Duncan James - Turn My Head Lyrics

Cut me once again
Feel my body shake
This time you said it all
trying not to break
yeah your words let you down
There's no need to blame
I danced the fire bright

You really turned my head
With all the crazy messed up things
you said
And every time you speak you lie so well
My heart lies broken at your feet

so let me confess
Cos i don't need to hide
To solve this mystery
That you build on lie
Ooh lay my burden down
It makes me feel so strange
Open up my heart and try and find
love again

[Repeat CHORUS]

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Duncan James Turn My Head Comments
  1. tamara ponomarenko

    Данкан очень крутой. Певец классный, жаль. что раньше не слышали.

  2. martina federico


  3. N/a N/A

    His to perfect for this world glad blue are back together now great video love the pics xx

  4. Jessica Scopece

    OMG where you find this photo? He's amazing *-*
    Great videooo! :)

  5. Ms. B

    ur welcome , thanks 4 this cute comment :)

  6. blue91r09

    good job! thank you :D

    جحخههعغففقثثضصكزودلظسMaslacha Ummah

    When did u take all this pics dunk?

  7. Ms. B

    Thanks hun , glad u like it :)

  8. Ms. B

    love this song lyrics
    cooL :)

  9. Ms. B

    Really !!
    Thanks .

  10. Rosária Rodrigues

    cool vid ;)

  11. Ms. B

    I made it on photo bucket it's cool right !
    Thank u for watching

  12. Ms. B

    Thanks .

  13. Ms. B

    From web site i dont remember the name !!
    Thanks 4 ur comment .

  14. THEYareHEREblue

    nice video!! how did you do the pictures with the writing on at the start? x x

  15. Barby James

    belle foto!!!!kiss bye

  16. Kionaaaaaa

    Where did you get this pic's? I like them!