Duhé, Elley - LOST MY MIND Lyrics

A pain seeking strange feeling's taking over me
Please don't judge me, I am acting, acting differently
And you know me, you know, know what's inside
Please always love me even though

I lo-, I lo-, I lost my mind
Wake up, survive
I will get better
Yeah, one day at a time
Something ain't right
I lost my mind
But I could get better
One day at a time

I'm afraid I'll fail you but
Damn I always try
Even if I lose somedays
I'll never lose my fight
And you know me, you know, know what's inside
Please always love me even though

I lo-, I lo-, I lost my mind
Wake up, survive
I will get better
Yeah, one day at a time
Something ain't right
I lost my mind
But I could get better
One day at a time

This is my sad soul
Rocking the down fall
Rocking the beat flow
This is my
This is my sad soul
Yeah, this is my sad soul

Please always love me even though
I lo-, I lo-, I lost my mind
Wake up, survive
I will get better
Yeah, one day at a time
Something ain't right
I lost my mind
But I could get better
One day at a time

I lo-, I lost my mind
Wake up, survive
I will get better
Yeah, one day at a time
Something ain't right
I lost my mind
But I could get better
One day at a time

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Duhé, Elley LOST MY MIND Comments
  1. Jonah Moyetones

    its fireeeeeee

  2. Amy Kieffer

    She have beautiful voice

  3. Sarah Burton

    Love love 💕 love 💖

  4. Perez Hilton

    Love this!!!

  5. luis vieira rodrigues

    This is só underrated

  6. Thomas Coyle

    ngl this is lit af

  7. Lilly Ghost

    Love this song. It might have a sad tone to it but it's really a hopeful and assuring song. She wants to get better,she will get better one day at a time and she wants love and support of the people that care about her. She knows there's something wrong and she wants to fix it. I'd love depression to be a normal topic. That way it would be easier to aknowledge the problem,get better and be happy. I struggled so many years with it feeling it was an unposken topic.

  8. 100%RealHumanBeing

    Gotta love the transition to the chorus even though
    I lo-, I lo-, I lost my mind

  9. SSN OOF

    I can finger Tut to this

  10. 원장TV

    I thought it was SIA at first

  11. IceKreamSundae

    Shit bangs

  12. alessandra genovese


  13. ale genovese


  14. Angela Imali

    It reminds me of siesta key reality😊

  15. Julia Baum

    Why does she have only 24.000 Abonnents?
    She have to had more!!!

  16. ale genovese

    nic & conrad #theresident

  17. A M

    She sounds like Willow smith

  18. emem ukpong

    if rue from euphoria were a song

  19. niti

    she is so underrated. she deserves so much more recognition her voice is amazing

  20. Tiffylong Legz

    My mom is mentally ill. She's doing better now but for a while it was hard. This song makes me cry, vocal and lyrics are amazing!

  21. Aurora Spinelli


  22. Yogi Permana

    her voice so unique!! 😍😍😍😍

  23. Gully913

    This song is dope!

  24. mandalee perez

    Heard it on Siesta Key love it .....rock it loud

  25. Tessa Chaplin

    this song is amazing and is getting me through a very tough time with mental health. thank you Elley for making this song " wake up survive, i will get better" such a powerful line much love xoxo

  26. 윤학수

    Fucking LIT!!!

  27. Orvin Rah

    I'm gonna make a lyrics on this

  28. BaeBriDoll

    Just heard this on “siesta key “😎

  29. GamingWithDomo

    Even after almost a year this only hasnt hit 500k yet... yall mother fucked better be promoting her shit

  30. angel franco

    serGee [email protected] can Swimming last Stday ssNday Pre oWn cars Loosen Pricss. Dumbee2116493! LossN meN at bberli Hillss.mr!266437?? green sttreesstch! mganLa.

  31. Just Me

    siesta key ..ANYONE???

  32. Kate Frost

    Heard this song on "The Resident" and can't get it out of my head. So good.

  33. Mel Joseph

    The resident got me here.

  34. Gabrielle Mitchell

    The Resident has been killin' it with their soundtrack.

  35. Alison M

    I am floored by this

  36. TheGhost123

    The Resident brought me here 😍

    keep calm and Google dancing Israelis

    That scene when hes bangin his girl? Lol he short af bruh!

    Kate Frost

    @keep calm and Google dancing Israelis And? I'm short. Doesn't stop me from banging my girl ;)

    keep calm and Google dancing Israelis

    @Kate Frost lol it might make you fall a bit short of her sexspectations.

    Kate Frost

    @keep calm and Google dancing Israelis how so? I'm a girl too ;) (body height has nothing to do with genital girth or length btw. js. Conrad could be packin.) LOL

    keep calm and Google dancing Israelis

    @Kate Frost I just said that to make a pun, sorry of it didnt "measure up"

  37. Gemini Misses

    The Resident episode 14 season 2 brought me here on 2/12/19 love this song💜💜💜

  38. petronella mazvaramhaka

    the resident brought me here,such a beautiful song

  39. Nicole Liang

    Try playing it at 1.25 speed. ;)

  40. Mad Maxxi

    Im listening to this on loop. Its saving my soul right now. Thank u

  41. reine huynh

    absolutely ARTTTTT!!!

  42. shooq ahmed

    The first few lines sum up my 5 year battle with clinical depression in the most poetic way i never deemed possible.

  43. shooq ahmed

    Can we just appreciate how DIFFERENT her music is? From her irreplaceable vocals that are so unique Ive geniunely never heard a voice like hers, to the deep, thought and emotion provoking lyrics she sings. With great power comes great responsibility, & unlike most artists, Elley understands how infulential she may become and uses her voice to speak to our souls not just to our ears. I dont know about all of you but her songs resonate with me on a deeper level, almost as if I am listening to my subconscious mind speak its thoughts through her voice. Thank you Elley, for being REAL and raw. Thank you for giving this generations' music industry hope for success.

  44. G P

    Gym banger

  45. Noah Drui

    that beat is groooooooooosss

  46. Sophie M.

    My favorite song by her!!

  47. April

    Shocked this isn't a big hit, kinda glad it's not.

  48. Klau Orozco

    Lost my mind 😍😍😍

  49. Naemone Goens


  50. Leonie Jia

    is there a karaoke version ?

  51. Lani100

    Anyone got this without vocals?

  52. José Augusto dos Santos


  53. Twinsfaces Twinsfaces

    Love this song!!!!❤️Your music and voice is unique and Beautiful!!!!

  54. Lani100

    This beat :)

  55. Leonie Jia

    Can I have a karaoke version ? I love this song ! Would love to cover this :)

  56. Laura Barr

    Wow ! I have never heard of her..........really awesome ! She sounds a bit like Sia ! :)

  57. Екатерина Русина

    Обожаю эту песню😍

  58. Sauradeep Ghosh

    Direct from heaven

  59. Victoria

    Who came here bc of spodify

  60. Lynn


  61. Fleep

    *Very nice!*

  62. Kosai Souff

    This is good music, it's been a while, somehow feels fresh, can't stop listening
    Damn it's underrated
    Welp elley is my new superstar

  63. Geoff

    Shades of Sia.

  64. Chanchal Majumdar

    Her voice is amazing 💐

  65. Directioner 1d

    Love this song!

  66. Kristina Bartlett


  67. Danielle

    Fave track from the album!

  68. Ryan Troyer

    I absolutely love your music it's the best

  69. Adam Shattuck

    I think I am responsible for most of these views 😂


    same here buddy

  70. MM _

    Аааааааа, как я ее люблю!!!

  71. Seresade Rose

    Why is this song no longer available in Applemusic Spain?!? Because its my fav and i need that !! 😢😢😢

  72. Orvin Tenn

    Lost my mind ,How can you be underated

  73. η a o M i s A n c 卄 E z


  74. Sizwe Masango

    What that voice do though!!!!

  75. Awesome Adithya


  76. Spolimorph

    This bitch out here bein slept on. I'm gonna start promoting her every mood, give it a year, shell be on the radio

  77. Kamila M.

    Beautiful voice😍😍

  78. gaurav kumar

    Awwwwwesome elley(^^)

  79. A. Smith

    you have a beautiful voice .. when i listen to your music i remember Tove Lo because your voices are very similar

  80. Bash x


  81. Qųεεŋ. Hσŗŗσŗ

    This track is 🔥

  82. Lys 13

    This music is a hug for ears.

  83. hollyken3

    She is poised for stardom!!!

  84. nibidniraj 37

    U r gonna be a superstar after "HAPPY NOW".. don't forget yr early suscribers

  85. galaxy flys

    I thought it was tove lo lol

  86. Da Cleva 1

    Damn this shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. Никита Харламов

    Песня просто потрясающая , не знаю почему она не стала хитом?!?!

  88. adjakse

    Honestly real good song

  89. Zachary Becker


  90. Mully Vlogs

    This is an absolute bop
    Fair play

  91. Veronica


  92. Fanick Pincman

    From Russia With Love!

  93. Emre Duman

    Bu şarkı patlar Türkler gelmeden önden rez alayım da :)



  94. Kayla Duhé

    Bruh ? Is we related ? 😂 ain’t seen ANYONE with the same last name.


    Kayla Duhé maybe? Lol she's from Alabama

    Kayla Duhé

    I’m from Louisiana lmao

    TheChosen KVNG

    Do you pronounce duhé like “duh” or like “du hey”?

    Gemini Misses

    Kayla Duhé oh wow lol Ik that has to be interesting! I have the same reaction when I come across Kimbrough which is my dad’s last name.

  95. Outer Plays

    Hey just heard the news that you collaborated with Zedd!

  96. Shouamee Yang

    I was on Christian Yu’s insta story and I’m glad he recommended this song!! ❤️

  97. Chetan BG

    Beautiful song:-)

  98. jesuisbelle

    im here bcs christian