Duran Duran - On Evil Beach Lyrics

A drop of blood on evil beach
And soon the sharks swim to the pool
She makes a splash red face on him
In front of the entire school

Here are lives of misadventure
Feel the same as you yourself
Preacher sighs in four dimensions
Give it all, that we got left

We light a spark on evil beach
And soon the sharks swim to the pool
She makes a splash red face on him
In front of the entire school

Here in lives of misadventure
Feel the same as you yourself
The preacher sighs in four dimensions
Giving all, that he got left

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Duran Duran On Evil Beach Comments
  1. Mack Sarnie

    Why do they leave the best tracks off

  2. Lily Kozak

    pissed this isnt on the official album

  3. Olive Casquejo

    Lol the only good track from paper gods and it was not even on it... seriously ?

  4. Ryan Hunter

    The only other song on Paper Gods I actually like!

  5. Stefano B.

    Mi piace..ma ha un suono poco pulito..potevano svilupparla meglio..l ennesimo bel pezzo sottovalutato

  6. Sandy Villetti

    I like it but wish there was more electric guitar (miss Andy). I like the additional drums though.

  7. imo

    Thanks for uploading this Spikey.

  8. Ryan Hunter

    “Give it all that we got left”...love that lyric!

  9. Beatriz Francisco

    Hi, JT!

  10. 3 UMF

    so fng sexy bass line

  11. davied lebonnie 7

    The albums good part from pressure off which to is a remix of the Reflex !

  12. skintrade

    Should have been on the album instead of the first 2 tracks.

  13. 1BlubeTube


  14. Mario Mastroianni


  15. Kenneth Caruana

    Great duran sound and love the drums on this track. should have been on the album.

  16. Rif2020

    This is sooo cool..loving that "kraftewerk" sound (ok, that's my interpretation)..wish it was longer. Should have been on the album as a regular track instead of that diabolical Dancephobia. In fact, all the bonus tracks are better that nonsense.


    Oops, just read other comments...didn't realise this is a Dep Mode original...well I always rated DM so no worries there.

    Ryan Hunter

    Agreed. I have to admit, this is 1st Duran Duran album in a long time I don't really listen to that much. It's kinda corny like the "Liberty" album. Although I love the songs "Pressure off", "Paper Gods", and "On Evil Beach"...the rest are kinda lackluster, and don't really sound like Duran Duran, IMO.  However I respect DD for trying new things.

    D XD

    +Ryan Hunter You really don't know good music. You have no idea what good Duran Duran music is.

  17. Roberta Barros

    se sentido triste pois o novo CD do Duran Duran faltou 2música a mais no álbum paper gods

    luiz Fábio

    Faltou foi cinco !!


    This should've been at least an official album track - or why not a single release???? DD is one of the best music groups ever!!!

  19. emeraldstream

    Bond film worthy

  20. La Debby

    i think they should have included this instead of the horrible danceophobia!

  21. theWARMJET

    kraftwerkian synths whooooshh mixed with dub thats rad

  22. depecheddurand

    b sides or bonus tracks are better than regular songs.

  23. blank

    I keep coming back here to listen to this...goes down to one of the darkest song of DD

  24. JJ Hofstra

    id say this is my 2nd fav bonus track after northern lights. all the bonus tracks have something appealing about them, though some need to be fleshed out and tinkered with a bit. I actually find the 5 bonus songs to be more appealing than a certain 4 songs on the main, 12 song album!  Im glad they at least added 3 of the 5 bonus tracks to the album I bought, because it helped me to overlook the 4 songs im not fond of, and helped me to realize this is an album worth purchasing.

  25. StartabandRoxy

    Whoa, a rare Depeche Mode song from 1981 surfaces!!


    I love both bands, the both appeal to me

    Karolina Chomicka

    +StartabandRoxy They did some heavily electronic stuff in the 80s as well, The Chauffeur for instance is an excellent song and a fan favourite, so DD has always had that side to too.


    @Karolina Chomicka That was one very rare exception. Importantly they always had balance. And Chauffeur was a brilliant song; this is a standard electro song.

    Karolina Chomicka

    +StartabandRoxy I'm not comparing the quality of this to the Chauffeur (which is obviously better), just saying that there's precedent. Another example would be Secret Oktober or more recently The Man who Stole a Leopard. Also I guess them going heavily in that direction would never particularly bother me, since I'm a synthpop fan in general not just a DD fan, and synths are what I'm there for. And a band's sound evolving through almost 40 years is really not something to get bent out of shape about anyway, not every era is gonna appeal to everybody and that's fine (personally I can't stand Astronaut but plenty of people love it), there's no pleasing everybody at all times. 

    Also re Depeche Mode, sorry but I'm not hearing any DM vibes here, if this track reminds me of anything it's La Roux second album.


    +StartabandRoxy check out valantine stones thats pure depeche mode sound

  26. RoxMom

    "We light a fart on evil beach" @ 1:17?! 🔥💨

    musicbetweenus 2

    +RoxMom Thanks for the laugh...Great song

  27. Dhario Hariman

    For me, this is one of the best one.

    La Debby

    +Dhario Hariman I agree...perhaps too short...

  28. Nintendo Psycho

    Sounds like lady gag shit.

  29. Zefonik

    Good one !

  30. Zefonik

    Robbie Williams - Tripping, but not as jolly !!!

  31. blank

    I'm going to go ahead and say I think this will be one of my fave DD song

  32. Marta Torres


  33. TheGoldeneye21

    This reminds me of the band Gorillaz


    I thought the same thing!

    Pedro Teixeira

    Not at all

  34. Alice G

    I like this song...it reminds me of the early 90's and the hot Belizean nights of my former existence.

  35. S Hammond

    I love DD and their new Paper Gods album. This bonus track "On Evil Beach" found only on the Target release, is not as good as the Bonus Tracks on the deluxe release: Planet Roaring, Valentine Stones, and Northern Lights. Nevertheless, I wish DD hadn't left it off of the deluxe. Leaving it off kind of diminishes the idea of the "deluxe" album concept. In other words, make the deluxe album have ALL of the bonus tracks.

    Kyach Distent

    +S Hammond I agree-annoying and a bit of a rip-off move.

  36. Thomas SHARONIARD

    The music itself is such a fierce experience, the vocal not bad but a little bit insipid... Probably a terrific B-Side !!

    Kus Edi

    +Thomas Edouard It's totally 80s.. I like it very much..!
    The drum sound reminds me of Bow Wow Wow's act.

  37. Carl Gibbons


  38. RXRom4

    All the songs should have been included instead of going here and there just to have all the tracks.


    +RXRom4 Indeed. After all, they will all end up in the same bargain bin.

  39. James


  40. julesbirdie

    This should have been included on the album, love this.

  41. Christopher West

    Thank You would love to hear Cinderella Ride i've heard it's excellent.