Duff, Hilary - I Want To Blow You Up Lyrics

You say you want to invade me baby
You say you want to enslave me baby
(I want to blow you)
I want to blow you up

You say you want to free me baby
But you can not even see me baby
(I want to blow you)
I want to blow you up

I want to blow you sky high
Hi, goodbye
I want to blow you, blow you, blow you
Blow you up

You want to occupy my heart and soul
A black widow in a spider hole
(I want to blow you)
I want to blow you up

I want to blow you down a ??
And then I'll blow you up and down again
I want to blow you, blow you, blow you
Blow you up

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Duff, Hilary I Want To Blow You Up Comments
  1. Grigor B. 2

    Even Though This Movie is So Shitty Hilary Duff Looked Sexy.

  2. Mr Peco

    shes soo good at playing roles
    look at her, she soo into it lol

  3. Whatever boy

    Let's be honest she's not that good at acting; I remember watching it when I was young because I was a huge fan of her and I was thinking her acting was kinda bad but then I saw Younger this year and I can see such huge improvement of her acting skills.

  4. james hogan

    wish that was my cock

  5. The Hannibal Show

    This is still better than I want your kray kray lol

  6. Simone Rudov

    Turaquistan... Where's that on the map.... Ask the mindfully debauched mind equality Centre and cps... They will be looking in the Google plex for a long long time...

  7. Simone Rudov

    I love how Marcia just bops to the tune of this one... When he vomits its the best...

  8. Pikaia Gracilens

    Why do I still remember this random scene from a shitty movie I saw 10 years ago?! 😂🤣


    cuz she can blow u up

  9. alexandra Bengoa

    I love Hillary Duff ❤😅👍👏👏👏👏.Perú


    my toutuber leader is ahater so respect!

  10. Oggatha Christie

    Joan Cusack's reactions are hilarious.  I love how she treats it as one big cute-fest!

    Genevieve Renaud

    Haha that scene must have been awkward to film with her brother lol

  11. ʜᴀɴᴢō

    This song is stuck in my head

  12. Daria N.

    Yonica Babyyeah...the Britney Spears of Central Asia. LOL



  14. Sarah Nein

    Epic Cusack :D


    Young teacher, the subject
    Of schoolgirl fantasy
    She wants him so badly
    Knows what she wants to be
    Inside her there's longing
    This girl's an open page
    Book marking - she's so close now
    This girl is half his age

    Don't stand, don't stand so
    Don't stand so close to me

    Her friends are so jealous
    You know how bad girls get
    Sometimes it's not so easy
    To be the teacher's pet
    Temptation, frustration
    So bad it makes him cry
    Wet bus stop, she's waiting
    His car is warm and dry

    Don't stand, don't stand so
    Don't stand so close to me

    Loose talk in the classroom
    To hurt they try and try
    Strong words in the staffroom
    The accusations fly
    It's no use, he sees her
    He starts to shake and cough
    Just like the old man in
    That book by Nabokov

    Don't stand, don't stand so
    Don't stand so close to me

    Don't stand, don't stand so
    Don't stand so close to me

  15. 84arron

    if Hilary Duff did more movies like this instead of crappy kids and chick flicks people would take her more Seriously, i wasn't expecting her acting to be so good, she looks better with brown hair

    Siica Oballe

    84arron she got famous by doing those types of movies tho.

  16. Abracadabra

    Aj vont tu blou ju ap! lol

  17. Tanacity

    Hilary Duff was really good as Yonica - just a shame the CIA hides all these warnings in movies that nobody understands until it is too late - obviously they were onto Tamerlan back in 2008 and ridiuling his views & provoking him!

  18. 84arron

    i like her better as a brunette, people took her more serious, and she finally showed us she can act if only she got better roles or more rolls like this,

  19. MrZombiejoe

    THEY PICKED THE BEST GIRL FOR THIS SONG!!!!! My dick got ROCK HARD when Hilary licks the FUCKING tip of that gas gun.

    She's SO GORGEOUS!!!!! I'd LOVE to gently rub my COCK on her FACE!!!!!

  20. Son of a Sith

    You have to see the movie to the end. Even Cusack's character doesn't know why, at this point in the movie, he is repulsed by the actions of Hilary's character. When the source of the repulsion to (& simultaneous concern for) Duff's character is revealed, it's a pretty key moment for the film entire; so, like others here, I wouldn't dare spoil it.

  21. g4mbi7girl

    This movie is a rather brilliant commentary in the points it makes; for those asking why he pukes at the end - just watch the whole damn movie when you get a chance, there is a very good reason he has such a visceral reaction, and it's a terrible spoiler to tell what it is here.

  22. andipoetic

    Probably because she's so young. I haven't seen the movie but I get the feeling from another scene that she's underage

  23. Chicken Permission

    Hey guys, Why does he puke?

  24. Chicken Permission

    Lol..Edgar Allan Poe throws up!

  25. joeldragon6

    I want to blow you blow you blow you..........up

  26. boombox5000

    LMFAO! I love this movie.

  27. Ayelen de Oro

    Yonica rules

  28. Schuriken

    best part when cusack closes his eyes on the chorus line and decides to drink that shit again

  29. Parul Kumar

    black hair suits her the best!!!

  30. daci891

    she was actually really good in this movie. her best act.

  31. Ivanna Kischacok

    Hahahahaha Amazing !!!

  32. HobbsO

    @mahato101 He felt weird and it turned out it was his daughter. Wudn't u feel weird

  33. Johnny Castro

    @mahato101 i would tell you but its a spoil alert

  34. Missy Lipps

    I love how she says "I want to blow you," John Cusack raises his eyebrows like "wtf?" Love the Cusacks and loved this movie.

  35. Pavel Gerardo

    wtf is she doing this is so stubid

  36. Urban Nomad

    cuz she was having a crush on him , she didnt know he was her father

  37. LivBird8

    John Cusack is my favourite actor, this scene cracks me up every time!
    I love how Joan is just sitting there grooving along too hahaha!

  38. xmorriorx

    @mahato101 becuase he prolly foundout she was under age hahahhahahaha

  39. iforgot87871

    @daviddiabetik In the movie she stops singing but the song keeps going, and she yells cut. So she kind of actually is lip syncing in the context of the film.

  40. Collin Samatas

    The song is hysterical, as are the backup dancers!

  41. Gilbert Noreau

    best song evaaaa

  42. Angel Cruz

    hahahaha dude this is so cool, love her

  43. Keith Way

    I felt the same way John. The suggested nature of that song and her action were absolutly calling for vomit. Can you say... S-O-D-O-M-Y?

  44. douggie89

    where can i download the mp3??

  45. avadakedavra62442

    worst actress

  46. Marciaita

    Ha, I love this video, that movie and John Cusack :) Thanks for uploading.

  47. Twisted86

    Looked to me like a gas handle.

  48. Blair Younghusband

    a gas pump thingy lol

  49. hmveft5

    omg john cusack iz soooooooo cute he is such a turn on especially in this scene lol he loks like heez getting turned on lol he iz sooo cute!

  50. Leona K.

    haha war inc was cool movie, hilary did a great job of doing that accent. lol.

  51. Lelah Ribena

    this movie was awesome. 5 stars!

  52. Leah Alma .Stein

    Lol, I love this part. XD
    And guys, stop judging Hilary for doing this, maybe she watns to expierience something else, she wanted to play a different kind of a character for once, she's a grown girl, geez.

  53. Brent Corrigan

    I love this song and Hilary Duff

  54. LilHitzel

    I love the faces John Cusack makes on this part! He is sooo hott! and hillary is so funny!

  55. Jair

    OMG that was so stupid don you know that in movies and music videos
    nobody sings ?
    everybody does lip sinc

    btw the movie was great

  56. Apathetic Alex

    That's so funny xD

  57. Karlo Salazar

    read the description...

  58. GanjamanCH

    Best film she made and shes not bad with brown/black HAir!

  59. SYLFan2008

    This is arguably the best part of the movie :D. John's and Joan's contrasting expressions during the "I want to blow you..." is just hilarious.

    Genevieve Renaud

    Haha one is reacting so cheerfull and innocent the other is like "i need a cold shower" lol

  60. A. Laurence

    No, he puked because Hilary Duff is a horrible singer and an even worse actor and it's his reaction to her awful accent and just general non-talent.


    this needs a fan fic

  61. Karlo Salazar

    bcuz shes singing it DIRECTLY to him as if she was saying im gonna kill you

  62. Girlsrockscool

    where can i watch this movie in youtube

  63. FuriousOlm

    He sees her as a little girl being exploited sexually. She's kind of a send-up of teen pop stars in general.

  64. wideawake94

    hil is so HOT!!!!!!!!!

  65. wideawake94

    then why did you even watch this??? IDIOT!!!

  66. J Cooke

    "....you want to "occupy" my heart and soul...."

    so f*cking funny! +1 for a dark haired HD too!

  67. Angela Jensen

    Joan Cusack was soooo funny in this part! LOL

  68. Fabrizio Ferrannini

    Pretty damn stupid song.

  69. Ane Marie Andersen

    Thanks for spoiling the whole fucking movie for the rest of us who haven't seen it yet. Thanks a lot, idiot!

  70. Fuck Yeah, Feminists!

    LOL wow hilary duff just canNOT be sexy. at all.

  71. Ana Patricia

    this is horrible she sings awful in this movie!!

  72. tosykosyhaha


  73. Spencer Vistar

    she so damn sexy in here!!! whoa!...and she's best brunette....what u think?...

  74. Spencer Vistar

    i havent seen the movie but ur comment is kind of wind-up....i think he already knows that she is his daughter from the begining...because if he had known it at the end of the movie he wouldn't throw up earlier in the movie...and i bet this scene isn't near to ending yet...got my point?...just making the whole thing straight for all of us...no harm intended here... ^_^ peaces ya'LL!

  75. Ess Laurent

    lol. jk. <3
    DAMNIT. she's his daughter? and she didn't know this right? cuz if she did and still did that to him...then i'd be grosed out.

  76. Ess Laurent

    she is good at playing sexy and appealing. haha.

  77. kucek10

    Thank you for telling us that ,

  78. Derek S

    how could he throw up to her? she is goregous and so hot!

  79. Retro Trut

    Is Hillary Duff trying to say that she's a slut?
    because she's saying "I want to blow you up and down again"

  80. AaronBank

    Man!!!...She is so sweet

  81. coolname23

    i still remember when she was on Lizzie mcguire. She has definitely matured

  82. Melissa Janelle

    thanks for acting like a slut in the movie :D

    i know she's not little anymore so stfu already!

  83. missyheart91

    Haha the guys in the background dance really funny :P

  84. Sammi Swan

    wow people it called acting i'm glad she trying new things and breaking out from the same teenie bob movies i mena i love them but she grwoing up and she wants to do more adult comedy drama romatic movies and i totally get that

  85. Paul L

    wow duff, hot, but you lost my respect.

  86. The Off Grid Tiny House

    Hillary is damn hot in this movie

  87. IStartFiresNotFights

    is that acualy a song?

  88. Juliette Lorelli

    ...I'd throw up too.