dvsn - Mood Lyrics

You don't wanna fall back
I don't want to fall back tonight
I just want my old baby
You just want to know it's alright
For you to take it all off
For me to take care of you
'Cause you been taking it all in stride

Now I'm gonna make a time to make love
I'm gonna make a point to just focus on us
Now I'm gonna make sure you get enough
When I make it all about you, take care of us

Look what you made me do, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Look what you made me do, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Don't let it go to waste
Had it dropping on my chest
I need your energy
I don't want to feel like you're saving it for some other time
Or some other things that's been on your mind (oh, no)
Believe me, I know, I know but

Now I'm gonna make a time to make love
I'm gonna make a point to just focus on us
Now I'm gonna make sure you get enough
When I make it all about you, take care of us

Look what you made me do, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Look what you made me do, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Look what you made me do
Look what you made me do
Look what you...

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dvsn Mood Comments
  1. Manuel Barelli

    this a vibe.

  2. Lesley Floyd

    TrASH, should’ve found a Bryson tiller or Big Sean to feature

  3. jasmine tuttle

    ughhhh me in 3 yrs

  4. Chef Piggy

    I can’t wait to have my own place so I can be doing my own thing like this. Lol I don’t have her same ass but will be doing the same things.

  5. Calvin Sapp

    Its about music not her body smh humans are so ignorant to they own brains

  6. Twister MusiX

    Well,i also dont know why but im liking the Regular....

  7. azaim shah

    Am i the only one who thinks that is PEDRO from NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE?!!

  8. YouTube Is dead

    The weekend?

  9. Patrick Otshumbe

    Who is she??

  10. mr bigglesworth

    He sounds like Bilal not lyrically but vocally I fucks with this

  11. Knox King 96

    Sexy 😍

  12. xxrose_dreamlife

    Grabbed her purse off the table looked in the mirror takes off earrings then put the purse back on the table 🤔 okayyyyy, BUT I FW THIS SONG THOUGH 🤣🥰

  13. Pablo Rico diamenka

    hum , sorry boss i was lost in her booty

  14. Anessa Love

    I wonder if anyone closed the door? 🤔

  15. King _Red Woodward

    I got me a Brand new in the mood song💯💯

  16. Quinton Wynn

    Her fine ass engaged to a nigga who look like lil uzi 😒

  17. KaliDreamin 88

    Its not Carlos its Pedrooooo!!!!

  18. Killa K 11

    Love my Carmel skin mamis

  19. back soon

    we live for the clickbait

  20. Lydia Larry

    That was Pedro right?

  21. R J

    what they say first time?
    I can't understand because I'm not good at English. Please somebody write what they say.

  22. Victoria W

    What’s the song in the beginning???

  23. Spencer Brown

    Shit so smooth. 👀 Damn that's a beautiful Goddess. Reel Musick ❤

  24. Peacemaker

    She casually walks to the bathroom, sits down and thunder blasts the toilet ruining the mood of the whole song

  25. Madmartigan

    I am more interested in square meters of that apartment. Dayum

  26. Darrylyn quick

    Raven 😍

  27. Xav215 XL

    Okay. this whole video & song makes me High 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️

    Alex Ander

    can’t blame you, it’s a good high song

  28. Kira l

    I’m not gay but damn I wish I was that dress...

  29. Joystick.R

    want to fuck her so bad jeez DAMN BOIII SHE'S THICCC

  30. coo

    vote for pedro

  31. Felix Gonzales

    Video was great but the song sucks!

  32. Dani J

    It's Going down!Salud🥂

  33. Mario Chavez

    Sexy mami soo raven

  34. tuna -

    I would have liked to unzip that skirt my self if i was the dude

  35. Cap C

    Director: there's one scene when the camera man has to follow her walking back to the front door in bra & panties..

    Camera man: look what you made me do....


  36. Barbie Illusions

    So slept on🥺

  37. joe mus

    who's the girl ?

  38. jbogle531

    When she used the stove lighter I knew that's wife material right there. 🙏🏽The Anatomy is just a +. 🤤

  39. paige Vidamo

    In ome day im gonna be like her! Nice and independent women!

  40. bad player

    She just told me to go to the gym

  41. In MY Zone

    watching this on mute while listening to Eric Bellinger "MooD"

  42. HopeWorld

    Ohhh these comments got me ready to cry 😂

  43. Azide Azidoazide

    Bitch grabbed the long neck lighter 😭😭😭

  44. Youngpimpin1124

    3:25 Thank Me Later..

  45. wandi bowzy

    Damn sexy😈

  46. Maurisio G

    OK... so are we just gonna forget she just added a big ass nug in that pipe and not grind it!? DAMN....

  47. sad Clown

    He left the door open...I😑

  48. I LikeFood

    she be a hourglass and i be a 🥡 .

  49. Sleepy Sagittari


  50. Lala Monroez

    Damn Maxwell is that you! 💋

  51. Booper Floyd

    they use the same model in all they videos... thats so dope!

    Alex Ander

    who is she?

    Booper Floyd

    @Alex Ander I honestly don't know her name but the concept is cool and the model is beautiful you

  52. leader '


  53. Bgirl Laurakle

    Magical vibe ✨

  54. Dee C

    Who is she???

  55. Diontae Daughtry

    What a fine lady 👌👌

  56. Mathews Okumu

    What's the name of this sexy gal

  57. CallMe Bas

    Her body is a whole “Mood” 🔥🔥🔥

  58. ___ ZEKE___

    2017 was really the best year for RnB of this decade

  59. Lonnie Ricardo Herrera

    just realized what the video was about, didn't understand and was wracking my brain for weeks, the lady was supposed to go out with the guy at the end of the video, but she had a second thought when she looked in the mirror and decided that they were just gonna stay in that evening

  60. Adrian M

    Wonder if that bod is real?

  61. Journi Boone

    Did anybody else think that she was smoking crack ? 😭 like why would they use a pipe at that moment i was scared af

  62. Jazz A.

    Mad Maxwell vibes 😍🙌🏽

  63. Miss Moon

    Dayyyyyum that girl is thicker than swallowing peanutbutter dry, no milk!!!

  64. Indiegirl007

    So.... she's a prostitute?

  65. John Gomez


  66. sheriban ismaili

    Maxwell , Prince , high notes , interesting..

  67. Robin Hoodz

    😍 mood af💨🍃🍃🍃 his music is such that a mood💙 🍷

  68. Lisa Pagan

    Vote for pedro

  69. Cherry Rose


  70. DesigningaNewMe

    Is that the dude from Napoleon Dynamite?

  71. Wy TheMonster

    She knew exactly what she was doing going to the door in a thong 😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤪🤤😉

  72. GseWorldwide

    Jesus allmighty a woman like this got a nigga whipped FOR LIFE.

  73. Ashley Mitchell


  74. AMoment wMD

    The children of Maxwell and DeAngelo who were begotten of Usher Raymond, III, who was begotten of Prince Rogers Nelson who were begotten of Marvin Gaye! #GrownFolks

  75. Wesley Diniz


  76. nuna b

    One word


  77. Guzu B

    @ all the females who get dressed up just to walk around the house

  78. Alissa Duran

    That dude looked like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite lmao also i smoke with that lighter when I dont have a lighter 😂

    Bradley Henegan

    Mamita you are fine asfuk

  79. Melanie Khoun


  80. Rinae Rinae

    I wish I could unhear this n play it for da first time

  81. autry tshabalala

    90% of the comments say the girl is 🔥 10% say the song is dope for sex playlist

  82. autry tshabalala

    If everyone listens to this the will be no "no nut November" I'm definitely busting a nut or three bumping this, as soon as my girl comes back from work

  83. Avli Music

    i want a girl like her, for smoke weed and take lsd or mdma and make love all night with this music and the weeknd`s music

  84. Juan Rojas

    Everybody needs to feel a good phat booty in there life 🍑🤤

  85. Prettyboy Savage

    And y’all wonder why men look at girls as objects

  86. Hairtech Mom


  87. Domokaze

    I can't believe she turned Pedro away

  88. Cory Palmer

    R&B is back baby 🎤🎼🎤🎼

  89. musani nlebesi

    I tried to analyze this video a bit and I got confused towards the end. I thought she was a prostitute at first but then the guy was attractive so it's hard to tell whether it was a client or not. The man had a wedding ring on as well, and that lady definitely wasn't his wife lool. She smoked prior to texting him to come up, escaping the reality of what she's about to do which maybe shit-chick stuff or she may simply like to smoke weed. But smoking before telling him to come up was weird. She opened the door and didn't greet him or even acknowledge his presence, which implied she just wanted to get it over with and move on. Atleast that's my take on it. Even the red light in the video may be representing RED LIGHT district which is prostitution. So......

  90. Ed Esteezy

    Heavyweight champion of the worlddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

  91. Lucky Rite

    What drink did she mix up

  92. Maurício Andrade

    Não v.