Duran Duran - Paper Gods Lyrics

All the paper gods in a sky of grey
All the fools in town are ruling today, today

Bow to the paper Gods in a world that is paper thin
The fools in town are ruling now
Bleeding from paper cuts, money for head shots
Fools leading (today)
Who needs it?

Hey girl, want it all the talking man declares
Go running to be first in line for what? Nobody cares
The next thing you must have, find peace with matching bag
It's nothing to be glad about, or sad when you forget about it
And while the race is on, the rats will run the streets
The slaver in a sweatshop, putting trainers on your feet
And walking through the rain, oblivious to pain
To shelter from the blame without a reason to complain about it
Oh, oh, oh, don't complain about it
Oh, oh, oh, don't complain about it
Oh, oh, oh, forget about it
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Bow to the paper Gods in a world that is paper thin
The fools in town are ruling now (All the fools in town)
Bleeding from paper cuts, money for head shots
Fools leading (today)
Who needs it?

She's staring out in underwear, from your computer screen
It's all on sale for dirty cash, we can wash it clean
So hang it out online, confess and you'll feel fine
And if you got the time to spare we want to know
Which name you're wearing
And when the final curtain finally comes down
We'll all be in the party room, no wiser as to how
The total human race became a basket case
It's nothing to lose face about it
It's really not our place to doubt it

Bow to the paper Gods in a world that is paper thin
The fools in town are ruling now
Bleeding from paper cuts, money for head shots
Fools leading (today)
Who needs it?

Paper Gods falling down
Paper house, paper town
Paper Gods falling down
Paper world just falling down
Paper Gods falling down
Paper house, paper town
Paper Gods falling down
Paper world just falling down
Falling down, falling down
Falling down, falling down
Falling down, falling down
Falling down, falling down
Falling down, falling down

Bow to the paper Gods in a world that is paper thin
The fools in town are ruling now
Bleeding from paper cuts, they go for the money shots
The fools leading (today)
Who needs them?

All the paper Gods in a sky of grey
All the fools in town are ruling today, today

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Duran Duran Paper Gods Comments
  1. Wally Arroyo

    Duran Duran rocks. Best band ever. Fans in every country. Greetings from Puerto Rico.

  2. Seth Seiden

    In the USA, only Country,Rap and poptart bullshit is on hit stations today.

  3. Seth Seiden

    I love this CD, but even new Bonjovi doesn't get any airplay today, they still sell stadium so fuck the radio!

  4. MARCO Antonio

    i love duran duran...no no notorious.....paper gods is fantastic.

  5. T. I. N Mateus

    Amazing album

  6. Jamesons Barbershop Timperley

    Never a true word spoken 😳

  7. Brenda Echols

    Simon LeBon's voice still brings tears to my eyes. Love you, Simon Le Bon !! So grateful to have you as a part of my life and to be a part of yours....

  8. Nando

    Sorry Blokes... NOTHING to do with past times...

  9. MrRedshield

    Good one.

  10. JayWillBamazing Films

    Since the early 80's, they have been the soundtrack to my life. I love Duran Duran!

  11. John Guilbert

    Ohhh....bit like "Paper Monsters' - I know DD don't like DM success. They do still sound bloody good though ;)

  12. tkefan29

    awesome song

  13. JayWillBamazing Films

    Duran Duran & Mr. Hudson great chemistry. Very underrated. Birmingham, England stand up!

  14. cathal farrell

    What a great song

  15. Big Easy

    I`m bleeding with my paper cuts..i just realized that.

  16. FelixTheFusky

    Great song

  17. Vitor D. Francisco

    Duran duran is fantastic when flirts with Rock n Roll and Experimentalism. This Paper Gods album is a complete generic garbage. One of the worst.

  18. Ana Gabriella

    Still loving this song 💝

  19. Mauricio Mora Flores

    Great song, a reminder what I fell in love with Duran Duran , many years ago....

  20. James Byron Dean

    Peerless lyrics, iconic music!

  21. levent tosun

    return of the legend

  22. Elie Elis

    Less laundry..higher quality handmade.

  23. Elie Elis

    Duran Duran..the one and only. Love e

  24. Jonathan Pressman

    Depressing, in a Wish You Were Here type of way. I dig it.

  25. DD X

    Duran Duran produced one of their best albums with paper Gods. AT the same time dont expect DD to produce a Rio 2.0. It wont work. Its not 1985

  26. Gina Politi

    Saw them in Camden NJ a couple of years ago with Nigel Rogers and they were fantastic as ever! Paper Gods tour rocked!!

  27. Henrik

    Simon le Bon's voice, especially on the Paper Gods intro...wow :)

  28. Divining Oil Designs

    I love this song! I love Duran Duran! ❤️❤️

  29. UnderWreck


  30. Patricia Harrison

    Every single song on this album is truly a masterpiece and I am very proud that I was able to see them in concert last year! They are simply a part of my soul and they truly have been there for every part of my ups and downs!

  31. MARCO Antonio

    I love Duran Duran. They are notorious.

  32. Jennifer Rose

    i like this song

  33. jrhernandez0907

    Paper gods a masterpiece it's one of dd best creation I love it

  34. Ryan Hunter

    I want to live forever...

  35. AD L

    Started listening to this album two days ago. And this song is great. I played it on repeat non-stop all day yesterday at work...

  36. Jennifer Angulo

    Justo hoy se cumple 3 años del lanzamiento de este majestuoso album 👏👏👏👏👏❤❤💜💜💜💜 #DDForever ❤❤❤

  37. Anthony Grant

    Simon Forever.

  38. dean b

    THis and "The Universe Alone" are seriously their best work since 1993

  39. MARCO Antonio

    I love Duran Duran.

  40. Cinzia Pucci

    Hallo Simon Lebon are Biutiful😀😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

  41. Kit Bush

    Can't believe it's been three years I cannot wait for a new album, I love all of classic Duran's albums but 21st Century Duran Duran are amazing, with Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, All You Need Is Now and Paper Gods I just know whatever happens next is gonna be great.

  42. David Brouwer

    Would love to hear the whole album only with ''real'' drums and bass guitar where only bass synth was used, the whole heart and soul of DD is their rhythm section. Nobody ever questioned their songwriting.

  43. Aimee Rutherford

    Nice Song!!!!!! paper gods bow to paper gods a world thats paper then money for heads shots

  44. Cinzia Pucci

    Hallo Simon Lebon😀😀😀😀

    Cinzia Pucci

    Pucci Cinzia hallo Simon Lebon😀😀😀

  45. Radical Chaos

    I went to one of the concerts, it was my first one and it was unforgettable.👍

  46. MARCO Antonio

    I really enjoy

  47. FxMods 290

    BESt dd AlbUm ever

  48. MARCO Antonio

    Simon Le Bon your voice always is amaizing

  49. Jonathan89 Landson

    Opublikowany 16 mar 2017 • © 2017 Interscope Records

    Duran Duran - Official YouTube Channel
    9 810 subskrypcji
    Dołączył (a) 29 lis 2007

  50. Robbie Williams

    Once again I can't understand seeing 172 thumbs down with this song. It's a beautiful song, lyrics are beautiful, Simon's amazing voice, the Band is outstanding. Every Band, every Artist needs to change their music. Each album has to be different from the album before, or no one is going to listen and buy there music. I personally find Paper Gods to be an outstanding album, each and every song is fantastic. I am sad to see this, but your lost I guess.

  51. Ventasosornotop Vip

    Chaaaaaa la mansa canción!!!!!!!

  52. mango tango

    A paper god of dreams .. classic dd

  53. Cinzia Pucci

    PAPER GODS. E'Bellissimo. Pucci Cinzia.

  54. Brunno Gurgel

    The exact limit between an all-the-same boyband and a fantastic pop rock one.. They're amazing.. It combines a comercial music with great lyrics and well done melody and harmony

  55. Mauro

    Good Sound

  56. John Erdmann

    Very cool and sad,true

  57. Elisa Benalcazar

    Buenisimo!!! " los tontos nos gobiernan, quien los necesita"

  58. John Beebe

    Still listening to this amazing song, can't get enough of it.

  59. jonny pepperston

    They're not a boy band they're a man band

  60. Davied lebonnie7

    Sept 2017

  61. Megan Shultz

    I adore this song. So relevant to life as we are living it now

  62. SnowyParker

    Origionally, I was like. This album is decent... But I between Sunset Garage, This song, The universe alone and the others its amazing!

  63. Ur Faith

    Duran Duran is my favourite band

  64. Danilo La Banca

    Wish I strutted the catwalk while this song sounding.

  65. Kimberly Beck

    did any notice the range Simon still has especially in chances are? gives me goose bumps, I think he is as unique as Elvis was.

  66. Alexandra Wimmer

    Wow ..., where has your voice gone! Makes me sad hearing this. I hope you're doing well anyways.

  67. ApeloFellow

    Common people 2016

  68. laurinha dos 80s

    musicão slk

  69. Learn Jamaican

    Better than the cheesey pop of Pressure Off. I prefer Duran Duran when they go in a more alternative direction.

  70. 100%Jacqie.

    love love love

  71. 22latino

    I don't know who sings this tune but I like it. :D

  72. Stéphane Bouchard

    Great lyrics, great music, amazing song!

  73. Literal Sockpuppet

    I dig it.

  74. Barb Walker

    band itself originally formed between 1978 and 1981

  75. Eric Rosenfeld

    This should have been the single, not Pressure Off. That song is just major-tone sing-along pop, but this one actually sounds like Duran Duran.



  77. Matt Costello

    I have heard many people talk about how this sucks compared to the 80's and 90's, but this new one really rocks.. There is very little music out nowadays that grabs your feelings and emotions by the balls like this album does!

  78. Steve Rivas

    in the sky o grey

  79. Almir Riveira

    ouvir essa voz melódica do simon le bon
    é algo maravilhoso ,duran duran the best

  80. Dominic Toussaint

    this song fucking sucks

  81. Simon Cresswell

    bow to duran duran all the fools in town can see they are the greatest most artistic band ever!

  82. Sandor Hresko

    super go duran duran

  83. Neb Olevar

    If this isn't in at least the trailer for the American Gods tv show I'm gonna be pissed. Perfect for that book.

  84. Ryan Phillips

    157 muppets who dislike

  85. depecheddurand

    Duran duran never repeat their albums that's the high risk they take but that is what makes them a very experimental and a different band which have no stylistic boundary.They can do the formula albums like u2 and others to gain commercial success but that's not what they are.Its hard to fit duran duran in one particular genre .That is the reason this band is still making albums and performing live in the arenas and stadiums .

    Jonathan Pressman

    They do have some reoccurring R&B DNA though :)


    Like talking heads

  86. Milton Menza

    lo mejor de lo mejor Duran Duran !!!! hay dudas ?????

    Why are You reading this ?

    Milton Menza english boii

  87. Maxine Rivera

    Best Christmas present I've had getting this album! Last time I was this excited that a favorite 80s group released an album after a long delay was Depeche Mode 😊

  88. tohap jefri

    marvelous song

  89. Chirality Raven

    Feeling this song today.

  90. msnovtue

    Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the unoffical anthem of the 2016 U.S.Election.....


    No, that would only work if treasonous, "Crooked Hillary" won the election - but President Trump is a great leader that bows down to no *Paper Gods* because he already owns them. Donald J. Trump is simply, yet amazingly, an excellent President of the United States of America.

  91. John Rappaport

    Of all of these posts, hardly anyone is talking about how good this song ACTUALLY is.

    Why are You reading this ?

    I cant find anyone not talking about how good this is

  92. Evandro CG

    Essa música hipnotiza!

  93. Pat Smith

    nothing but the greatest banned in the world seems. like yesterday all those years hazel o Conner Edinburgh odeon paddy smith Mayfield 2016

  94. sharon cannizzo

    il mio gruppo preferito da sempre

    GianLuca Gaz Galliani

    Dopo l'onda punk, il preferito anche per me. Tant'è che come Gaznevada abbiamo scopiazzato anche un pò (non molto solo un pochino).

  95. anna Oxford

    Duran duran lives on

  96. anna Oxford

    I'm thinking these lyrics are about money

  97. LadyJAtheist

    never heard this song before but boy oh boy is it right on target!

  98. anna Oxford

    they do still rock

  99. anna Oxford

    this song really gets to the point