Dunn, Ronnie - I Worship The Woman You Walked On Lyrics

You don't wrong a heart, of a woman that loves you
You don't turn your back on her tears
The arms you leave lonely, won't wait forever (You know what?
That's why I'm here

'Cause I worship the woman you walked on
I hold her at night, 'til she's satisfied
Oh, I try to right all you did wrong
I worship the woman you walked on

I've met the wrongs-haunt-you, the should-haves, the want-tos
Are ghosts now in your empty bed
You gave up her soft touch, turned your back on her sweet love
You must have, been out of your head

Oh, I worship the woman you walked on
I hold her at night, 'til she's satisfied
Oh, I try to right all you did wrong
I worship the woman you walked on

Oh, I worship the woman you walked on
I hold her at night, 'til she's satisfied
I try to right all you did wrong
I worship the woman you walked on

Oh, I worship
Oh, the woman
You walked on

You don't wrong a heart, of a woman that loves you
You don't turn your back on her tears

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Dunn, Ronnie I Worship The Woman You Walked On Comments
  1. Lisa Hamilton

    I am so glad tgat hes gone and now hes gine from my heart to because now i have a good man one who worships me

  2. Bonnie Carey

    Great Song

  3. Kimberly Lillie

    Love Brook's and Dunn

  4. Frosty Ghost

    This guy sucks.

  5. Pamela Barone

    Too bad for the guy this is written for. They knew what they had.

  6. Stacey Adams

    Worship her she full of lies definitely cheats so she yours

  7. Barbara Ann

    The same guys that saw fault in you when they had full access to you, all of a sudden see an absolute queen in you once another man loves you unconditionally. Yes. This works for both genders.

  8. Geraldine Gaggia

    Thank you xxx

  9. Rose Kane

    Always said that..what a man takes for granted..there is always a man out that there would love to have what that man took for granted...some don't realize what they had. Good women are hard to find.

  10. Aurora Diamond Rainbow Morning-Star

    Man you're the shit . 😉

  11. elspeth

    Love this 😍💋

  12. Grace Kelly

    Ronnie totally my favorite he always delivers perfect song and lyric a great artist

  13. Lisa Larson

    Well my ex is going to get this song sung to him because he doesn’t appreciate what he has

  14. Harry Broker

    His music, inspired mine. Google search me, under the name, Harry Broker. My best wishes to his career!

  15. Veronica Davis

    Where are these men?

  16. Suzan Raines

    I agree with this song, my ex husband did everything in this song to me and my husband now does everything he didn't do

  17. Deanna Laprad

    What a beautiful song. Love this .🕇💔🕇

  18. Dick Head

    I'm not him thinks he's smart I'll air strike that side of town

  19. Apollo Twin


  20. Hana Sione

    Love is so beautiful💝💙👫❤❤❤💋💋❤❤💝👫💙💝

  21. Justa Fair

    Sorry for all those couples who could not make it.

  22. Can Toon

    What a beautiful song! There are men like this out there!

  23. Angela Jordan

    Absolutely Beautiful!!! ♡♡♡

  24. Daisy Morningstar

    Ain’t nothing dirty about a hug and a helping hand. Try that one.

  25. Aracely Dass

    I love this song 💖🎼🎼🎼🎼🎤

  26. Stacie Caldwell

    Nick why don’t you come home

  27. Rosie Weise

    So true.

  28. Following the Ancient Path - Torah With Natalie

    Interesting lyrics. 🧐

  29. Laurel Ewing

    My first listing to this song... I like it.

  30. Wayne Edward

    Nobody ever has really bad mouth Ronnie dunn

  31. Amanda Best

    I love you

  32. Josh Buxton

    These songs are becoming the basic bitch of country music.

  33. deborah nail

    I love this song!!! I love Brooks and Dunn and have a lot of their music. This one got by me until it was on my homepage. Sure glad it was!!! Beautiful song.❤️👏🎶👍🙂

  34. Debra Parkerson

    What a very meaningful song

  35. Justa Pawn

    Just waiting for the one that won't use or hurt me

  36. Kathy WILLIAMS

    This song needs to play continously for the ex who walked all over me. Let it haunt his sorry soul.

    Anya Vlad

    Hes not sorry tho ..

  37. Bonnie Carey

    Someone out there who will

  38. Happiness

    Absolutely Beautiful

  39. Deanna Barker

    Song hits home for sure

  40. Renee Burton

    Isnt that the truth! Never as lonely as I was the 16 years I spent with my husband.

  41. Jo Ann Bishop

    I listen to country music all the time. Why am I just now hearing this song? It’s beautiful! It’s been out two years?

  42. Rosa Cupples

    Good song I love it

  43. MatthewvMayo

    Wow that's a powerful lyric.

  44. Thomas Montella


  45. Bonnie Carey

    Says so much

  46. Grace Kelly


  47. Laurie Shroyer

    Love this, a lot of ppl could learn from it. Everything happens for a reason wishing you all a better man and much love you deserve..

    Laurie Shroyer

    You know what? That’s why I’m here!

  48. agnelanna heavens

    I should have listen to your brother and aborted those children and I wouldntbeheretodayholdontothatthought thanksfor explainingthat watermelonseeddidntgrowingintoababywhitecanreadthatfromhisbooks

  49. Andrea Rasmussen

    Please let me find him.

  50. Reneal Walker


  51. Eddie Thompson

    REAL COUNTRY MUSIC not the CRAP coming out of CRAPVILLE these days ❤️

  52. Grace

    Beautiful song ! ♥️

  53. Juanita Buron

    6:22pm 8/17/19 you dont turn your back on her tears.

  54. Russell Driscoll

    How are their 426 thumbs down????

  55. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Beautiful Song "" very true "" Outstanding Ronnie ""💘💘🎶🎶🎶🎶

  56. michellecast2002

    I absolutely love this song! Sooooo much truth ❤

  57. Mickey Bowser


  58. Carol Wright

    I would love to have a man love me like that.....something I've never had and been married twice.

  59. tracey hayward

    Wow Hard Hitting song

  60. Nicole G.

    I never want to be with anyone again. I'll live in tiny cabin in woods with my dogs. I'll go to work and pray my boys come to see me. It's not worth it.

  61. Teresa McClanahan

    I Love, Love, Love to hear Ronnie Dunn sing! I Love this song! ♥️🎶 Thanks so much for sharing! 😉

  62. Danielle Thompson

    Listen to that song navel black stock that's a great song Mr. Ronnie Dunn has out!! We worship the ground Reba walks on now glad she has found her new love Skeeter !!

  63. sandra Ferrington

    Love this

  64. Amparo Garrido Alvarez

    I left my cheating husband after 25 years of marriage I hired a detective and he confirmed that my husband was cheating and I left 12 years ago he married that jezebel and 2 years later she did the same thing to him and now he’s on wife number fourth and I’m still single can seem to find myself to be able to give anyone a chance to come into my life I don’t want to get hurt 😢 again 🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹

  65. Shalana Hunt

    Beautiful words....

  66. Jan Mathena


  67. Jan Mathena


  68. Mary McCarthy

    Met a man who did this❤️

  69. Kelsey Brafford

    The only person who could dislike this song, is the man you’re singing to.

    Sarahj777117 O'Brien

    True THAT!

  70. donna br0wn

    Hearts will change if the man she loves was a unconcerned man. There is someone out there that will Love her and cherish her.God Always makes up for the pain one goes through,just have patience .😇💋🌹

  71. Melissa Mendez

    I got cowboy

  72. Amanda Create channel

    This song will mean something to me forever ! 😪🕊 rip buckwheat “

  73. Kathy Hardee

    Yes you can hurt me but someone is always a Real Man to Love Me. But you tell me 30 years later you wanted to marry me oh please Boy you had a good Woman now look at what you have LOL 😂

  74. Rickey Engle

    i don't walk on no woman,,

  75. Merry Me

    can only shadow so 🍁close without 🍂notice to see their dreams are met......🎠.......🏆whyif....

  76. clayton sagsakho

    I just love this country music , been married for a long time but I was so lonely,,,,,until now,,

  77. Jane Woods

    This song says it all!!!! Great song. Good singer too.

  78. Jelena Vojvodic

    I worship the ground he walked on"*

  79. Sandn Patrick

    This is not his song it is Jeff Bates worship the woman he walked on

  80. Benny Stanley

    Why does Atlanta have to be so far from Houston

  81. Benny Stanley

    Dorothy Louise you are the heart ❤️ in my body and the eyes in my head .
    I love you ❤️😘💕 with everything in me

  82. Dorothy Holmes

    I love you my baby I'm glad you came in my life and showed me how a man is supposed to love a woman. I'm so in love with you

  83. Benny Stanley

    I love you Dorothy Louise ❤️🔥😈😂😘

  84. Jan Mathena


  85. Robbie Wiley

    Thank you

  86. robinc0211

    You can be married For 30 years and still be the longest person in the world



  87. Michelle Elliott

    My ex husbands loss my husband's gain!

  88. Kim Ballard

    Dawww thats a sweet song

  89. Kathleen Hardin

    Love this song .Thank you so much.

  90. Richard Glazebrook

    😇🙏💜🙏❤🙏💚🙏😇 yes I do 2019

  91. Richard Glazebrook

    Love it beautiful 2019

  92. Donna Skinner

    The best person in the world I know sent this to me!! I adore and love him more everyday !! I Love You Hugs you are the BEST !!! Thank You for coming into my LIFE !!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!

  93. Mary Plaidy

    Real country!

  94. Main Farms

    Great song, I personally like Jeff Bates version better but both are good.

  95. Michelle Auten

    I used to equate this song with the love of my life. Now it just hurts to hear it. It just hurts to hear it. I was such a fool. Just a girl loving and wanting love back...nieve...stupid. Now I'm older, wiser, more jaded...and still stupid because a tiny part of me still believes in magick...the magick I believed we were. It shrinks a little more every day. I wonder when it is all gone, if the pain will end. I'll soon find out. My guides say the end is near. I hope it's my end... I am ready... I asked God ... I asked God to give me a short span of time to hold them close and love them like I didn't get to in life before my star is extinguished forever. I begged forgiveness for all my sins....for all my wrongs... I don't know what the future holds but I know my God will answer. I have no inclination to be a shitty person nor do I wish to expose my humiliation as it has been shown to me. I am not a reflection of the ugliness and infidelity of others nor do I wish to demean myself any further by openly expressing my hellfire on the object of my pain as to do so would subject me to further ridicule. I have little concern of embarrassment these days as I have done nothing to be ashamed of. I loved with everything in me. I lost a lot but I gained something very precious, if only for a short while. The gift was worth the price, worth any price.

  96. Darren Martin

    Worship God and serve HIM ONLY. Romans 1:25. This song is BLASPHEMY!!!!!!

  97. Rachel Forrest

    This song needs more air play