Dusk, Matt - Lo Siento Lyrics

Lo Siento, I'm so sorry
I had one, two, three, four, five too many
I got lost in your eyes like a punch drunk fool
And outta my lips, I let it slip, "I love you"

Lo Siento, I'm so sorry
I introduced you as my girl too early
I was under the spell of your sweet perfume
I jumped the gun, what have I done, got no clue

Lo Siento, I'm so sorry
Ten thousand roses wasn't necessary
I got carried away and filled all the rooms
You opened the door, to flowers galore and spring in bloom

Lo Siento, I'm so sorry
I shouldn't have invited all your family
You were more than surprised, they were all there too
I made a mistake, our intimate date just fell through

Lo Siento, baby I'm sorry
I bought that diamond ring in such a hurry
I got down on one knee not to tie my shoe
How'd I expect you to say, "Yes, yes I do"

Lo Siento, ooh I'm sorry
I waited all this time to get married
I hear those wedding bells ringing out for two
I must confess, I do profess, I love you

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