Dusk, Matt - Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad Lyrics

Two shots of happy, one shot of sad
You think I'm no good, well I know I've been bad
Took you to a place, now you can't get back
Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

Walked together down a dead end street
We were mixing the bitter with the sweet
Don't try to figure out what we might of had
Just two shots of happy, one shot of sad

I'm just a singer, some say a sinner
Rolling the dice, not always a winner
You say I've been lucky, well hell I've made my own
Not part of the crowd, but not feeling alone

Under pressure, but not bent out of shape
Surrounded, we always found an escape
Drove me to drink, but hey that's not all bad
Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

Guess I've been greedy, all of my life
Greedy with my children, my lovers, my wife
Greedy for the good things as well as the bad
Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

Maybe it's just talk, saloon singing
The chairs are all stacked, the swinging's stopped swinging
You say I hurt you, you put the finger on yourself
Then after you did it, you came crying for my help

Two shots of happy, one shot of sad
I'm not complaining, baby I'm glad
You call it a compromise, well what's that
Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

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Dusk, Matt Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad Comments
  1. Tina Roubou

    I love listening to your song my favorite two shot of happy one shot of dad😉😎

  2. dan n

    Writing lyrics only U2 can!

  3. Samuel L. Uribe

    I like, heard likes the Sinatra's tune.

  4. rogerb707

    love this song so much a good voice

  5. Blue Tv

    Wow ! Great version !!!

  6. Rob M

    Damn man. That is pretty good.

  7. Splaticus Blah

    would be good if the upload didn't have sound flaws and a constant hum.

  8. Calum John Roberts

    I'd love Obama to sing this song, I think he'd brilliant.

    Rob M

    Calum John Roberts he would fail, like his administration

  9. buğra arslan

    henüz türklerin keşfedemediği cevherlerden...

  10. Anthony Sclafani

    I do like U2's better, but this was a good cover

  11. VideoDead69

    i saw him preform this song in a tv show but I can't remember what show it was.

  12. James Byron Dean

    Porsche Spyder 550, makes four wheels of happy :)

  13. Lorie Gonta

    this was the song that introduced me to Matt Dusk, love it...he is a wonderful singer, great performer and isn't afraid to meet his fans...

  14. Denis Ladouceur

    fantastic new frank

  15. DrSequoia

    How's it even possible to sing such a passionate tune in so emotionless way? What a waste.

  16. Grant Davis

    why do I relate so much to this song??oh right gambling, drinking, women...damn I spent all my money on these...the rest, I just wasted.....

  17. Maureen Tucker

    Excellent version....but for another great version, check out Emin's version with David Foster at the St. Petersburg Concert!

  18. Splaticus Blah

    Are u kidding me U2 did not write this .


    They certainly did . . .

    d rusnak


  19. Splaticus Blah

    Matt Dusks smokey voice is perfect for this song.

  20. Bartosz Talaga

    Matt re-born this U2's song.

  21. Юлия Голицына


  22. Arian Azadi

    who was the first performer of this song ?


    frank sinatra

    Splaticus Blah

    Frank Sinatra and Matt dusk is the perfect voice for a cover. U2 version sucks.

    Cherokee Lair

    YouTube wrote it for Frank Sinatra but he never got a chance to record it and Matt Dusk was the first one to cover it later you two did their own version and Nancy Sinatra.

    d rusnak

    @AK its cuz ur a moron

  23. Natasha Pittman

    this performance moved me, with shivers through my body, thank you!

  24. Harrie de Beuker

    Matt is now touring the Netherlands....
    Friday the 22nd in "de Meervaart"Amsterdam !
    Tickets come from € 20,- and up.



  26. Adrienne X

    Remembering Matt from the show about the Golden Nugget casino with Tim and Tom. They were giving Matt a shot in the showroom at the Nugget. I loved his smooth, effortless style. We need to "share" him more- get him out there!

    Adri Attwood

    I was thinking the same thing.
    I remember when Matt Dusk was at the Nugget ... I really thought he'd go far.

    Alan Arbelaez

    +Adrienne X its the only reason i know of him sadly yea. Love his song 'lonely road'

    kevin roulette

    Did you notice he’s manager on show was the cab driver ?

  27. Mike Caldwell

    U2's version is much better


    I beg to differ. But it's an opinion so we're both right


    what about Nancy Sinatra's version?

    Splaticus Blah

    no way Matt Dusk does the Frank Sinatra voice for this song perfectly U2 lead singers voice is not suited to this song.

  28. bjorn kok

    till awesome  tune and voice Matt!!!!!!,thx for sharing,apreciate it!!!!!very enjoyable!!!

  29. Shaun Eales

    will Matt ever do a video for..Wish you well...Love this guys music!!!

  30. Yuli

    Amazing voice. Spot on performance of this song. So proud of our home-town boy!

    Loula Lucille

    Yuli Where are you and he from?

  31. Sammie C


    Johan Runestam

    Yes, he did. Why delude yourself (and others by trying to fool them like this) by denying it when it's clear fact? He wrote it together with The Edge intended for Frank Sinatra, but nothing ever came out of it, so Nancy Sinatra got to do a version of it, along with a version that Bono did himself for Frank's 80th birthday. This is a cover (pretty good one, actually).


    I love Nancy's version

    Anthony Sclafani

    Yes he did...it's not a Sinatra song, and it's not Nancy's song. Dusk's is also a cover. The video description says "music written by U2: Bono and the Edge," it's a U2 song

  32. stuckinreverse24

    So talented , how does he not have more views.

  33. John Ryan

    Matt is one of the most talented singers today. As good as Michael Bublé is I think Matt is by far the better singer...


    Buahahahahaahhahahahahahahahaahahahaaahh ...

    Alison Smith

    Has a very interesting edge to his voice. Stands out.

  34. Chris Thompson

    It's lounge music imo your having dinner and a drink listening to this guy

  35. boybblue

    I think Nancy's version is better!!!

  36. Sir Island Knight

    Can anyone tell me what style of music this is? This blend of downbeat, classy, and passion. I'd really like to know, so that I can hopefully find more songs like this.

    Blue Tv

    Sir Island Knight — look through Frank Sinatra’s catalog.

  37. somethingtodowithme

    he's still at it. Has a new album out or coming out soon. I went to his concert last Friday. He is a great, great, great entertainer.

  38. Sunshines4u2

    That's me at the side of the pool table in Black and White. Glad to see you are growing still.

  39. Frank Smathers

    The backup orchestration is wrong - it needed to be a Tommy Dorsey / Nelson Riddle / Count Basie style big band sound to make it work - nothing wrong with following in Sinatra's footsteps - but if you're going to do it - do it right

  40. Leo Rossi

    Inspiring songs? Listen!

  41. Nancysinatrafan


  42. Nancysinatrafan

    Sinatra Nancy sings this!!!!!

  43. TMWTim

    What ever happened to Matt? I got hooked on him way back during that casino reality show but haven't heard much sense then. This song rocks! I always come back to it when the mood arises. He has a bad ass voice. Surprised he isn't major league. The man has some serious pipes.

  44. Carmela Sagula

    Could listen to his voice forever.

  45. KaLa

    two shots, this song is full of shots a plesure

  46. KaLa

    two shots, this song is full of shots a plesure

  47. I H

    his beautiful

  48. L.V.

    I like both Micheal Bublé and Matt Dusk; they are both insanely talented and wonderful, OK?

  49. L.V.

    Oh My God I love this song.

  50. GoingToHogwarts

    @xXFatalSinzXx how does Michael Buble sound like a boy?? and he does write his own music, yes he does alot of covers but that's because the songs are amazing and there's nothing wrong with that. i'm not saying that Matt Dusk isn't good at all i think he's really good i just happen to like MB better and i'm sure Matt will go places too

  51. xXFatalSinzXx

    @GoingToHogwarts He's alright, but he sounds like a boy. He doesn't even write his own music, and he's mostly alright at cover songs of other famous people. Matt Dusk actually does his own music. He actually looks genuinely happy when he sings. I just think it's very unfair that Buble made it, but Dusk didn't. Dusk has great skill, and extreme potential.

  52. GoingToHogwarts

    @xXFatalSinzXx i don't know, Michael Buble is pretty fucking awesome too

  53. hotpaws99

    i will never argue that matt dusk does not get enough air time or credit for his talents, but at the same time, has anyone ever considered that michael buble WANTED to make it this big and matt dusk didnt?? my boyfriend is an amazing guitarist and singer, and idolizes james hetfield, but he said he wants to stay underground if he were to make it big in any way.... jjjuuuussssssss sayin

  54. jeffandersen1965


    Should be as popular as Sinatra? I like Dusk but I hate to say this, he is NO Sinatra. No one can touch Frank. Holy hell, get a clue.

  55. goldenoldiesPete

    Great song, tremendous singer. Had to start a new playlist.

  56. Jack

    I wish I could sing like this fella :)

  57. xXFatalSinzXx

    @rookee13 I'm just sick and tired of Michael Buble. Matt Dusk has been around for so much longer and just doesn't get enough credit. I don't know about other countries, states, or provinces but he gets zero airtime on our radios (not that i ever listen to it), and Buble is still all over. I dislike his boy voice because it really throws me off the genre. If you throw Matt Dusks vocals in all of Bubles songs i can guarentee Buble would be struggling to compete.

  58. brandito27

    @xXFatalSinzXx Swing, not jazz man..

  59. Matthew Wallace

    @viewdemonde Matt Dusk is way better.

  60. Matthew Wallace

    @xXFatalSinzXx I would say he is the best jazz singer.

  61. dodo04ro

    @exrappa lucky bastard...

  62. Kim Hanson


  63. E Wester

    Man!!! I love this song!!!

  64. David P

    excelentisima versión!!!!!!!!

  65. viewdemonde

    P.S. I think there's room for both Michael Buble and Matt Dusk by the way.......

  66. viewdemonde

    Never heard him before....I think he's great!!!!!!!

  67. Adeel Salman

    there are 13 people who need psychiatric treatment....

  68. angela hecbert

    I really love this song. Why don't we hear of Matt more often? Michael Buble eat your heart out!

  69. Gökhan Mersinlioğlu

    he is great..if only i d had a voice like him..:D

  70. imnobodyc

    Sinatra is gone, lets be gald some people are trying to keep this type of music out there today. You go Matt, very, very good!

  71. Dan Hennessey

    this song was written for sinatra

  72. thegoalissoul4ever

    Bono`s lyrics rock . Edge and Bono greatest songwriters

  73. TheMedia2009

    NOt bad not bad

  74. HacjienceYukona

    Exactly. Sinatra wasn't just about a voice, though he had a very fine one. Sinatra was about a certain mystique and glamour, a near-mythical legendaryness that no one can ever replicate in this day and age. That's why no one can come close to him.

  75. mandorle80

    I have no special feelings listening to his voice. Thumb down, follow a different way man

  76. xXFatalSinzXx

    Sinatra is fantastic...but so is Matt Dusk.

  77. xXFatalSinzXx

    This man does NOT get enough credit at all. He's probably one of the best jazz singers out there He should be just as popular as Sinatra for gods sake.

  78. Brieanna Lommerse

    I love how the only comments that usual get voted good are ones putting down another artists and the ones with anything negitive or contrustive critisism in it gets voted down. People focus on the song. People can like Dusk and Buble. I do.

    I love the title and I see the song meaning that all fun comes at some sort of price.

  79. Baki Smaki

    I think Buble sucks, but he's been lucky, he's had excellent backing from his label and management. Matt not so much although he's more talented and has the much better voice.

  80. Margit Helena Krause de Souza

    Oh! Beautiful voice and music.

  81. Mark Liddell

    Good effort but i think Bono sing a wee bit better - he edge(s) it, so to speak ;-)

  82. Glock

    Moja ulubiona piosenka.Mój ulubiony Matt Dusk.Pozdrowienia

  83. Charlotte Lutter

    Wooooow he's sings so easely,it's fantastic!

  84. Shawn Nguyen

    This guys is awesome.

  85. arxsyn

    How come this video reminds me of Mad Men? Stylish.

  86. Gregory Vince

    Written for Sinatra. Dusk does it justice!

  87. ELLEH

    Beautiful Song

  88. Connor Lavell

    It's a big world, cholowoo, and if he isn't your definition of crooner, with enough time i'm sure he very well could be.

    In my opinion, I like this guy better than Michael Buble. He has a deeper voice that's more grounded and powerful then Buble's. It's good for the barroom sound of this song. Really good voice for orchestral dive-tunes like this. Buble....meh....he's a little too weak, but he has good emotion.

    Still, in my opinion Dusk is better. He got potential.

  89. Andy M

    like bono's more, more felling,from the heart

  90. Baggio Vieira

    Please, come to The Netherlands !!!

    We are waiting for you !!!

  91. Paula Soares

    This is nice, but I still prefer U2 with no doubt.

  92. Denysé Bridger

    Matt's the best, and this is the proof.... Fabulous!!

  93. 13triki

    I bet, Winehouse will beat both, Bubble and Matt at all these type of songs!

  94. Nicole 0183

    oh i love this song so close to the reality of these days ... he s voice is very nice
    good song and handsome canadian boy ;-)

  95. yellowsheep

    way to go canadian boy...make us proud

  96. Shamino Warhen

    You do know that... Frank Sinatra sung this years before Bono even sung, right?

  97. Baron Moritani

    cool remake.

  98. Diana5230

    excellence all round here. what a voice he has.

  99. Rob Pruegner

    Great Video.. I Love This Song!!