Duncan James - Save This Moment For Me Lyrics

I don't know what it is about you
but you're always on my mind
I don't know if you feel the same way I do
cos we're running out of time
I just need you to know
there's a memory I hold
and I wanted to share it with you ..

so won't you.... save this moment for me
close your eyes and you'll feel
I am right here beside you
and im holding your hand
so .. let this moment be yours
even though we're apart
understand that I still love you
we're living sperate life
but right now its time.... save this moment for me

I just want you to trust me
and I want you to care ..ohhh
if its too late for us now
keep this moment be shared
I just want you to know
if you're ever alone
call my name and I'll always be there

[repeat chorus]

if I could go back in time
there will be no doubt in your mind
of how much I love you........

[repeat chorus]

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Duncan James Save This Moment For Me Comments
  1. tamara ponomarenko

    Прекрасное исполнение песни Данканом

  2. َAdil Rekkab

    what awaste i thought this guy who's called Duncan james is a man but..................

    Biba Mido

    َAdil Rekkab a gay 😔😢

  3. Wendy c

    great song i used to play this alot years ago so it was nice to hear it again and it still brings tears to my eyes thank you

  4. Eiwi ei

    just love DUNCAN JAMES:DDD ,he so SEXY<3

  5. Brooke Weise

    its a beautifull vid.. but there are some mistakes in the lyrics... i only heard thoose because i closed my eyes..xD

  6. Vivienne

    Duncan, I save the moment for you, and I won't forget our memory 6 years ago...if only I'm not following my dream just to meet with you...I won't be in Germany right now....do you know, my heart has been broken so many times ever since...and today, I've just got my worsth heartbreaking story in my whole life....I really feel I want to die...if only you were here beside me....