Durbin, James - Screaming Lyrics

My parents said it wouldn't last forever
And I'm still waiting to get better
Liars, and they're lying to me now
I always knew that I wouldn't fit in
Kicked out, but I never caved in
Liars, and I'm dealing with it now

I'm screaming! (Screaming for my losers)
Screaming! (Scream at the abusers)
Show 'em that we're fed up
Come and throw your hands up
Oh, oh, oh
We're screaming! (Everybody hates us)
Screaming! (Cause they could never break us)
We're not gonna give up
Come and throw your hands up
Oh, oh, oh

Got a lot of friend worth losing
I've got a lot of friends just using me
So can you hear my battle cry?

I'm screaming! (Screaming for my losers)
Screaming! (Scream at the abusers)
Show 'em that we're fed up
Come and throw your hands up
Oh, oh, oh
We're screaming! (Everybody hates us)
Screaming! (Cause they could never break us)
We're not gonna give up
Come and throw your hands up
Oh, oh, oh

The world said it wouldn't last forever
But we're done waiting to get better
Liars! They're all liars!

I'm screaming! (Screaming for my losers)
Screaming! (Scream at the abusers)
Show 'em that we're fed up
Come and throw your hands up
Oh, oh, oh
We're screaming! (Everybody hates us)
Screaming! (Cause they could never break us)
We're not gonna give up
Come and throw your hands up
Oh, oh, oh

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Durbin, James Screaming Comments
  1. Michael Sans

    love the song and love him

  2. Alex S.

    Love my fellow Aspie - DURBIN ROCKS!!! \m/ \m/

  3. Rebecka Hanna

    dudeeeeeeeee not even close might be the part of the lyrics that says screaming for the losers ect cuz they have a song that says shout for the losers

  4. kallai19

    I'd love to see him sing this live

  5. t103Niinja

    unfortunatly thats just life

  6. Grave Gamer

    MCR really? I thought it sounded like JAMES FUCKING DURBIN... I could be mistaken though

  7. MegaSapphire21

    why does this song sound like my chemical romance.

  8. austin

    i hate how people can relate to this. it sucks. no one should have to feel this way. no mater who they were

  9. nialldairish horan

    I loved from the begininng, I love him now.

  10. Ginny Hase

    u mean Goosies! xD

  11. Ginny Hase

    He is BEAST He Is mix of love and Rock!!!! i love it!!

  12. Chase Gaudette

    So can you hear my battle-CRYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I LOVE THT PART GOOSEBUMPS!!!!

  13. gina petolicchio

    david cook cowrote this for his cd its a good song lol i love it so much my anthem and so is outcast

  14. TabbyN777

    Personally, I love this song. Great message and easy to listen to. I'm a mom of 3 boys all with some form of ADD/ADHD + Anxiety, ODD, and symptoms of Autism. Children with disabilities are often intelligent, imaginative, and good-hearted, but they also have such amazing inner strength that lets them take adversity and turn it to an advantage. They twist 'you can't do' criticism into 'you just watch me' inspiration. These conditions may not be curable, but they are often manageable. WTG James!

  15. Jordan Coffey

    @Metalborn69 While I do agree with this song sounding horribly cliche, I don't think making music that yer passionate about makes you a poser at all (that said, I hate ghost-written songs). A softer song doesn't make you not metal... also, this sounds nothing like blink-182. Who aren't shitty. Lastly, metal isn't the only genre out there. I love Bullet for My Valentine, ol' school Trivium, etc, but I also like Florence + The Machine, Angels & Airwaves...

  16. happyjessus

    Well, i kind of expected something different from him.. this is SO trendy :/ His managers, with this album, forced him to be a drop in the ocean, while he could be something extraordinary!

  17. Katherine Vaca

    AMAZING ;) COME TO ECUADOR...........!!!!

  18. Shinbu1128

    I was depressed that metal was not getting any exposure, and because people kept telling me I would never do anything in life cause of my asperger's, then my friend told me to watch American Idol cause of this guy...better than any anti-depressant in history...

  19. Shinbu1128

    @erreid1 actually, James Durbin said in an interview that this song was about bullying.

  20. Erica Reid

    Well, I don't think this song is about bullying as much as I think its about his Asperger's syndrome. My son was diagnosed w/ Asperger's and I have tried for years to understand his mind and what goes on inside of it. My son has come to me many times wanting to know why he's different and when things will get better, well, I have tried to tell him that things won't always be the way they are, but, w/ this song I see that things will almost always be the same in his mind.

  21. electrocutedcat

    this is co-written by david cook!

  22. JulietTony10

    This song desribes my life to a t. All i ever want to do it scream when im upset about anything. This song allows me to do that now. Whenever im upset i play this song and just jam and get my feeling out

  23. TheRenegadewoman

    This song was written for the bully's and the bullied of this world. Has nothing to do with Metal or Rock or whatever.....lighten up people !! THE SONG IS SERVING IT'S PURPOSE !! I love metal....lol....doesn't mean I CAN ONLY LISTEN TO METAL !! Metalheads need to get over themselves and either listen or don't......quit dissing this guy and let him have his day in the sun man !! My whole house full of children LOVE this song. They would listen to it 24/7 if I would let them.

  24. XXRiotgirl12

    yeah, i thought he would go harder.
    This is like..poprock compared to what I listen to xD
    But not bad. He has potential, defidently.

  25. MrCW73

    Dissappointed. Sounds like Big Time Rush with a little guitar. They jjust added too much vanilla. I really thought he might bring back something with a hint of Halford and maybe Iron Maiden. But we get more of this radio gaga. :-(

  26. Cameron Chaney

    I wish I had this song when I was in school. I can relate to every word. Thanks for this song, James. And thanks to David Cook for co-writing it. Huge DC fan!!!

  27. HoschtonBoy

    At some point in everyone's life they just want to get on the highest mountain and scream f... you to the world.James could be the lead man.

  28. hannah m

    i love James! this is my favorite song by him <3
    he's from my town, makes me proud to be a citizen of Santa Cruz

  29. TheMiramara

    I've been a fan since his audition I'm so glad to know he has so many fans already :D Hello James's fans! :D

  30. charles foster

    rock on dude

  31. kayla cef

    i love u james. i kno u have a wife and a wonderful son n i dont love u like tht but i think u totally brought something new to idol n i admire u for that! u r the most amazing, natural rocker in the world i <3 u!!!!!!

  32. guyverdio

    it's not bad but why have him do this when his voice is so more capable and better suited for 80's metal. This is more like 30 seconds from mars.

  33. Mike Boonstra

    Im going get my band to learn this song. We have have a great guitarist and drummer. Im the bassist. We have an alight singer.
    Please look us up on facebook give us a like. Our band page on facebook is Solitary Alliance.

  34. dakoolkid131994

    WOW speechless

  35. Jenni L.

    @xwordaddict11 i totally agree! james durbin is my idol! i can relate so much to the lyrics! he has an amazing voice! i feel wat the words mean in real life! i knew i wouldn't fit in! i am different and that is all that matters! i have weight probs, and i am the brainy nerd! i don't fit in but who cares! sure i get bullied! but i wont let them bring me down today nor tomarrow or the next day! i am who i am and i am proud of me! i wont change for them! i love you james durbin! :)

  36. C Joubert

    he was good in ameican idol now he's fucking commercial, thought he loved metal bullshit

  37. crazyboy41100

    I don't care what type of music James sings. He is badass no matter what he sings. james rocks.

  38. The Stockers

    This sounds amazing :) so proud of James<3 Although, I think he would have came out with a more metal sounding album, and less mainstream pop.

  39. Nadz Haner Jnr

    David cook co-wrote this song!!!!!! :D

  40. Michael Jenkins

    @unsology me either, I thought it would grow on me but I was wrong:(

  41. pleasantly warm

    not a big fan of this album, i thought he was gonna bring back metal,

  42. kallai19

    You know whats cool? Arguing on YouTube.

  43. alex snyder

    @WithCancer Your so stupid! hahahahahaha you think i believe that bs for one second? I've watched your videos. your SHIT literally you look like your fourteen. and learn to read "bro" i said you look like Bieber. I hate him and even he sounds better than you. You haven't done any of that stuff. p.s music class in high school does NOT count as a performance. maybe you should spend more time in English class instead of Beginner Guitar and choir because it is spelled leagUe. moron

  44. alex snyder

    @WithCancer wow I watched and listened to your songs....wow pathetic. Your just a wanna be Justin Bieber. P.S good job calling a neuroscience major stupid makes a lot of sense. Have fun trying to sound like a gay Ray Charles while looking like Bieber.

  45. alex snyder

    @WithCancer your calling me stupid? seriously, your an idiot. He is not a sell out. EVERY SINGLE artist uses autotune at one time or another. you CANNOT deny that If you are going to sit here and call him a sell out then I expect you to go around and say something to EVERY artist there is and stop putting your anger towards the new artists who have not been at this as long as you because your just jealous that they are more popular than you and your shitty music.

  46. alex snyder

    @WithCancer if you respect him then do not call him a sell out because of him using auto tune when he took the best contract available to help his family.

  47. lizzy b

    all of the music is not auto-tuned. you can tell when his voice without it comes in. most bands really suck live and auto-tune does not even help them at all. I've seen so many people that really sound like shit in concert. James sounds great live

  48. alex snyder

    @WithCancer Also wait until his contract is over with this company and he has the money to start creating his own music. it will be raw, he even said that is how he prefers it. Like i said he did what he knew would give his family a better life so stay off his back about it.

  49. alex snyder

    @WithCancer P.s If you can sit there and say that you wouldn't do that then I truly envy you, and I feel bad for those who depend on you. He did not do American Idol only for himself, he did it so that he could possibly give his child a better life than he had. P.P.S If you ARE a recording artist(which i doubt it) then your not big because you have not listened to what people want, yes people want raw but only when you provide it good enough, if not they want auto tune.

  50. alex snyder

    @WithCancer First of all, barely anyone goes raw. Can you sit there and honestly tell me that if you, your wife, and your two/three year old son basically lived in a basement that you wouldn't make an album with auto-tune even knowing it would give them a better life than you ever dreamed of giving them?

  51. Larry Seilhamer

    I am so glad james vocals are so strong.James keep on rocking!!!!!

  52. alex snyder

    no offense but he can use autotune all he wants, we saw what he could do on American Idol

  53. Dani Alarice

    i love that he sings this song and david cook co-wrote it!!!ahhhhhhh:O

  54. xwordaddict11

    Great song, well performed. I can see a whole lotta kids being shored up and inspired, heartened, and finally have a voice to what they are going through and know they are so much better than their tormentors. James you rock and thanks for putting your talent out their for all of us to enjoy!

  55. Schwing