Dry Kill Logic - Hindsight Lyrics

These are the same things born from the last time
And now its here and its fueled yet its falling apart
And you feel this, lord how you know this
It seems to me like the whole things falling away

And you feel it, lord how you know it
Now its everything of the way it should be
And it feels like, hair on the livestock
All at the same time

With my own eyes I see inside
And pushed it all away
Small white lies
In everything you say
Cause I don't want it
To feel this way
Small white lies
In everything you say
What you say

All of the same things died on the first time
And now its gone like the drive so taken from me
And you feel this, lord how you know this
It seems to me like the whole things runnin' away

And you feel it, lord how you know it
Now its all around and drained the life out of me
And it feels like, hair on the livestock
All at the same time

With my own eyes I see inside
And pushed it all away
Small white lies
In everything you say
Cause I don't want it
To feel this way
Small white lies
In everything you say
What you say

What it's doing to me
What you say
What it's doing to me

With my own eyes I see inside
And pushed it all away
Small white lies
In everything you say
Cause I don't want it
To feel this way
Small white lies
In everything you say

With my own eyes
I've pushed it all away
Small white lies in
Everything you say
And I don't want it
To feel this way
Small white lies
In everything you say

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Dry Kill Logic Hindsight Comments
  1. Fe Feu

    AGAIN !!!

  2. 603SVT

    Mischief 2000 like if you remember what brought you here.

    Ricky Milano

    YES!!! I have the DVD!

  3. N Y

    Im here .2019 2020 2021 20...great song any time

  4. Denis Sitar

    epic...fucking masterpiece!!!! fucking love this song... oooh men,this is godlike!!!

  5. matt11708

    Really good song sucks it was cut and only put on the over seas of the cd.

  6. olivier GROSSO

    Bordel mais que c'est bon ce son même en 2018, je l'écoute depuis longtemps ;-)

  7. nicholas litrento


  8. nicholas litrento

    Omg I saw them with hed pe I was there for dkl there was a gangbanger in the crowd talking shit the whole band proceeded beat the piss out this dude blood on the floor DKL literally kicks ass

  9. Brett Strange

    Should be up there with slipknot

  10. HexagramMan

    Im hooked

  11. HexagramMan

    Bunch of vibes here all super good ones to have and a vast majority of something ive never heard

  12. Jimmy

    Best fucking song I can't buy or play anywhere but stupid Youtube....

  13. Sitruuna Sitruuna

    I never push replay button... my wife can proof that! EXCEPT, this song! i so want to rape this song!!! metalllll!!!

  14. pipewelder85044

    why is this song not on google play?! I want to pay for an outstanding song


    This song was released in place of the last track "No Reason" on The Dead and Dreaming for international versions of the album. Probably why it's not on any streaming services.

  15. Tgunzz

    Ive been looking for this song on apple music. The whole dead and dreaming albums available but from what it says, it seems this was on the B side. This song found its way on to my ipod about a dozen or so years ago. Listening to it brings me back to that time as a young teenager. Its crazy how music transports your mind back to another time.


    This song was released on The Dead and Dreaming in place of Track 11: No Reason on international versions of the album. Not a B-Side.. just a different track 11.


    Absolutely man this song used to be on NHL HITZ on the ps2 I was like 15 at the time used to sit on the menus for hours just listen to ut

  16. Danny Calderon


  17. Timmy Duece Duece

    nhl hitz pro days, good times, good times

    Peter M.

    Tim Crayton bruh........

  18. Omar Ayoob

    Absolutely addicted to this, such a great song

  19. Forty-six and Two

    No choice but to torrent.

  20. BassAkwards

    i bought the damn cd for this song from itunes a few years ago and that shit was taken off and its completly gone wtf


    Thank you Jarod.. I think i've told that to people about 10 times. I thought I was the only one who knew this. haha

  21. Wednesday Length

    I've got the international version of the album so this was called no reason, which of course got me really confused when i listened to the regular version XD

  22. VIZON-ARY productions

    These guys are fucking awesome!

    mi ho

    They were :-/

  23. VIZON-ARY productions

    The underground documentary mischief dynasty ! Go watch it its amazing street underground racing documentary alot of crazy shit just youtube it or google it !!!


    NICE that's where I first heard this

  24. William

    buy their albums xD

  25. DarkSpawn

    Nhl hitz pro sent me here

  26. Tippy Wong

    this CD or band is not being recognised and sold here!! darn it

  27. Tippy Wong

    love this song!

  28. xlulu432x

    Some of Dry Kill Logic songs are under the band name Hinge...
    thats helped me find some of their earlier music


    Pork chop sandwich lol

  29. BassAkwards

    kinda up set tho about this song i had to buy the entire cd from itunes just to get this one song an they remove the song so fucking stupid


    Didnt remove the song.. only released on International versions of The Dead and Dreaming

  30. Tony Inman

    I caught the discography on the Pirate Bay. It's at the end of The Dead & Dreaming. I can send it to you if you want.

  31. Pedro Teniende

    I must have this song love it

  32. Pointless.

    guys, just use torrent or mp3skull (dot) com

  33. LD60

    I dunno but email me and I'll send you the song. My email's on my profile.

  34. Dan Poppler

    is there any place this song exist's anymore??? i have been searching for like 2 years

  35. K31R616

    How about you buy the actual CD?

  36. LD60

    I actually got 2/3 of my Dry Kill Logic CDs at the record store in my town, sure I got them all used but they were in pretty good condition.

  37. LD60

    Then I'd try FYE if there's one in your area. They typically have older metal CDs. Or independent record stores, they might even be able to order you the CDs thru the store.. You'll be able to find all three, you just gotta do some digging.

  38. LD60

    The link with the MP3 is dead for the time being, if you want the song, message me.

  39. Machines of Our Disgrace

    i want to be able to HOLD the cd in my hand

  40. LD60

    Message me your email address and I can send you the song.

  41. Gavin T

    That link does not work (at least for me). I don't suppose you know another place it could be bought or downloaded? Thanks in advance =)

  42. LD60

    Amazon has all of their CDs or Spotify

  43. Machines of Our Disgrace

    i cant find The Dead And Dreaming anywhere! D:

  44. Bobby MacGibbon

    I have the jager sample they put out it has this song and paper tiger on it good band it sucks you don't hear much from them anymore

  45. Osmany Penton

    yeahhhh....goooddd fucking goooddd...!!!!!!

  46. x10tonBRICKx

    its like trying to find their song porkchop sandwich which was released under their original name HINGE i believe.

  47. x10tonBRICKx

    thats the same way I found it..

  48. Brittany Beck

    People really need to learn how to internet. This song is not that hard to find.

    Paulo Ochoa

    how hard is to find you?

  49. ♛ MrFlocco2010 - The Entertainer ♛

    Hey alles klar :-)

  50. Andrea Baham

    I downloaded this song off of Frostwire like over 2 years ago. Your right it is a hard song to find. I guess I'm lucky to have it.

  51. skultatz

    talk about sounding like p.o.d they are very close to p.o.d.s sound

  52. SayHiToTheBadGuy

    @delanymom87 It was on the International version of the CD. The last track was changed for the US version. This song is much better.

  53. Will D

    To everyone looking for this song it's on a racing DVD called "Mischief V" The V is the roman numeral for 5. Takedemics or something is the company or whatever that has the dvd. You can buy the soundtrack, which I did. Hindsight is the 1st song on it. Just go to yahoo and type in MISCHIEF V SOUNDTRACK. Just make sure you're buying the soundtrack and not the DVD


    YES coke and a pack of smokes, that's what Dado bought

  54. Jacob Komatsu

    @chickenfish6 ya, old Metallica is the good stuff

  55. Levi Phillips

    @delanymom87 Buy the album and support them. You might discover something else you like.

  56. evilomlap lester

    DKL is too underground...thats why i like this band...LOSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTT

  57. Jonah

    Just buy "Dead and dreaming"
    And its on the album :)

  58. IIxalwayzherexII

    @09229195662 you can get it at frostwire i have it ^.^

  59. Pointless.

    about u poeple who are angry about download links and shit.. its a new thing called TORRENT. t-o-r-r-e-n-t. easy to download stufff like music .. films and other files.

  60. The Wolf logic

    it sounds like the good version of new metallica

  61. Tokyuuu

    omg I've been searching for this song for 4years now and i found it...EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!

  62. wolvesbayne w

    best song from dry kill logic

  63. Christine McCombs

    @LD60 Oh yeah, and if you did make it availible for me to download/email it to me I would love you for ever and ever and ever because this song is like currently my favorite in the whole world. It kills my nexus one battery playing it on youtube over and over again. You would be doing the world a favor. It puts me in a good mood every time I hear it. I have four kids (six in the summer with step kids), i'm a full time Nursing student @ RSU and I love the band. If I could buy it I really would.

  64. LD60

    @delanymom87 Why not just download the free Mp3 in the description? :)

  65. Christine McCombs

    This song is nowhere to be found! I tried to download it from napster, amazon and jango, its just plain not there! Last f.m. says its called no reason. I shazamed it and it couldnt even find it! I typed in the lyrics and thats the only way I found the REAL name! Make this song popular dammit! I want it!

  66. LD60

    @09229195662 Limewire, but I'm putting up a download link in the description for ya'll ;D

  67. JFuzzman

    awesome. favorited.