Dry Kill Logic - Confidence Vs. Consequence Lyrics

For only a moment.
Think of the price you pay.
The weight of the promise.
With so much to gain.
And once you've decided.
There will be no turning back.
You get what you're given.
And I hope you can live with that.
I am the chosen one.
Believing the end will never come.
I am the suicide.
I am the one you love.
I am the weakness.
Giving then taking away.
You wanna believe what you see?
Or just see what you believe?
I'm everything that you need.
It's as easy as confidence in what you believe.
Have it all or consequence an what it all means.
When its gone.
Broken and forgotten son.
It's clear now. your time will.
Never come.
It's all gone.
All the rest of them.
Gone like the ones you love.
Gone and forgotten.
Dragging you down once again.

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Dry Kill Logic Confidence Vs. Consequence Comments
  1. Albert Ortega

    God damnit I need to get this CD again... been years and years... fucking love this band

  2. Dan Hammond

    yup. \M/

  3. Brandon Carter

    Love dkl

  4. Creepa Christ

    My favorite dry kill logic song so bad ass

  5. mark cross

    ahhhh the bad ass sounds of DKL..... and the first to commment yay