Duran Duran - Last Night In The City Lyrics

I'm not gonna sleep tonight
Till the morning fills the sky
No one's getting left behind
This is our time
This is our time!

We're gonna live this night, ye-yeah
Live it like it's our last night
Cause nobody cares
If there's no tomorrow

I'm not thinking 'bout the future
It's somewhere out there
We're all busy being human
We remember
Hearts' beating all around on me (together)
Now they're surrounding me
This is how we get connected
Running out the shadows into light!

We're gonna love this night, ye-yeah
Live like it's our last night
Stars up in the air, ye-yeah
It's our last night in the city!

I've been traveling around now
Big world with my brothers
Always moving to a new town
No time to put the roots down
We can't stop believing (can't stop)
Now we believe in you
Cause when you're standing in the spotlight
The only thing that matters is tonight!!

We're gonna live this night, ye-yeah
Live it like it's our last night
Cause nobody cares
If there's no tomorrow

We're gonna love this night, ye-yeah
Love it like it's our last night
Stars up in the air, ye-yeah
It's our last night in the city!

Last night in the city
Last night in the city

I'm not gonna sleep tonight
Till the morning fills the sky
No one's getting left behind
This is our time
This is our time!

We're gonna live this night, ye-yeah
Live it like it's our last night
Cause nobody cares
If there's no tomorrow

We're gonna love this night, ye-yeah
Love it like it's our last night
Stars up in the air, ye-yeah
It's our last night in the city!

Last night in the city
Last night in the city

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Duran Duran Last Night In The City Comments
  1. Blue Rose


  2. Heather Geary

    I really like this song and video. I also enjoyed Pressure Off from this album. I prefer this to their 90’s sound which I found depressing. Their 80’s sound will always be the best but I enjoy this too.

  3. Lola Falalla

    PG is not my favourite album, but this is a very powerful song. Also, the bass is synthetic and the drums are real. Only Duran Duran could revert the rules of dance-techno music and get away with it.

  4. 疾風


  5. Martin Pedneault

    Underated band !

  6. Craig Thornton

    Anyone who disliked this must be an Ed Sheeran loving douche

  7. Olive Casquejo

    Am i the only one who dont like Paper Gods execpt for Simon s voice ? Bring back Warren to get great songs again and please never let niles rodgers get close again to DD, Nick should produce every track (yep i like the Dandy Warhols too and i dont like Notorious too i miss so much Pop Trash and Meddazzaland :(( )


    Duran duran 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  9. Rodolfo Cádiz

    Nick Rhodes IDOLO

  10. Arcana7609

    not even a million views? should be 20 billion.

  11. Harry Apps

    Respect. Bought Rio a hundred years ago and still they’re superb.

  12. edgardo gregorini

    The best song of the worst album of Duran Duran

  13. Miss Priss

    Totally dug the twist of "older" with techno, beats. Simon, your voice still reflects 1984, and Nick is still adorably, handsomely, fashionably and creatively the World's greatest Synth player!!! Gets better and better!

  14. Monica Pagni

    I love Duran Duran.2018.

  15. carl reynolds

    Awesome . all backing singers so good. Always putting out great songs. I grew up on duran duran. Keep going guys. Thanks .

  16. paulo scavullo

    excellent !!!!

  17. Marcelo Silvain

    Vigentes modernos!!!

  18. Edgar Filho

    Awesome! I love Duran Duran

  19. Cinzia Pucci

    Biutiful video Pucci Cinzia,😀😀😀

  20. Gina Capek

    I love this! I've been a DD fan since 1983! They never disappoint with all their albums!

  21. Paul Lewis

    This is without a shadow of doubt the absolute worst single they have released during their long and illustrious career. If Andy was dead he'd be turning in his grave. I have been a fan from the early days of the first album (1981) and I am sorry but this is just gash.

  22. Cinzia Pucci

    Hallo Simon Lebon Pucci Cinzia

  23. #Alessia Leo#

    Droga pura per le orecchie 😍💃

  24. Darius Childe

    Before anybody talks about chart position of Duran Duran songs, let me just. It does not matter. They sell out stadiums and open air stages better than current singers or bands. That' s what matters today.

    Craig Thornton

    Exactly. Charts count for sh*t nowadays

  25. Rick Terscale

    Wow! FIrst time hearing this!! Amazing. Love it!!

  26. Patricia Harrison

    The tour is over, Duran is basically enjoying their time off and starting to get ready to write a new album for the 40 years that they have been together! I still have been listening to the PG album and videos, as I was at the concert in Las Vegas for New Years, I cannot believe that I was truly there and seeing the band I loved playing right before my eyes! They all were just simply amazing and brilliant, took my breath away! Here’s to many more wonderful memories of the band I love!

  27. Giovanna Orlandini

    OMG! this song is perfect! I love Dura Duran

  28. Michelle Siggs

    Modern but still unmistakenly Duran. My kids and I love it!


    You played that night with The Cramberries, it was their debut, opening night for them ... opening for DD


    The TAXI i chased you guys in NYC Wasn't 1H99 or 7H77 , it was 5H77..remember Nick??

  31. shelleyhemm

    This is a really bad song. The lyrics are just silly

  32. Javier Hernández

    Hola,cuándo vienen a la Ciudad de México?

  33. Edgar Filho

    Great!!!They are the best.

  34. Tyndra61

    Всем русским от меня привет кто смотрел этот клип.

  35. Szaman

    My fave from "Paper Gods" <3

  36. Joe Cool

    John Taylor plays synth bass !

  37. Michelle Siggs

    Love it like it's our last night!!!!!!!!

  38. Sam S

    I find it fascinating that some of Duran Duran's best work on the Paper Gods album occurred when they worked with Nile Rodgers (Notorious, Wild Boys album, and then again on the track Pressure Off) and again here when they worked with Kiesza. Overall, their best album since Astronaut and their highest selling album since 32 years earlier.

  39. Elisa Benalcazar

    La primera vez que lo escuche no me gusto!! Fan desde 1982. Pero la verdad lo vuelves a escuchar y esta buenisimo!!! Fresco, nuevo !!!Tienen que pensar en las nuevas generaciones, Innovas o te mueres. Tenemos Duran Duran para rato. Amo a Duran Duran!!!

  40. Vollka Putt

    Kiesza is great

  41. Snoo Lee

    what's with those stretch pants. vulva much?

  42. Jacquie Galvin

    thank you for not vanishing when we all hit 40.We all chose to keep dancing.Despite all arguments

  43. S. Wendell

    Kiesza, um dia você chega ao nível do Simon, ok!? Besos!

  44. Sylvian7

    This is not the worst song of PG. The worst song is Pressure Off, obviously.....

  45. john a

    loved it. been a fan since Planet Earth.. the love affair and appreciation of their art continues.

  46. Terry AH

    She's fit

  47. nazaret de luna

    Hola a todos los latinos un abrazo muy grande

  48. nazaret de luna

    Hello from.canary islands

  49. alessandro Ales

    It's fantastic

  50. Matthew Paul

    Kiesza really belted it out. She is from Calgary and nice to see her voice getting stronger. And those pants of hers look painted on. :P

  51. cristina barbosa


  52. AnalogX64

    You know who the real singers where back in the day, when they can still belt it out like this, without any need for auto tune.

  53. Karsten Voß

    I love it, greetings from Berlin

  54. João Marcelo Severo Carvalho

    Good song. Duran Duran forever!

  55. D 63


  56. yerzi fiel

    me gusta

  57. igorsutak

    this flopped really hard :(

  58. Sebastian A

    Is no one listening to the NWO end of the world lyrics? And those pants, hideous.

  59. Gr8Success

    i just farted

  60. tygersflowerz

    They are literally incapable, genetically, if making bad music. Another danceable, groovable gem from DD. Their songs rarely have to grow on me. Always enjoy most of them on very first listen.

    Elisa Benalcazar

    Yes they are incapable to make bad music. You are correct!!!

  61. Lilla 12

    ❤Duran Duran

  62. scalenguy05

    This is like listening to a mix where a few tracks are isolated and others are muted. Some power guitar from Andy and real acoustic drums would make this great.

  63. iwwa

    superrrrrr !!!

  64. vcr_archives 1977-1987

    this is so trashy pop it could've been featured on pop trash

    Nintendo Psycho

    That's a disgrace to Pop Trash.

  65. efz629

    I know Duran Duran (since 1981), who the fuck is Kiesza?

  66. Randy Bailon


  67. TheNouveauxdecadence

    What should be the 2nd single a year after the first is Northern Lights, it's the masterpiece and why it was just an 'extra track' ... I don't know.

  68. Beto Mafra


  69. JOANNA

    Duran at their best Keisza WOWWWW

  70. Liquigaz

    worst DD song ever

  71. Nenad Mitrović

    the worst video ever made!

  72. Samiris Ortiz

    This song was brought to you by bathed in Duranic Neon Nick Pink of course!

  73. Dubs

    Got this album for free off Google Play Music lol

    Nintendo Psycho

    I would've asked for a refund.

  74. Jimmy Madness


  75. Kevin Mills

    rest in peace duran duran

  76. Kevin Mills


  77. podiumguy100

    90,000 views - obv. nobody cared - dreadful song

  78. Jason Roman

    I see a bit of a Madonna influence in Kiesza

  79. György Solymosi

    Video for "FACE FOR 2DAY" please!
    Some Nile Rodgers type remix would be a benefit maybe...

  80. StartabandRoxy

    *Duran Duran*
    *1981 - 2005*

    David Brouwer

    All You Need Is Now was also amazing


    @David Brouwer Amazingly gay.

    György Solymosi

    Obviously an overkill, but was saltless because of Ronson and his circle


    @György Solymosi You're correct there.


    Are you saying they've *"Come undone" *

  81. gtsiolak

    ΑΡΚΕΤΑ ΚΑΛΟ,,,,ΟΚ,,,!!!

  82. Duke E-Baby

    Great song! Needs more air play and buzz! Make it happen!Seen them in July( fourth time I seen them) and they were fantastic!

  83. Jim Cestaro


  84. thomas miller

    would like to see this video on VH1 or MTV playlist,,duranduran rocks !!!

  85. Daigo 71

    Fabulous video !

  86. Malcolm Lowthion

    This is so good!

  87. BBS narky

    Hey, they took out the best part of the song...
    "na, aaa-aa, aah, Yeah!" - why'd they take that out?

  88. BBS narky

    ok, "what are the chances?" is the best song on the album. where's the video for that one?

  89. Sportsref13

    Still jamming hard and sounding great... Kiesza voice is sending chills down my spine.. incredible

  90. Madison BOISSON

    incroyable retour fan a vie merci

  91. Collette Post

    she sounds like Gaga

  92. Doreen Travis

    I have been a fan since they first came out and I am still a HUGE fan!!! What an awesome song!! They are "GODS"!!

  93. Mel G

    ♥ amazing song and video!!

  94. Ercan Yildiz

    Good song but poor video it's look like fan made

  95. thebuttonmushroom

    This is my favourite song from Paper Gods (followed by Face for Today and Valentine Stones).

    Collette Post

    Pressure Off is mine then this

    György Solymosi

    Funny, I don't like this one, but my favourite is the Face for Today. :)

  96. Faber J. Rheder

    Finally I was sure "Last Night" could be The 2nd Video ...The 3rd "Dancephobia

  97. Carolina Maffi

    I love Duran Duran but I don't like this song (this is not their pure style) and the video... Sorry !