Dusk, Matt - Kicks In the 6ix Lyrics

I've been around and round the world
Been to many, many places
My passport's runnin' low on pages
I've seen those big-time first class cities
And they all look postcard pretty
But there's one swingin' place that's got it all

That hustlin', bustlin' 9 to 5
With that cool kind of vibe
If you haven't been there, you need to go
'Cause it's always action packed
Let me show where it's at
Come get your kicks in the 6ix

If you're wanting the high life
Where the good times roll all night
Like streetcars fit for king and queen
No matter your exotic flavors
It's got all that you can savor
Just strolling down the street
Makes you Yonge at heart

Soon as your wheels touch the ground
You're gonna wanna stick around
It's the hottest little dot on the globe
It's the one place on the map
Where they hit and flip the bat
Come on join the mix
Come on find your fix
Come on get your kicks
In the 6ix

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