Duran Duran - This Lost Weekend Lyrics

This lost weekend
By the evening I can
Smile at the memory
The taint of scandal on my skin, yeah and it seems that I’ve been manic
So gravelly quite
The joker on a string
So I’m leaving all my trouble to history but you know how I will pretend, oh
ah ha high high…

Show no mercy to this clown please remind me
Should I forget this lost weekend, oh oh why ah ah…

Lucky nothing
Could have done without the sighing (should I forget this lost weekend)
You can’t work the humbling
Trying to hush it all up now (should I forget this lost weekend)
Don’t blow it all or nothing
Don’t watch me now I’m blushing (should I forget this lost weekend)
Don’t bother me or nothing
I, I’m busy working (should I forget this lost weekend)

I’m working on to something
I ah ah (should I forget this lost weekend)
and your testing my all entire meds?
(should I forget this lost weekend)
(should I forget this lost weekend)

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Duran Duran This Lost Weekend Comments
  1. Priit Lahemaa

    Is there any parallel wiht John Lennons ilfe 1973-1975 and May Pang?

  2. david deacon

    my love song to my boyfriend hunter...

  3. Mirko Montaldo

    Reminds me of We Need You from the B-side of Skin Trade. Amazing

  4. Peter Jackson

    single or unreleased?

  5. James Simpson

    This is a demo, in mono.

  6. luiz Fábio

    Um " bálsamo inglês " !!

  7. Dias jl Dias

    Linda canção! DD demais

  8. quarkyzarky

    Weak AF for Duran Duran. Should have been left as an unreleased demo. DD, get a proper guitarist/songwriter back in the bad. Your songwriting has turned to shit. Last truly great thing you did was Ordinary world, and were amazing from 81 - 86/87... Why? Andy Taylor... then Warren (for OW/CU). You can't just keep doing this shit over and over. Get rocking!! forget 'rio', it's stunning but it's in the past. Go more like you were heading in the 90s, that's how artists grow. But you need less NR and more GTR!


    Andy and the band's root are something precious but Duran Duran have always explored , and this aspect is part of their strong essence. This lost weekend " is a wonderful gem, with a great songwriting talent. You might not like it but please respect it

    James Simpson

    Well, everyone has their opinion. I like Nick's contributions; Andy never fitted well because he prefers AC/DC over Roxy Music. The band's most recent albums are much better than their mid-period and many songs are as good as those on Rio or Seven... And that's my opinion.

    Diesal One

    I know everyone has their own opinions, but yours sucks ass

    M.J. Carroll

    Simon writes all the lyrics.

  9. Veronica Martinez

    Éxito total muy bonita canción 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💕💕💕💕

  10. Andrea Pedretti

    Più l'ascolto e più ti entra in circolo... Meravigliosa

  11. JJ Hofstra

    another lost little gem........great laid-back vibe!!! nice groove..........luv it!

  12. Per S

    Really enjoyed this album, but poor dudes peaked in 1983.


    agreed. Stunning band from 81 till 86, with a small comeback around 91 (ordinary world). Everything else is sub DD. Needs more gutair. This track is weak AF.

    Peter Jackson

    this is my favorite album of theirs

  13. undervaleflorence

    should i forget this lost weekend ????????????

    davied lebonnie 7

    ive never heard this ! im from uk manchester and ive got AYNIN cd . but this aint on it ? wonder if you knew what cd its from ? : )

    Apollo Zero

    +davied lebonnie 7 This was a bonus only track box set edition of AYNIN. The other three tracks from this session is on the US Best Buy version. Not sure if this was available in the UK.

    Apollo Zero

    +davied lebonnie 7 Meant to say vinyl box set exclusive only.

    davied lebonnie 7

    +Apollo Zero i shall search and look , cheers for that 👍

  14. TheGoldeneye21

    i love this song

  15. DRstaszak

    wow simonds got a great range

    Rick Terscale

    who is simonds?