Duran Duran - Beautiful Colours Lyrics

Today, riding the slow train along the way
Going to who knows where and who knows when
Not knowing where you're rolling - it's the learning of this journey

I feel if all of you people gather and believe
Being what makes you breathe in is enough
Promise to carry on from each moment to the next one

These beautiful colours, infinite patterns so hard I see
And if we're all of the same blood there's not one of you who is the same as me
Clouds of beautiful colours, indifferent to what you believe
Sometimes the beauty of it all seems unbearable 'til the colours bleed (keep breathing...)

Design - everyone's their own universe
Besides - life is a standard issue to customize
Ashes to understanding is the nature of existence

These beautiful colours, infinite patterns so hard I see
And if we're all of the same blood there's not one of you is the same as me
Proud beautiful colours, indifferent to what you believe
Sometimes the beauty of it all seems unbearable 'til the colours bleed (keep breathing...)

Keep breathing
Keep loving

These beautiful colours, infinite patterns are what I see
And now if we're all of the same blood there's not one of you is the same as me
Crowds of beautiful colours, indifferent to what you believe
Sometimes the beauty of it all seems unbearable 'til the colours bleed

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Duran Duran Beautiful Colours Comments
  1. Anna Kennedy

    this was on the album reportage along with salt in the rainbow but they scrapped that album to work with timbaland and justin timberlake who were flavours of the month andy taylor didnt agree with that decision so he left

  2. Adrian Paul

    top song. it was my fault they never released this on the Astronaut album! sorry guys!!

  3. Robbie Williams

    I have listened to this song over and over for years and I never get tired of hearing it. Gorgeous lyrics, Simon Le Bon sings this like an angel. The lyrics touch my soul each and every time. I love it. I have been saying this for so many years, Duran Duran is #1 in the world.

  4. SpankyMonkey

    Shazam does not recognise this song 😓

  5. rjmdrum

    A song even more relevant today. A missed opportunity that should be considered for a re-recording rerelease

  6. dejan 1973

    Definetely one of their top 10 songs. A true Duran Duran song, fine melody and typical Simon's way of singing it. It would be a pity if they never release it on some album.

  7. Mack Sarnie

    Why was it left of astronaut? The last 6 tracks from that record are very boring!

  8. Ma Pa

    How do I get hold of this song? I gotta have it.

  9. Emiliano Gonzalez

    This song is spiritual.

  10. Ma Pa

    “Design, everyone’s they’re own universe, besides, life isn’t standard issue it’s customized...ashes of supernova is the nature of existence........”

  11. Jason Foster

    They should have played this at the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics.

  12. mrmedallis

    They don’t know it. How they make the earth shake.

  13. NOTORIOUS 86

    Beautiful colors, beautiful Song, beautiful POP music. 🈂️🈷️🈺㊙️㊗️Duran...!!

  14. Bluesilva Halo

    Still not over the fact this wasn't on the album 😭

  15. David444

    And just why was this not released? Why not playing on the radio? Why am I hearing this just yesterday for the first time? Such a beautiful song that everyone should at least be aware of. Whether its liked or not.....Why?

  16. Tech Caribbean

    Hermosa canción de los Duran Duran ✌️

  17. Davied lebonnie7

    Another brill song that lies on the duran scrapheap ..what a waste

  18. cleanview70

    remember when everybody put a video upload this way on early youtube lol

  19. Anna Oxford

    Dream on Duran Duran

  20. Anna Oxford

    Simon is got a voice that just travels thru my heart its amazing and I love the feeling it gives me

  21. Anna Oxford

    Love this song its heartfelt but of coarae its duran duran

  22. Rhonda Turnham

    can't believe Duran Duran never release this song beautiful colours should of been in the charts

  23. 100%Jacqie.

    so acurate right now!

  24. Darren Pitman

    This will be released in some format one day for sure. Reckon there is a masterplan to keep certain songs back from record company and/or band which makes commercial sense if you think about it:-) Bands are still famous after they retire dont forget and Duran will certainly be amongst the greats for many centuries to come

  25. Michael McCabe

    The best song they never released

  26. Anna Oxford

    I luv these guys they make beautiful music if u read this nick simon john and roger luv u and lets not forget andy

  27. SpankyMonkey

    Had this been the lead single off Astronaut, the album would have done a lot better

    Huan Zhong

    add Salt in the Rainbow, too, to make the album a true masterpiece

    James McCarthy

    Totally agree with both comment's here.
    Two great song's that will indeed stand the test of time !!!

    james wheeler

    @Huan Zhong Agreed!

    Patrick McDonald

    Huan Zhong - SIR is one of my fave Duran songs!

  28. davied lebonnie 7

    proper wrong for this not to ever be a single

  29. kid gloves

    Best song from this band in my opinion.


    This song is pure genius everyone should listen to it!!Make peace not war!!!

  31. Disnox

    Next time, please let the fans choose DD's singles.

  32. TheEarlymtv

    why wasn't this a major hit


    It was never released.

    Brenden Craven

    It should have been released


    Because our favourite band is really good at making huge fucking mistakes!!!!!!!!


    Because of the lame diversity lyrics?

    Jacqueline Mullan

    Like alot of their songs that should have been but weren't iether!!

  33. Ryan K

    this should have been in the album, i have no idea why they didnt want it in there

  34. John Rappaport

    The way this man sings is hard to describe. Can you hear him? It's fracking amazing.


    I hear it brother! I've often thought the same thing about Simon's voice.......electric? Slick cool? Forever youthful? Help me out!

  35. Jason Nathan

    this song says it all,love each other,love will defeat hated

    Mariano Banegas

    someone... dont listen very good, my friend.. cry tears on a tomb..is not a hounor.. just pain and sadness.

  36. Jason Nathan

    this song says it all,love each other,love will defeat hated

  37. Z Wilson

    Peace and equality

    Carlos Alen duran

    P. Wilson amen

  38. Z Wilson

    This is what honors those who have gave all in the Wars we have died in..

  39. Auto-Bahn Kenobi

    I'll take Songs That Aren't on Donald Trump's iPOD for 1000 Alex

    Jason Forbes

    And just like that...........Donald Trump was the world's biggest racist....ever. You're a real dumb ass, aren't ya? Weak minded drone.

  40. Joseph Devlin

    One of their great songs.


    desde que los escuche, me encantaron,,,,,BIG DURAN DURAN...

  42. kattentress

    This is a masterpiece. I've loved Duran Duran since 1983 - forever a fan! <3


    Agree.....fan since 78........DD 4ever

  43. Stephen Smith

    fantastic song ,means so much at the moment because of world events love and peace to all le bon girl 71 xx

  44. legazter

    This is how song sound when is Andy work with them. Masterpiece. After he left they don't sound fresh anymore.

  45. John Rappaport

    From 1:39 to  2:54 is the greatest work in the history of Duran Duran.

  46. daz paul

    What a lovely video x

  47. 100%Jacqie.

    Love the visuals! So perfect matching......

  48. John Rappaport

    Watching this for the 4,000 time at least.

  49. Gregory Kirkwood

    Beautiful colors is a wonderful song in which we should celebrate diversity instead of seeing it as a threat....I teared up after seeing the Earth at the end!!!:)

    Daniel Lucena

    Is the idea of some people trying tu put FEAR in their minds because you are...different hahaha!!!Unfortunaltly some people got that wrong idea man!!


    @Daniel Lucena
    Well....I see what hordes of arab immigrants do to my country. Sorry for not wanting more

  50. Gustavo Ibarra

    Wow!, never hear this song!,...I jump into amazon and voila! Gracias!


    Gustavo Ibarra It’s not on Amazon, it’s an unreleased song from Duran Duran’s Astronaut album

  51. Marco

    Amazing video and song!

  52. Georgia Bowring1

    A forgotten DD classic

  53. Marcia

    Love it great song!!

  54. bceagledeb

    As we say in New England, this song is wicked pissah--awesome beyond belief :)

  55. charmaine siagian

    Really nice job with the video Bewitched422! Love it.

  56. Sarah Walker

    Why they have never released this I will never know cos this song is brilliant. I hope we get a new album very soon and a tour would be great.


    yeah dude, i heard better from them. Good, but not their absolute best.

  58. tdkid1

    Low flying? Are you serious? And you 'love DD since 1980'? I'm in agreement with John...Beautiful Colours is simply amazing!


    ok, that's one big statement... i don't hear that much, though i love DD since 1980. very good song, but fairly low-flying compared to others.

  60. Jason Forbes

    Great song though. Duran Duran can write some unbelievably good songs and have cut some great records. Just wish they could keep the momentum from one good record to the next. I've found something to like about all of their albums. All You Need is Now may very well be their best and one of the best albums I've ever heard. Hoping DD and Mark Ronson will keep that magic going and play some big venues in the US as opposed to wineries. Hope they're proud of their career cause they should be.

  61. Jason Forbes

    While I may not agree with the wording, I kind of agree that the rainbow has been hijacked and I don't have good thoughts when I see one now. I live near San Francisco and the gay community is militant, rude and effective at acting like the world is against them. They enjoy higher levels of education and income than the average person yet they act like the cops are standing outside their door with a firehose. I'm tired of it and tired of the parades that turn into nothing but dirty sex fests

  62. mgparis

    Sometimes the beauty of this song seems unbearable to me :)

  63. Tesla Owners Online

    Yeah, that "lift" to the second chorus is just beautiful. We play it live in our cover band and it always gets lots of kudos from people who hear it.

  64. John Rappaport

    1:39 to 2:39 are among the greatest 60 seconds of music this band has ever, and will ever make. Simon is killing it. Nick and Andy shining with John and Roger in the back. Simply amazing.

  65. sven sinisula

    Duran Duran, get going better and better :)

  66. dontspillmysecret


  67. Jason Le Bon

    love the flower opening around the 1:40 mark

  68. Jason Le Bon

    Jackie1, I agree with everything you said...Perfect..

  69. Jason Le Bon

    one of the BEST songs ever made....BEAUTIFUL is right

  70. pranavc

    depends on what radio you are listening to...Internet radio gives them a LOT of love (google "radio creme brulee" for a station that gives Duran Duran loads of love - plays a lot of the post-reunion material).

  71. skintrade

    Why was this not on Astronaut.. some real duff tracks on 'side 2' of that record

  72. WithThatSaid

    Best song ever and what a bass line!

  73. rjmdrum

    should have been released as a single would have been a smash

  74. Astronaut2005 Drummer

    Excellent song!!!

  75. Whitelight786

    I remember them playing this when i saw them at the M.E.N Arena on their comback tour , and thought this song will be a hit, wow it never even made it onto the Astronaut album, WEIRD!

  76. puretrash09

    Is from a bootleg CD or is there a way to legally buy?

  77. Georgia Wilson

    @un4gettablefire1 i totally agree i love this song cant believe they didnt make it an official song :(

  78. ivan cinquino

    beautiful colors isn't a church

  79. ivan cinquino

    the video is ugly

  80. spaceship007

    dang it...Muse got that honor. Argh. Oh well.

  81. Carrie281280

    Beautiful song.

  82. göker talay

    nice news:)

  83. 1974dookie

    We may get to hear this song for the Olympics. Duran Duran just announced that they will be playing at the Olympics!

  84. Jesuscger

    best song ever!

  85. krystina layton

    I AGREE!!! Just a beautiful song...so uplifting!!!

  86. keitheyoung

    I loved this song from the moment I heard it live on the 78-03 tour in Cleveland. It's a crime it was left off Astronaut.

  87. Katrina M

    Wow, I can't believe I haven't heard this before..such a beautiful song. Love how the song and the video compliment one another; great job!!

  88. janis lafreniere

    I've never heard this spng, I love it. And I love Astronaut. It's in my car. I've never taken it out of my car in all the time I've had it.

  89. snowballga

    @brchris69 I totally agree, a top ten, if not five, of all time favorite D2 songs. Why they never released it is beyond me!

  90. göker talay

    Yes, this would be such a great song for the Olympics

  91. göker talay

    What a beautiful song!Duran Duran has never failed to fascinate me!

  92. arthur horner

    I agree with this as the athem for the 2012 Olympics. If not the next World Cup of soccer.

  93. 42bluey

    @hipsam33 waving from Australia :) cant wait for them to come here in march yyeeeepppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  94. fedecasares

    Nice song. There is a small part of the chorus that reminds me of American science.

  95. Ontir

    @vereskification The filth is you.

  96. immmensely

    pro american shit. i mean the vidio not the song.

  97. wednesdaysbiatch

    what a fucking great song

  98. Duranie747

    Yes... Duran Duran are definitely better than pretty much everyone who gets airplay.

  99. Jackie I

    Duran Duran are too damn good for the radio--it pisses me off that they do NOT get the airplay they deserve--you got other music played to death and really not that good---Duran Duran--MOST under rated---I loved them and always have! Plus they are hot too :) what more could ya ask for??? :)