Duran Duran - Early Summer Nerves Lyrics

What were the chances for me, when I spoke to her last night
What were the chances I'd be, here lying by her side
Why does it look so risque, hiding in the morning light
Now as the memory hits me, right between the eyes

Strange nobody else can hear those fingers tapping on the glass
With reviews of early summer nerves

Welcome to miss adventure, oh she is a slippery slow
Welcome to glamour central, where I'm hanging on a row

Who exactly am I trying to fool with all those snazzy words
Just a case of early summer nerves

This won't get me out of it but finally I understand
You've got to love those early summer nerves

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Duran Duran Early Summer Nerves Comments
  1. Rif2020

    LOVE the bass/funk but they should have spent time developing the song as it sounds like 2 different songs fused together.

  2. James McCarthy

    Vintage Duran !!!


    LOVE IT!! I love it when D2 gets a little soulful. :)

  4. Robert Bell

    One of the few I disliked on this album.

  5. Thomas SHARONIARD

    I want to walk through a California vineyard sweat on my forehead on the lookout for a ravishing creature

  6. Thomas SHARONIARD

    Good surprise ! You're so right Susquehanna80 there's really something of Khanada in some vocals ;)

  7. Susquehanna80

    good song..   At times, the vocals are reminiscent of the old Duran B-side 'Khanada

    Fabio Patanè

    Good ear. A bit cringeworty the arrangement to me though...

  8. DRstaszak

    how did u get a hold of this????? were can i download all this stuff that hasnt been on album...

    Corrine Graves

    i think it was a bonus on the vinyl .. sigh .. never heard it before either

  9. emeraldstream

    A W E S O M E
    60s undertones. Soul-y tranc-y groove bass line. LOVE chord sequence. Perhaps best release on album