Duncan James - Sooner Or Later Lyrics

Don't be scared of your shadow
You can't hide from your sorrow
You can't stay here till tomorrow

Welcome to the club of broken hearts
Where a thousand lonely souls
have passed

Sooner or later you're gonna wake up
And find what you're looking for
Like a diamond wahsed up on the shore
In the meantime you're feeling like you're lost without a friend
Sooner or later you're gonna love again
Sooner or later you're gonna love again

Love has left you rejected
You put u your defenses
Now, your heart's been tried and tested
Now you join the land of broken dreams
No good wishing for what could've been

[repeat chorus]

Don't be scared of your shadow
You can't hide from your sorrow
[repeat chorus 3x]

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Duncan James Sooner Or Later Comments
  1. タカラギ

    I Love This Song !

  2. Cheche Boreche

    Hi duncan im from philippines..u are my ultemite crush..i like u soo much en i love u so much u are my dreams man in the world of u read my msg.

  3. madsalama

    It seems like he finally found what he was looking for!

  4. Tina Marie

    Love this music till today. Very nice words Duncan James love from malaysia

  5. Thangjam Shailush

    What's your hobby ?
    Brad Pitt : Singing .

  6. Chiara D.

    I've just realised about his coming out :(

    Nausicaa L

    So sad 😭

  7. Pink Abbestia

    Who is here in 2019?

  8. Merve K.

    He is the most handsome man of the world 💙 my childhood crush

  9. Andrea Leone

    He's so f*******king hooooot!!

  10. tamara ponomarenko

    Джеймс классно поет

  11. roro status

    My childhood crush 😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂🌚🌚🌚

  12. Rinna van der Heyde

    Like Brad pitt

  13. arda hoca

    Almost 2020 and after all dissappointments until now i still say "sonner or later you're gonna love again..." 😑

  14. Sumyasuren Ganbaatar


  15. princess A

    I like him till I knew he's a Gay then I stop to like him like b4 😔 he disappointed me really

  16. martina federico


  17. Sukis Wati

    Wow awesome voice n i think his face is like combination of brad pitt n ricky marten

  18. Tiffanie Ella gray

    2019 I love from Cambodia

  19. Benny Ben

    2019???? ❤️

  20. Esad Akman

    2019 . We're getting older fellas



  21. Caterina Perilli

    2019 💙

  22. Va 0614

    Duncaaaaaaaan 💘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Mama Baba

    2019 ❤️

  24. Ahmed ahmed

    2019 😍

  25. Marwa Dahou

    2019 !?

  26. Ash basilides

    Duncan is very beutiful man ever i see in the world

  27. Raw Hitz

    Still in 2019

  28. Ирина Величко

    привет 👋 с Днепра Украины

  29. Ирина Величко

    Мне нравится этот голос😜

  30. Diana Viyan

    I love you Dany

  31. Mary Vitiello

    Beautiful and talent♥♥♥

  32. Mark Lawrence William Diaz

    still i admire Duncan until now, he's my favorite singer ever!

  33. Keerthana Saraff

    Can't believe this song is 12yrs old. This song brings back the times from the yr 2006 when it was released❤️

  34. official wasecorner

    I'm surprised to know that he's gay..he's so cute..

    Amit Singh Rana


    Jun Kurosu

    He came out in 2014 as gay

  35. Nadin Madi

    2018!! Ahhh good ol'days 😍😢

  36. Cilicia Area

    he looks like brad pitt

  37. Hanane Bendjebara

    This song makes me remember my beautiful time ❤ i was 14 😭

  38. G dash

    i believe a million gay come to see him here hahahaha,,

    Amit Singh Rana

    He is Bisexual

  39. reine villa

    Duncan 😍😘

  40. احمد اسماعيل


  41. James Stephanose

    Brings back so many memories,.

  42. G S

    Rob is so gay for Duncan James

  43. Gian-Andrea Fontana

    2018 still best music

  44. marij fedez


  45. anu k

    Most handsome man on this planet!!

  46. Mona Moon

    2018 June anyone ??

    hamid dzunaydin

    I'm late

  47. جحخههعغففقثثضصكزودلظسMaslacha Ummah

    when u posting reading qur an duncan?

  48. Wena Capili

    The mainstream popularity of boy bands in western music almost ensures that one or two members of each group identifies as gay, bisexual or queer (queerbio.com)

    Duncan James and Lee Ryan (Blue) are bisexual/gay huhu

  49. جحخههعغففقثثضصكزودلظسMaslacha Ummah

    lawan manusia yang punya otak dan iman.

  50. Sarah Al-attar

    2018 🎉

  51. Levent A

    Where this clip is filmed?

  52. Haa Laa

    Duncan very handsome

  53. Danie Lebay


  54. Josh

    Wtf is this Ryan 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. D.K VLOGS

    Cool good video mate keep up good work

  56. Marzena Gasińska

    not the best song on the album!!

  57. Danijela Špac

    This is so catchy song i love it😊😍😍💕💕

  58. catharina jo

    feeling much better each time watching this video, easy listening, & never get bored

  59. Reham Ali

    My first crush 😛

  60. Bebe Al.a

    2018 💞

  61. Ann Cara

    why the views are so less ?? cmon guys he deserves millions

  62. Tirtha Bhattacharya

    Brad Pit's long lost brother

    Levent A

    Tirtha Bhattacharya no Duncan is more handsome than Brat that's for sure.

    Va 0614

    He's my Alucard *if you know* lol

  63. جحخههعغففقثثضصكزودلظسMaslacha Ummah

    u don't have God's science to love me. yes,ur love is hurt love. so,u can take all ur word and all ur lies. in other word,No More.....!

  64. Chiara Poppa

    Duncan molto meglio da solista

  65. جحخههعغففقثثضصكزودلظسMaslacha Ummah

    Muke lo,muncul terus...

  66. PajasMusic 15

    Sooner or later you are gonna love again

  67. cesare cerd

    Che bel sorriso che ha!

  68. rebekkka ribka85

    so sexyyyyy

  69. انين Aneen

    Why are you gay ?

  70. SickMetalAddict

    That 1960 Mustang doe is on fire

  71. RR Uswatun Hasanah

    hes too freaking beautiful my heart hurtsss

  72. Francesca Esposito


  73. Merve merve

    He is the most handsome man in the world 💗

    Merve merve

    why don't you like this comment

  74. Lavinia Amico

    he was one of my biggest crush when I was 12
    now i'm 24 and he still is. Unbelievable.


    @MissCherie Cherie And? People can still have a crush on someone, even though that person might be gay, bi or whatever? What's that got to do with it?

    Assia F.

    Mine toooo !!!! I was 8

    Tina Marie

    I love him since 8 now 25 I still love this guy

    Janish Rajoo

    For me when i was 13 and now im 26 but have a little broken heart cz he gay ☹️

    Nausicaa L

    Mine too since I was 13

  75. diza mae dela cruz

    I love you duncan, 😢😢😢

  76. 남T SKY


  77. อ้อมฤทัย ว่องไว

    I love you Duncan.😍😍😍😍

  78. Arship Killy

    I still listening in2017 who with me ??😊

    Asha Raizada

    Arship Killy 2018

  79. Hel bana

    love you Dancan. ...mamber of blue

  80. Richie Gierran


  81. SearchForTomorrow

    All the Best to him and his Boyfriend

  82. Lookingland

    I've never listened to Blue
    I'd never heard of Duncan James or heard his voice till this now
    Great lyrics too
    Thanks for uploadin :)

  83. martina federico


  84. てるおはるお

    brad pitt

    Levent A

    てるおはるお more handsome than Brat

  85. Simply bella

    Omg! He is insanely hot and very handsome! I always love you Duncan James❤️❤️❤️

  86. Edel Quinn



    i just love this song

  88. Nicholas Matarazzo

    2017 ☺❤



  90. Kakay Andira

    love this song.... 😘😙

  91. skull Beauty_

    omg....memories 💓👍

  92. Mistysmudge1

    I haven't heard this song for ages, still love it <3

  93. Eszter Varga

    Hole shit,wat is that 🤣🤣😂

  94. The Marc

    OMG ! I remember when I met him in a hotel after a Gig in Berlin...I was a teenager ...that was awesome...now in 2017 i heard this song for the very first time...beautiful :-D

  95. Mister Original

    uncle JAmes !!!! I love youuu !!!!!