Dry Kill Logic - Paper Tiger Lyrics

I have seen whats left for all the rest of you
And its not what you think it will be
For the gift and the curse of whats been shown to you
I cant believe what I feel it is taking
Never give, never bend - its all a lie to you
And all you do is seem to remind me
Of all the times and the ways I would have died for you
And this is all the thanks that you'll show me...

If you would show
The light for me
The things I'd known
That now id see

This is - not the same not now, never, no not again
When the dreams and the truth came colliding
And the same can be said for all the rest of them
See the strong and the weak divided
Yet I feel alive
For all the pain I have
And all you do is seem to remind me
Of all of the times and the ways I would have died for you
And this is all of the thanks that you'll show me

If you would show
The light for me
The things I'd known
That now id see

If you would show
The light for me
The things I'd known
That now id see

Energy as I feel it calling
Cannot see through the cloud that's forming
Blinding as it passes before my eyes
Looking for the thing that's calling
Now I see that its coming after
Now I see that its coming after...me

If you would show
The light for me
The things I'd known
That now id see

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Dry Kill Logic Paper Tiger Comments

    A criminally underrated masterpiece of a song and band for that matter.Always been a fan of these Guys.

  2. Amarjit Singh Bumra

    2020 \m/

  3. Juan Reis

    Tantos anos procurando essa música e encontrei...

  4. Elena Genet

    Годы идут,а мой плейлист не меняется!\m/

    Baba Misha

    Годы идут, а Dry Kill Logic c плейлиста не пропадут)

  5. Kry Kry Stott

    Ahh 2000s (2000-2009) metalcore I love it 😍🔥💯 this song is badass and amazing

  6. Musska Himura

    El mejor estribillo del mundo mundial!!!!!

  7. AVX78

    New to this band talented, Where are They since?

  8. AVX78

    1st B'Day without my Dad.

    Nole Stock

    Happy birthday dude.

  9. Affinity 4 Disobedience

    This was super when I first heard it all those years ago... and it is still super today \m/

  10. Brian McDowell

    A shitty Amazon movie brought me here. Bad ass song

  11. Infiniteplague Trevino

    There coming back 2019!!!

  12. Ry Man

    Can't wait for the new track!

  13. Dustin Davis

    This is literally one of the greatest Metal songs (any style) of all time.

  14. Izzy


  15. Leandro José

    esses caras são monstros!

  16. Will K

    2:23 when you're trying to push out that huge turd.

  17. Austin Wood

    Watching in 2019

  18. Goober Squad

    You better believe we listening in 2019

  19. Spocar

    When mtv was MTV and no bullshit

  20. cosimo ruggiero

    2019 still listening.

  21. Gregor Black

    Primer 55 guitarist? Nice

  22. Marijan Desin

    2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 ....

  23. Tirano 8.8

    Foda _\,,/

  24. Longpig

    To my fellow fine music connoisseurs - if you appreciate DKL, I can strongly recommend Five point.0
    You are welcome

  25. Jules rednoz rednoz81

    Dry Kill Logic = powerful / emotionnal / perfect / Subtil 🤘🙏🤘🙏🤘🙏🤘

  26. Instant Stroke

    On mtv really? lmao

  27. Pedro Pereira

    2019 Portugal

  28. Noise Injection

    I wish that they were one of the really big ones! =/

  29. Sefir Bass

    Happy 2019 to everyone!

  30. Kuggar

    This is so mid-2000s it almost hurts. Miss these times.

    Kry Kry Stott

    I agree 💯 we need the 2000s to make a comeback ASAP

  31. Joseph Gouder

    Awesome band and massively underrated! Need to make more music

  32. maerlinn

    so fucking underrated. this song is fucking gold

  33. Ra Kiani

    Ouch I always wondered what happened to these guys. They took the boring generic pop chorus route and rightfully disappeared.

  34. Matheus Olds

    i love DRY KILL LOGIC

    R B.

    no you don't

    Matheus Olds

    @R B. Blow me

  35. johnson monkEman

    Using this in the bus in the morning to drown out the radio talking about fucking Fortnite Halloween characters


    2018 germany... will be my pre workout booster

  37. Invinci-blaaalls

    Still listening to in 2018.... easily one of the most underrated group of musicians to date. New album soon!? Pleeaaaase!!!

  38. Matheus Olds

    2018 from Brasil !

    R B.


  39. El Yusty

    Esta cancion uso de intro en mis videos. Pasen por mi canal. ;) NU METAL FOREVER!!!!

  40. Валентин Котов

    Олд Скулл Комбат!!!!

  41. LaserGadgets

    The first few secs kill your neck already xD

  42. Matthew Henderson

    One of the most underrated bands of all time. What I wouldn't give for a reunion tour

  43. Олег Макарчик

    Врызвная композиция!

  44. Sirejester115

    Ahhh when mtv was all about the music

  45. Роман

    Hello from 2018 great song !

  46. Mauro Machado

    this song is full of life.
    It gives me the chils every time I ear it.

  47. •Miranda•

    Beautiful and perfect song. I loved it .. 💗lml

  48. FEMINISTaf ink

    very well done! Praise!

  49. TheProxy1987

    ... and now i feel ! ;*(

  50. Антон Юрист


  51. Сергй Андриюк

    Ставь лайк кто узнал об этой песне с канала ОЛД СКУЛ Комбат)

    Vladislav m

    лучшие клипы на эту песню - это видео с Old school combat

    McKnight 822

    Жму лейкоцит и помню старую школу.

    Майк Вазовский


    Eduards Kaganovich

    Много нас!


    ля согласен,там и узнал

  52. Rapsha100

    2018 still listening.

  53. jerms 666

    Miss the old mtv2 format.cause now it sucks.

  54. Videospaß mit moRgi

    Didn´t know Bas Rutten also had a sucessful music career.

  55. Xectyliod

    Sounds like 5FDP's tryin' to play some Killswitch engage

    Kry Kry Stott

    It does lol 😂 love all 3 bands DKL, 5FDP, and KSE

  56. Alex Perry

    Great track,severely underrated band

  57. CidAngst

    After the record companies abused NuMetal it was hard for any metal band to make it "big." I am sick of hipster dorks defining nu metal. There were a lot of good bands.

  58. Rene Valdez

    This sum good shitt...i likey

  59. Alex Trader

    OMFG, idk it’s probably been almost 15 years if I took an educated guess and say that was the last time I ever heard this song and I didn’t even know who the band was. Weirrrrd.... just running into it all of a sudden like this

  60. Star of Eden

    a bunch of kool dudes getting together making kool music...they never sold out or get fame cause they didnt sell their souls

  61. tatt2tjm


  62. Marijan Desin

    Perfect song
    Mudvayne Dig
    Sevendust Enemy
    Any other suggestions as good?
    Lets make a list
    down below


    Soilwork-figure number five,All that remains- six, Flybanger-outlived, No warning-bad timing, Staind-spleen, Cane hill-screwtape, From zero-check ya, Flyleaf-call you out. Saliva-I walk alone, In this moment-just drive,Among thieves-pieces of tomorrow,Parkway drive-carrion, Twin method-flawless,Breaking benjamin-bury me alive,

    Sohib Conner

    Drowning pool "bodies, think, killin me,full circle, meet the bullet,.

    Sohib Conner

    ill nino loco
    No one chemical
    Skrape waste
    All these bands has many great songs, all Nü metal

    Chaotic MeltDown

    They are way better then any of those bands.

    Pedro Pereira

    Five Point 0

  63. Jabbar Muhammad

    Wow these guys sound a lot better than I thought

  64. Natalie Barnes

    go ride snowmobiles now

    MNFreeride 08

    Natalie Barnes 2SCS 🤘🏼

  65. Kevin Wicke

    The boyfriend of my ex-girlfriends sister made me a cd with this song 12 years ago. And today i found out the name of the band through an app.. so what i am asking myself is. Whyyyyy are they so unknown ?

    johnson monkEman

    That family tree-relationship web took a while to mentally build

    Noise Injection

    @johnson monkEman right? :D

  66. Yago Brasil

    Come back motherfuc*([email protected]!

  67. WastedYouth

    I dig it.

  68. m 2326

    Miss the old mtv 2

  69. Matthew Henderson

    loved this band since Darker side of nonsense. Probably one of the most underrated bands ever .

    Dannie 27

    Track 13 i think its called is my favourite song off that album.

  70. tatt2tjm

    BY FAR THE FUCKING MOST UNDERATED METAL BAND ON PLANET MOTHERFUCKING EARTH!!! they don't get the credit they deserve. I love these motherfuckers. since day one. long time DKL fan. FUCK YA!!#

  71. michael mads

    foda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. david kilpatrick

    Fucking Epic! This is why Dry Kill Logic is in my all-time top ten!

  73. Harry Harrison

    One of my favourite songs......................ever.

  74. PSYCHO

    Who's watching this in 2017?! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

    Felony MDMA

    Conheci a banda hoje ;-;

    Caroline Jacob

    2018! Always! Come back Dry Kill Logic

    Noise Injection

    @Caroline Jacob '19

    Tom H.

    I'm watching this in 2018 :)

  75. Mortalz2

    true crime streets of la

  76. abus0cular

    This band needs to come back someday

    Chaotic MeltDown

    Im sure they will be no worries .

  77. Cherie Champagne

    seeing this mtv and looking at mtv now mtv used to be good but now it's black men giving blow jobs to each other and wiggers aka black white people and its fucking meaningless pranks if anyone knows what happened to headbangers ball someone tell me come back headbangers ball mtv needs you it's shit

  78. Yago Brasil


  79. Eric 7-Strings

    I think this is one of the best songs of all times on music, simply perfect, with that mix of brutality and wonderful voices on the chorus. DRY KILL LOGIC comeback to make music... please!!


    Right? I thought let's check out Dry Kill Logic again but didn't know about their later work. Fucking awesome shit! They should really make more of these masterpieces

    Dogst st

    Totally agree, bro!

    4 juan rodriguez

    Rex Durst " it's great that combination,
    brutality on one side and melodies on another,that makes perfect any band"

    Wendull 81

    They must have heard you because they are coming back this fall new album and touring in the uk.


    new song out for a few days

  80. Hector Ambriz_52

    Fucking loved this band. Fuck man I miss bands like these and those like Bleed The Sky

  81. kyle rick

    whats the origins of this band


    Hear is what I read. This band was formerly called Hinge. They hail from New York City. They decided to rename their band, Dry Kill Logic. Also, FACT, they kick ass!

  82. Hugue Bouchard

    cette chanson etait du pour etres ecrite.good feeling.

  83. UltraTaco223

    what the fucks up with the audio quality? was this the demo or something? The studio version sounds so much cleaner, especially the drums

    Marijan Desin

    UltraTaco Actually this version sounds superior
    They probably remixed it for the video because the original was lacking

    Say Hello To The Robots

    probably the bass was turned up a litte bit by the uploader

    Marijan Desin

    LoL yeah right
    Just a little ;)

  84. ChrisSavage

    lol 1 dislike. really

    David Usry

    I know right? "F***'em!!

  85. Rafael Alves

    tá meio errada essa legenda aí =/

  86. Ice Cream

    крутая банда

  87. ConfuserOfficial


    nicholas litrento

    ConfuserOfficial he'll yeah they were. They were one of the more original bands on roadrunner. That label did nothing to promote their music and they were so original. Its a shame wish they were still around

  88. edes01

    DKL have so much good material in their discography.
    I can't believe they never achieved the level of success they deserved.

    Marcus Aschenbrenner

    +edes01 in my ears the did pist they aint put new shit just like Down the sun

    Cattle Decap

    Marcus Aschenbrenner down the sun was awesome man!!! Good call

  89. Patrick Stott

    How bloody boring!

  90. carlos rodrigues

    galera vocês ja viram por aí na net a hindsight ao vivo ou oficial? se tiveream o link eu agradeço.

  91. Tavares Baptista

    Dry Kill Logic é grande som.....uma das minha bandas favoritas.
    Grande refrão.....

  92. sketchturner88

    I too would make Origami while listening to a live performance.

  93. Julian Moore

    Met these guys in person, and got to help them set up at forest hills lodge in Rockford, Illinois. Went to steak and shake after the show. Real down to earth dudes

  94. gac2425

    Ok besides nothingface, this is the best band there never was.... I wander what it was that kept this band from making it big big

    Tyler Durden

    +gac2425 they came in at a time when numetal was on the way out :(

    The Joshing One

    Yep. NF and DKY are fucking criminally underrated.


    I know especially NF

    Hunter Grey

    dude it seems like we have the exact same taste in music, any other similar bands you would recommend ?

    Marijan Desin

    Hunter Grey try Downer

  95. Steven Wesley Hughes AKA Mr. Smooth

    I saw them with Fear Factory back in 2001.  Wish I could again.  Definitely left a lasting impression.

  96. brucenatelee

    One of the better nu metal bands. Lots of other influences. Lots of hardcore elements that already has lyrical similarities to nu metal. Nu-core, rather? Sucks they lasted as long as System of a Down, one of my all time favorites.

    Lena Gotti

    as long as soad? soad is one of the biggest bands in the world right now, selling out stadiums all over the world lmao

  97. YorYo TWT