Dusk, Matt - Never Gonna Fool Me Lyrics

You don’t seem to understand
Anything about me when
You’re all caught up in your world, doing the right thing
You don’t seem to realize
How much of you I recognize
It’s hard to think straight when
The only thing you do is fighting
And you never pay attention to that feeling inside
That lets us go along for the ride

Cause you don’t know what you’re talking about
Don’t know what
You’re going on about
You should do your homework
Before you open your mouth
Cause you don’t know
Who’s runnin’ the show ‘round here
Just for once open up your ears
No matter how many tricks are up your sleeves
You’ll never fool me

If only you could just go back
And try to unlearn your facts
You’d be so much closer
To making the right moves
I think that you think too much
Inside your bubble out of touch
Time you found out what it’s like
Walkin’ in my shoes!

You lie in bed awake at night
And worry about
If you’re on your way in
Or on your way out

[Repeat Chorus]

We take nothing for granted ‘round here
Year after year and your door
Is still wide open, can’t you see?
That no matter who you are
It’s never too late to learn

[Repeat Chorus twice]

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Dusk, Matt Never Gonna Fool Me Comments
  1. Gabriel Planavsky

    Dude how can I find this in the states?

  2. John Boyle

    Good mix Matt... It fits you and it has a good dance beat.

  3. yung monopoly

    my g this shit poppin

  4. Shaun Watson

    Good stuff; thanks!