #

    Angela sings soo good😍

  27. TooOffensive901

    Pleeeease don't share this to any nigga born after 1995 they ALL NEED to pull out. Every single time

  28. Josie jewel

    Vibes never old !!!

  29. AyoDraws

    This song is just great

  30. Go-Getter Garage

    This shit slaps 🔊🔊

  31. Yannick Santos

    Put speed on 1.25 thank me later

  32. Tyler Garber

    I thought this couldn't get any better until I put it on 0.75 speed

  33. Valeriia Popova

    Hey guys, have anyone heard similar songs to this one before ? Please share the name if you got some on your list, thank you :)



  35. renacharee

    Omg lol this song makes me wanna risk it all 🤸🏾‍♀️

  36. ThabOawOnda243

    That sonG🔥🔥🔥

  37. Lysm honey

    Todo es tan calmado y yo te quiero aquí
    Porque aún te sigo extrañando a ti
    Como cuando me besabas y decías que me amabas
    Cuando lo hacíamos como si no hubiera un mañana
    Extraño los buenos momentos pero solo cuando eras tú

    ( coro )
    Y ahora estoy llorándo como si no existiera más
    Solo sostenme en tu brazos una vez más x2

    Me he vuelto adicta a tus recuerdos
    Sé que ya vivimos lo nuestro, lo nuestro
    Pero i need you uh ah uh ah,
    dicen que lo nuestro ya fue oh ya fue
    Pero me quedare con los recuerdos
    de ti y de mí oh yeah

    ( pré coro)
    Please ven y dame una señal

    Y ahora estoy llorando como si no existiera más
    Solo sostenme en tu brazos una vez más x2

  38. Keren Pierre-Nicolas

    🤰🏽🤰🏽🤰🏽. That’s all

  39. MySacredBlood

    Being Mary Jane brought me here 😩♥️

  40. Brian Williams

    This that Repopulating the earth music.

  41. Angel Tuimaseve

    man i fw this song heavy. not even sexually maybe a little bit but just the vibe

  42. Bútt3r-P3çãñ Tãñ

    That sample off of Ginuwine song So Anxious go hard 🎶🎵💣🔥💦💧💥.. Oh yes....In too deep dont wanna pull out!!!!!!

  43. Johanna Annahoj

    should i be getting plan b after listening or keep the baby?

  44. Taylor Hill

    Real R&B music🎶🎶🔥

  45. Jaye Jonez mitchell

    Still jammin 2019...makin a baby when hubby gets off tonight lol!...

  46. Daryl King


  47. Melodie Roumy

    This song could get a virgin girl pregnant

  48. mbali mdletshe

    WHEN DANIEL SAYS "we're doing right, what we're doing works" IN THAT VOICE!!! OH MY GOSH...CAN'T HELP BUT FANTASIZE

  49. Tanya Duvall

    Don't pull out

  50. Angelica Thomas

    2019 ?😩 anyonee ? Noo ? Okk ..💓

  51. Sue Bangtan

    Namjoon brought me here

  52. EvannD L.

    I literally cried listening to this y’all . Fr . I can’t wait to play this when I make love next time . On repeat .

  53. Rockzilla Dash

    This is the SO ANXIOUS of this generation!!!

  54. Emma Moneyang

    I always come back to this song

  55. Davena Hanna

    Better late than never...🤷‍♀️


    I'm I the only one who wish this song was way longer 👍❤️🔥❤️❤️🔥

  57. Franklyn Nyein

    I just knew dvsn is pronounced as division because of Tiffany Young.

    Annie Pearl

    Thanks...I had no idea

  58. Sean Andersen

    Im ol school to the bone but this group gets a pass.... This track is Smoking

  59. KharismaK1

    Thanks alot...due date 11/10/2019

  60. Elaina Diana

    *adds to in my feelings list*

  61. Brandon Gerard Moody

    So Anxious - Ginuwine sample worked nice

  62. Jensen Tung

    This song STILL HOLDS UP today. A GROOVE.

  63. Nathan Medina

    It has a very modern futuristic slow R&B beat with a trap drum. Cool

  64. relaxwithme

    Instant classic👌

  65. SeGwendolyn Williams

    Dope 🔥🔥

  66. Angie In the Night

    Has a beat and essence of a church song from the early 2000s

  67. Jacobii Dow

    who's still listening in 2019?

    JamesBlazeMusic #

    Meeee still truee

    Gisele Villela

    Guecoba MEEEEE!!! 💁🏻


    October 24, 2019 to be exact🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿😫😫😫😫😫

  68. Brit Sincerely

    Play at 1.25 🙌🏾😊😩

  69. Quintavious Thomas

    So anxious is what I'm hearing

  70. Ayanna Castro

    So yeah, heard this for the first time while I was at work. Well damn!! Thank goodness my tubes are tied.

  71. Shacyra Johnson

    I. Can't. Leave you alooonnneee (slowed down)... I ought to sample this.

  72. Christina Brown

    The "so anxious" sample tho 🎶🔥😍

  73. Ray Cortez

    Forgot to pull out whoops

  74. Kay Modeste

    Can you be addicted to a song?

  75. Leigh Simmons

    is this song about sex?

  76. YCITI [FeelReelMedia]

    Im STILLL fuckin to this 🤗

  77. Rae. Helder

    I hear a part of ginuwine sound.... from so anixous😂

  78. Nardo Reyes

    This song is serious it gave me knows bleed

  79. Terry Collins

    DVSN and Sonder holding dat 90's vibe all the way down

  80. Hey_its Kaayy

    Sadly I have been introduced to song February 6, 2019 😔😔 BUT I'll gladly contribute a million views lol well realistically half a mill.!! ... Or close ...#ON REPLAY !


    2019 and it still hits

  82. quishia

    Heard this for the first time today by my friend lol

  83. Chat B


  84. Justicia Gabbion

    1st 2019 comment!!!😍😍😍still bumpin #classic

  85. Prince Velli


  86. Rodney Brown

    WHO IS SHE!!😍😍😍💀💀💀

  87. Rodney Brown

    The beat got me immediately!

  88. MJ Lee

    *slow dances aggressively

  89. chan chan Coleman

    Hell yea😘😘😘

  90. koolin jay

    2019 jam anyone ?

  91. Frank Rodriguez

    Yo this takes me back I love the vibe of this track

  92. Precious N Ncube

    new fan💃💃💃💃

  93. Omar I.

    Still listening 2019. Miss you r

  94. egoism 252

    I want jaquees to get this⚡⚡⚡

  95. Raj CSM

    Listening in 2019

  96. ajanee' Johnson

    Am i only the one still listening to this in 2019