Dusk, Matt - Let's Hop On A Plane! Lyrics

Way down in Barbados
There's a beach with our name
Bagels in Brussels
With a side of beignets
Why wait another day
We could be there now together
What do you say babe?
Let's hop on a plane

Big Suites in Vegas
Roll the dice win it all
Boat rides in Venice
Taking in the Taj Mahal
Why wait another day?
'Cause the world won't spin forever
What do you say babe?
Let's hop on a plane

We don't need a reason why
Flyin' high on cloud number nine
Leaving all of all cares behind
Mile high with you

Sippin' on the best champagne
Paradise we are on our way
To a coconut holiday
A brand new honeymoon

Jazz in New Orleans
Marching in Mardi gras
Next stop is Rio
Get dressed for Carnival

Why wait another day?
You and I can be jet setters
What do you say babe?
Let's hop on a plane

Sippin' on champagne
Paradise we are on our way
To a coconut holiday
A brand new honeymoon

So pack up your suitcase
Lots of things we can see
With you beside me
We'll make sweet memories

Why wait another day?
You and I can change the weather
What do you say babe?
Come on let's fly away
On a fine holiday
Let's hop on a plane

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Dusk, Matt Let's Hop On A Plane! Comments
  1. Agnieszka Kowalska

    Great song. Beautiful Voice.

  2. Agnieszka Kowalska

    Beautiful song. Great smooth voice.

  3. Michelle McCarthy

    Love this! Saw him perform it live last night. Soooo talented and entertaining.

  4. far rule

    Some Frank Sinatra)

  5. Jazziz Café

    Great song, love it! Thanks for share it!
    El crooner canadiense Matt Dusk publicó su décimo álbum, "JetSetJazz", en noviembre de 2018, un estupendo trabajo grabado con una orquesta de 54 músicos, con diez temas como este "Let's Hop On A Plane!" que abre el álbum. Un trabajo que Matthew-Aaron "Matt" Dusk, describe en su web como "una vuelta atras en el tiempo y con el que quiere transportarnos a la edad de oro de la PanAm y de Frank Sinatra. #bigband #swing #crooners

  6. K. Marland

    Stunning Matt!🥂 I love him singing Polish hits in English! What a TALENT!🎹🎶🎤

  7. tom0poland

    Thank you for great and touching performance on Zbigniew Wodecki tribute concert!

  8. Dennis Dooley


  9. Patricia Lim

    This totally has the background tune of the way you look tonight! Love it!

  10. Johnathan Hodskins

    There isn't enough people doing work like this. Thanks to many pieces of popular culture (such as the fallout franchise), there is plenty of demand for new-old music. I'm not sure why more people don't experiment.

    LoveEverton John

    Now this is real music with class.Not that rap garbage.

    Johnathan Hodskins

    LoveEverton John ...uh yup. Lol not sure why u commented on my comment lol u arnt dissagreeing with me

  11. Alexander Bulin

    thanks for the new clip! Perfect voice! Good song!

  12. James Bond

    I know he’s only 40, but damn it makes me feel weird to see Matt with grey hair.

  13. Jorge CastilloF 13

    Quisiera ser como él

    tiffany kate tauson

    Nfjguehfjejgi ghdjfbhdj

    Maximiliano Vidal

    Yo también

  14. Mohamed Sabra

    I love your songs😍
    *from Egypt 😃

  15. Barbara Dobosz

    Uwielbiam ten gatunek muzyki i Matta Duska.

  16. Stefania Galińska

    to jest to co lubię .Jest świetny!!!!

  17. Leszek Firlik

    Young frank sinatra

  18. shane upham

    MATT easy best singer over BUBBLE wait is it bible or Bubler or is it Buble idk

    John zzz

    Hahaha. You're hilarious. Matt dusk doesn't hold a candle to Buble.

  19. Darren Engel


  20. SbernaSlam

    I always preferred Matt Dusk over Buble

  21. Vincent Bedolla

    Outstanding Matt